New information at the Prototype consist of a SRAM Eagle DM derailleur, SL cassette and Power Metre chainrings

So far, we have noticed the imminent direct mount SRAM Eagle AXS rear derailleur and the brand new cassette on numerous seasoned bikes, however we in the end were given a more in-depth look at the brand new additives and were given masses of particular photos.  These photographs display new information (and create greater questions) about the prototype derailleur, cassette, chain and new one-piece Quarq Power Metre chainrings for mountain bike cranks.

Blackbox Quark Power Meter MTB Chainrings

ย ย Canyon clctv crew race bike with prototype sram MTB drivetrain

Starting on the front of the bike, Canyon crew riders (and different athletes we have noticed with those new components) are driving Blackbox chainrings with incorporated Quarq electricity metres.

Unlike the cutting-edge MTB offering, which makes use of a separate Quark-geared up spider and bolt-on chainring, this one combines them.  The end result is a far stiffer, probably lighter setup, however with a loss of holes, it is much less likely to acquire muck.  We bet it is probably a chunk greater accurate.

Here the narrow-width chainring teeth profiles range from the cutting-edge X-Sync mountain bike enamel that have rectangular edges and are of identical length.

These are rounder with wider enamel that protrude ahead, mimic the 1x chainrings supplied on gravel bikes and are well matched with flat pinnacle chains.  How SRAM is bringing a flat pinnacle chain to its mountain bike drivetrains is that it has not anything to do with a cassette.

Note that We are emphasising and can…that is all hypothesis at this point, and SRAM will now no longer touch upon merchandise till they’re released.

These have a threaded-on battery cowl, so the battery is replaceable, however it stays to be visible if the chainrings may be.  SRAM’s brand new Red Group makes use of a completely incorporated, one-piece electricity metre and chainring combo, which calls for you to shop for a wholly new electricity metre and chainring unit while your chainrings are put on.

This makes much less feel in a 1x machine where chainring length swaps are greater common.  Not seen in this photo, there are images on it indicating the thread-on direction, which means the chainring itself may be threaded onto the electricity metre frame.  Fingers crossed.

As for the chain, observe that the pins are holes and the outer plates have a brand new cutout.  They say XX, which shows it is only a mountain bike component, however we would be in reality amazed if the knock-out street failed to come.

SRAM Eagle direct-mount rear derailleur

This derailleur mounts at once to the body, getting rid of the hanger.  The blessings are, presumably, a stiffer and more potent average chassis with best alignment (assuming your dropout is best to spec).

The pinnacle segment of the derailleur slides over the dropout, the usage of the rear via axle to connect and stable to the bike (at least).

On this bike, there’s an additional bolt at the outdoor that may be pulled into the derailleur to seize it so getting rid of the axle would not even permit it to slip for the duration of a wheel etrade.

Note the silver “spacer” among the body and inside the derailleur mounting segment.  Its step is aligned with a mark at the derailleur, which suggests matters:

  •   The form of the dropout positions the spacer at the perfect perspective, developing a reference point.
  • There are some methods to connect the derailleur to it.

Typically, that sort of rotation adjustment is accomplished with a B-screw, however the B-screw isn’t always seen, so there can be a few different ways to put it.

Or, it could be held in role best via means of the pressure of the set up clamp, and the spacer acts as a washer, permitting the derailleur to be circled, returned with a tough impact, then genuinely circled into role.

Despite the scratches, the black tape at the top parallelogram floor and the take hold of cowl appearance are quite fresh…in reality a few branding they are seeking to hide.

The largest difficulty with a right away mount derailleur is its sturdiness and the price of changing it with a less expensive hanger.  Here’s why I’m now no longer worried:

  • The dings and scratches in this unit and others at Canyon’s Athlete Photo occasion suggest they have visible abuse.
  • The top frame connected to the bike appears very sturdy.
  • It sits in addition ahead of a regular derailleur, supporting it to shield it.
  • It is formed to comb out “aspect glance” effects.
  • SRAM’s breakaway gearing permits the parallelograms to “crush” inward on impact, then right now spring returns into role, and it is very efficient.

As much as SRAM loves to get new merchandise out quickly, it appears not likely that they might launch a totally high-priced component that would without difficulty be damaged.

Here’s one of the greater mysterious features…something extraordinary approximately the cage lock?

The -role cage lock seems like a turn chip-fashion pin holder.  The A/B markings at the outer pulley cage plate displayโ€ฆ We are now no longer positive.  They may be alignment marks for derailleur setup or to suggest which role the pin must be in.

Our bet is that extraordinary body designs might also additionally advantage from extraordinary pin positions to make wheel adjustments less difficult.  Although this can appear trivial, it pursuits me greatly.

The pulley cage seems to be angled barely outward, shifting the cage and chain outboard, probably to enhance wheel and tire clearance.

Or, possibly it is the chainring with the chainring that adjusts the perspective to enhance the chainline, however with their horizontal parallelogram motion at the derailleur, that appears much less probable.

Bluetooth and ANT+ way it stocks equipment choice records with well matched head units.  The nine stickers in shape right into a cassette with the equal sticker, possibly assigned to every athlete for you to test put on collectively after the season.

We are positive aftermarket sized pulley cages will pop out for this soon, however SRAM offers you little cause to need them.  This version has large 12/14 (top/decrease) pulley teeth counts, as compared to the 10/12 of the cutting-edge Eagle AXS derailleurs.

The decrease pulley seems to have a metallic frame with low-friction composite enamel. I put money on ceramic bearings for the XX1.

SRAM Eagle SL Cassette

The new cassette appears to be the Eagle SL cassette.  Cory analysed the teeth counts and found that the 3 biggest cogs differed from the cutting-edge 10-fifty two version.

It’s nonetheless 10-fifty two with 520% โ€‹โ€‹variety, however the large cogs are actually 32/38/44/fifty two (as opposed to the cutting-edge 32/36/42/fifty two).  This offers them an average equipment step in that variety and makes matters a touch less difficult while not having to extrade all of the manners to bail out equipment.

The production combines the machined metal X-dome of the cutting-edge XX1/XO1 cassettes (cogs 1-nine) with the pinned production of the GX cassette for the bigger 3 cogs…that makes it extraordinary.

While GX cassettes pin every cog to the only at the back of it, this Eagle SL cassette pins the decrease metal cluster and pins #10 and #eleven at once to the backplate, that’s fifty two-teeth cog #12.

This permits the #10 and #eleven cogs to live deep as they do not assist the torque in their neighbours, and because the pinnacle 3 are actually alloy (in preference to only a fifty two-teeth cog), they are saving weight via means of the usage of much less metal.  โ€ฆtherefore the (presumably) โ€œSLโ€ moniker.

The outer face of every cog is smooth, even as the return has more form and assist for the chain.  Oh, and that crimson thing…

When SRAM released their X-Dome one-piece machined street cassettes, they brought rubber earrings among the cogs to assist lessen noise.  There’s no denying that SRAM’s machined, hole cassettes may be loud below tough shifts (below tough efforts), so this is this crimson elastomer bit to hose down vibrations and noise.

When is it available?

SRAM has now no longer introduced a date.  And even as we conceive we would be driving this on the BMC Fourstroke release, we are now no longer… or even their athletes’ bikes have re-mounted unique Eagle components earlier than we display.

We have even spoken to numerous of my enterprise assets and the overall consensus is that those components may be officially introduced in the spring of 2023.ย  If SRAM follows their current release strategy, which means on the spot components availability.ย  Given the polished appearance of those components with all of the considered necessary electrical/wireless/transmission images and the truth that they are permitting crew companions to show the bikes publicly, We would say early spring 2023.

Sources All images are from SRM for reference only

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