The New Specter 1 Is An Ultra-Sleek Speed Pedelec-Drivepilots

This Belgian-made e-bike is sure to turn some heads.

  The bike we have here is named the Specter 1 and is classified as a speed pedelec, after doing some digging, I discovered that it is capable of hitting speeds of up to 28 miles per hour and is governed by different rules compared to simple electric bicycles โ€“ in Europe, at least.  This bike is made to be fast, fun to ride and packed to the brim with cutting edge technology.  Let’s take a better look.

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  The most striking feature of the Specter 1 is its aerodynamic design.  With a frame featuring extremely ultralight carbon construction, the bike isn’t light, it’s incredibly stiff.  Compared to electric road bikes designed for sports, the Spectre 1 may be a bit heavier, tipping the scales at 19.8 kilograms.  However, it makes up for it with its power.

  Speaking of which, the Specter 1 has a belt drive system and a 700W motor with 100 Nm of torque.  You replace the motor with a 730W performance unit that produces even more powerโ€”112 Nm of torque.  A 750 Wh replaceable battery gives the Spectre 1 an average range of around 37 miles on a single charge.  However, depending on the motor and driving mode you choose, the manufacturer says you’ll get up to 68 miles.  Moreover, customers can spend extra money to double the bike’s range by purchasing an additional battery.

  All of this technology makes the Specter 1 capable of some impressive speeds.  Overall, it’s top speed is limited to 28 miles per hour with electric assist, and it qualifies as an electrical moped by European standards.  All this performance is obviously controlled thanks to an integrated cockpit that includes a high-definition display, 4G and WiFi connectivity, and turn-by-turn navigation.

  There are a total of four colour options for the Specter 1: Grey, Green, Silver and Black.  However, you will spend more money to get a custom colour of your choice.  Additionally, a pedelec’s size and drivetrain are often configured to suit individual riders.  Available in three frame sizes: small, medium and large, riders between 175 cm (5.7 ft) and 187 cm (6.1 ft) tall can ride this bike with ease and confidence.

  Currently, the Specter 1 is yet to hit the market, however, the company has already started accepting pre-orders for the electric bike.  Surprisingly, though, it will set you back a pretty tidy sumโ€” $8,620 USD to be exact.  Deliveries of the Spectre 1 are expected to begin by September 2022.

  The new Specter 1 is an ultra-sleek electric bicycle

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