Evee: The Australian electric car sharing platform doubles in size to 100 vehicles.

Evee is an all-electric car sharing platform that allows more Australians to experience the joy of driving EVs every day.  With comprehensive insurance support for Tesla, this makes the rental accessible, affordable and safe for owners and drivers.  We rent some of Australia’s largest range of electric vehicles, with over 100 cars available nationwide.

Evee aims to accelerate the general adoption of electrical vehicles in Australia by creating a service that connects curious drivers with EV enthusiasts.ย  If these rentals make an income for the owner, it allows everyday people to experience the pure joy of driving EV.

  Evee, Australia’s only electric car sharing platform, says car sharing options have doubled over the past year and it now has more than 100 EVs available for rent in all capital cities and regional centres such as Gold Coast, Cairns and Alice.  The Springs.

We are excited to realise this important milestone for the primary time since its launch in 2016,โ€ said Slava Kozlovskii, founder and CEO of Eevee.

  โ€œWhat is indeed more instigative is that further than 50 of these vehicles will be adjoining the podium in 2021. It is clear that Australia has entered the rapid EV adoption trajectory and we are looking forward to accelerating the trend.

  Evee aims to accelerate the overall adoption of EVs in Australia by creating a service that connects curious tenants with existing EV owners who are interested in their cars and wider EV mobility.

  In addition to providing a way for people to rent EVs – and provide EV owners with the opportunity to earn revenue from their EVs, thereby helping to reduce ownership costs – Evee serves as a gateway to EVs for tenants.

  “The demand for electric cars is unprecedented and despite the shortage of state policy, Australians are able to drive, feel and buy EVs – we are hearing this directly from our customers,”

 Kozlowski said in a May 2021 speech.

  โ€œAfter an unanticipated launch to 2020, we’re proud to produce a muscular comeback in 2021 with Wee’s growth currently surpassing ourpre-Covid situations. We have worked hard to extend our offer to connect EV owners with environmentally conscious drivers by making EV driving options readily available and accessible to all.

The available cars and their total percentage include: Tesla (89%), Audi E-Tron (5%), Hyundai Ioniq (3%), BMW i3 (1.5%), Electric Mini (1.5%)

Tesla cars include the following models: 40 Tesla 3 (low price Tesla.), 8 Tesla X (Large Car / SUV Crossbreed with Gull-Wing Doors.), 7 Tesla S (Large, High Performance, Sports Car.)etc.

  Electric car rental cost

  The cheapest rental we found on the Eevee site was $ 121 a day for Hyundai Ioniq in Sydney.  Canberra-based Tesla S costs $ 449 per day.

  The cheapest Tesla Model 3 rental we saw was $ 151 a day in Hobart.  Elsewhere, we can expect to pay at least $ 20-60 more per day.

ย ย Insurance costs

  When we rent a Model 3 we pay $ 30 a day for insurance on the rental fee, but this amount can vary between the same year, the model and the variant car.  For example another, basically identical, Model 3 can charge $ 35 per day.  We’ve seen $ 22 for the Hyundai Ioniq and $ 54 for the Model S.

  Charges for additional service

  Owners may charge an additional fee for additional services such as dropping and picking up a vehicle.

  250km per day

  If we drive a maximum 250 km per day, we will be charged extra kilometres.  The amount varies but 60 cents per km for the Model 3 I rented.  To me, this seems like a very profitable rate.

  If we assume that the Tesla Model 3 battery dies at the end of its 160,000km warranty limit and costs $ 10,000 in today’s money to replace it, then 6.25 cents per km powered battery will cause corrosion and tears.  If we add a few cents to pay for expensive tires and other depreciation, each additional km will cost the owner just 10 cents.  Even if you think it is very optimistic and doubled it to 20 cents, the owner should still be ahead in this extra km fee, as the motors and brakes of electric vehicles don’t wear the way traditional cars do.  On the other hand, it is not yet clear how expensive it will be to repair electric cars in the future.

  If we are planning to drive a long distance and the owner has an understanding of the actual costs of wear and tear, there may be an opportunity to negotiate additional km charges.

  EV charging

  If we are not planning to take a really short trip, you will need to charge the vehicle at some point.  The most common requirement for Eevee Rental is to return the car with a 70% or 80% full charge or pay a fee for every kilowatt-hour that is missing.  There is a higher charge than the cost charged by the grid.  This is similar to returning to a traditional car rental without a full tank, but more annoying because it can be a disturbing experience if someone tries to charge an electric car for the first time.

  Even worse, according to Evee’s terms and conditions, you may be charged a fee for returning the car with less fees than the time you took it unless the owner said otherwise.  This is ridiculous.  If it is 100% when you take it, how do you get it back at 100%?  Pushing from the charger to the drop off point?  Maybe they expect you to drive it back, so the battery is charged instead of the discharges?


As with traditional car rentals, the terms and conditions include a pretty good print on where you can take the car and what you can do with it.  Some examples from Evee:

No more than three separate drivers.

Not going to Kangaroo Island, NT, WA, or Tasmania.  (But clearly, you are allowed to start in those places.)

Don’t go beyond the black stump – look at the terms and conditions of the exact stumps they are referring to.

Stay off closed roads – Car Navigation will not hesitate to tell you to use them.

Do not experiment on the car. 

  The age of the driver

  There is a major restriction on the age of the driver.  All drivers who call the “Standard Vehicles” comprising the Model 3 must be at least 25.  All drivers must be 30 or older for “performance vehicles” consisting of Tesla S, Tesla X and Audi e-tron.

  We know that owning an electric car is the gateway to ownership and is committed to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles to support a clean future for all.

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