Swedish eVTOL Company Jetson AB Build-Your-Own Private Plane Fly Over Water,

Modern flight,  Pioneer Jetson’s Build-Your-Own private eVTOL Fly Over Water

 Swedish startup Jetson has already received thousands of pre-orders for 2023  and they are accepting more orders

  Jetson One is one of the only eVTOLs that does not require a pilot licence to operate.  

  The Swedish startup Jetson says its “Flying vehicle” has already sold out in its entire year 2022 production, with thousands of pre-orders awaiting for forthcoming year.  Classified as a recreational aircraft, Jetson One is the only EVTOL that does not require a pilot’s certificate to operate.

  “Jetson Ethos has attractive uncomplicated solutions for air mobility and transportation.

  In its latest video, the Jetson One can be seen hovering over the golf course and a long water hazard.  The 190-pound aircraft has a top speed of 63 mph and can fly for about 20 minutes on a single charge.

  Jetson co-founder Tomas Patan has hinted that Jetson One may not be the only project the company is working on.

  “I’m often imagining a very distant future, where you’ll be transporting a compact, car-like aerial vehicle across the big city in minutes instead of hours – that’s a good idea for most of my life to work on.”  He said.

  According to Jetson, it is currently the only eVTOL company to offer a commercially available personal electronic vehicle – hoping to continue its mission of “democratising flight”.

  “Jetson Ethos has attractive uncomplicated solutions for air mobility and transportation,”

  The Jetson One is currently available for $ 90,000, requiring some assembly.  The eVTOL is built with a lightweight aluminium space frame and a carbon-Kevlar composite body.  Its all eight motors, powered by Tesla’s lithium ion batteries, can carry a maximum pilot payload of 210 pounds.

  “Jetson takes only a few seconds to fold a 90 to 90 cm wide configuration. It is designed with real-life practicality. No other eVTOL offers this type of transport and storage,” said Tomasz.

  About Jetson

  Jetson is a Swedish company that aims to change the way we travel.  They aim to make the sky accessible to everyone with our secure personal electric aerial vehicle.

  Jetson was founded in 2017 by Peter Ternstrom and Tomasz Paton.  He intends to pilot everyone.

  The “proof of concept” of the Jetsons prototype was completed in the spring of 2018 and so far we have been busy working on a customer friendly version.

  That project led to Jetson ONE, a commercially available personal electric aerial vehicle that you can own and fly.

  Technical Specifications

  Jetson Weight -86KG / 190LBS,

  Maximum Pilot Weight -95 KG / 210LBS,

Jetson Dimensions – 2480mm / 1500mm / 1030mm,

Jetson Folding Width – 900mm,

  Flight duration – 20 minutes,

  Top flight speed software limited to 102km / h (63mph),

  Service ceiling above 1500 feet AGL,

Jetson Flight controls – 3 axis joystick, throttle lever,

 Jetson Battery type is high dischargeble lithium-ion battery,

  Charging time- 1hr at 220V, 2hr at 110V,

  Maximum Total Power Generation – 88KW,

  All-aluminium space airframe, according to the chassis

  Electric brushless outrunner for motor type high power production,

  To order your Jetson, a $ 22,000 deposit is required.  Final payment of $ 70,000 when ready for delivery at your Jetson ONE factory.

  Jetson ONE is delivered to you in a partially assembled state, where you complete the construction.  No special equipment required.  If you receive your Jetson at lunch, you will be flying in before lunch.

  The entire production of 2022 is on sale, but they are accepting orders for the 2023 delivery.

  Please contact Peter Turnstrom at peter@jetsonaero.com for orders or questions.


 Q .How long is the Jetson Aero eVTOL flight?

Ans. Flight duration – 20 minutes

 Q) .What is the speed of the Jetson eVTOL?

 Ans.Top flight speed software limited to 102km / h (63mph),

 Q) .Jetson eVTOL is built from which object with a composite body?

  Answer.  The eVTOL is built with a lightweight aluminum space frame and a carbon-Kevlar composite body.

[Courtesy: Jetson Aero].

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