MAVEN Urban E-TRIKE concept can be reshaped to suit user needs and body dimensions.

Restructuring is a term that many people have grown to understand, especially over the past few years.  We are in that day and age where almost everything in the world and our auto industry is transforming or changing very fast.

A common theme among urban designers is to give a new perspective or look to a somewhat common theme.  This is especially highlighted in this epidemic lockdown.  Humans adapt to their surroundings, so we think of ways to invent and create new values ​​in life.

Designer: Tanner Van De Veer

The concept of Maven Urban e-Trike can be adapted to suit users’ needs and body dimensions

The MAVEN Urban E-TRIKE is a personal vehicle designed by Tanner Van De Veer.  These industrial designers of bikes have presented personal vehicle design for urban transport.  The goal was to come up with a workable vehicle within a multi-modal system that could be shared among many people.

Sharing a vehicle is not the right move if we are discussing hygiene but when it comes to urban planning, it is about sustainability and smart use of space.  MAVEN Urban e-Trike is a potential solution for mobility that can take advantage of local hubs and nodes.  It is designed as a pedestrian-friendly personal mobility platform for pedestrian-based destinations.

Maven Urban E-TRIKE Concept Vehicle

System development also stems from the demand for simple commuters or commuters to explore the city without relying on a normal sized car.  Maven e-trike for one user.  But since each user is unique in terms of size and body measurement, the vehicle can adjust to the size of the rider.

Maven Urban E-TRIKE Concept Initial

Urban e-trike works like this: Scan, set up and return to the node automatically.  Maven scans the rider and takes his body measure.  This opens up the rider’s size for a comfortable fit and ride.  The e-trike is designed to be used on most bike lanes and pedestrians so it is convenient to explore the city.  There is no need to go through regular traffic as this thing does not take up much space.  In concept, the vehicle can automatically return to its node.

This is a solution that local governments should consider in the coming days.  This can be a city-wide project, as the platform requires access to various nodes and hubs and is widespread throughout the city.

Maven Urban E-TRIKE Illustration

The design and development of the Maven Urban e-Trike has gone through a number of explorations and refinements, beginning with a person’s deep need for a more innovative solution.  The result is a product of the concept beyond beauty.  We believe that its consumerism makes it a viable option and can guarantee long-term benefits to society as a whole.

The development of the concept began with the initial sketches of the tasks and the form of the package.  Initial concepts appeared to be sculpting for a personal vehicle but eventually, the designer came up with his desired technical feel.  3D renders help in providing a more refined layout with more precise measurements and proportions.

Maven Urban E-TRIKE Design

The concept vehicle is an e-trike.  With three wheels, one at the rear and two at the front, the rider may be more comfortable with the stability it offers.  In some respects, it looks like a future baby prom with its TRON-style design – simple and bright colours with smooth bright lines on the LED.  When opened, some people probably think it’s a heavy vacuum cleaner or a new Segway.

Maven Urban E-TRIKE Launch

The Maven E-Trike takes up less space, especially at rest.  You can pull it out when not in use or when you just want to walk a bit.  To unclose the vehicle, simply lift the bars. It now opens to the riding posture. Below are two pegs for leg support.  The handlebars can be increased to steer the e-trike.  The brakes and throttle are controlled by built-in triggers on the handlebar.  On the front, there are many options where you can place your things.

source Maven / yankodesign

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