Introducing Jitendra EV Primo: Transformative Electric Scooter Unleashed in India

Embarking on the dynamic journey of electric mobility in India, Jitendra EV emerges as a formidable player. Originating from the vibrant city of Nashik in Maharashtra, the company specialises in electric two-wheelers and has captivated the EV market with the launch of its latest gem, ‘Primo.’ Priced attractively at Rs 79,999, the Primo not only embodies allure but also presents a compelling option for environmentally conscious riders.

Unveiling the Primo Experience

Beyond its mirror-like chassis, what sets the Primo apart is Jitendra EV’s innovative approach. While the dazzling units are yet to roll off the production line, the current palette offers classic huesโ€”black, silver, red, and whiteโ€”catering to diverse aesthetic preferences.

Power and Performance

At the core of Jitendra EV’s Primo lies a robust 60-volt, 26-amp battery pack. Delivering an impressive riding distance of up to 65 kilometres on full throttle, it’s an ideal companion for daily commutes. The scooter effortlessly reaches a top speed of 52 kmph and handles inclines up to 7 degrees.

The design innovation extends to Primo’s suspension systemโ€”telescopic forks upfront and hydraulic forks with coil springs at the rear. Safety is paramount, addressed with a front wheel disc brake and a rear drum brake.

Riding Comfort and Technology

Enhancing riding comfort, the Primo features 10-inch tubeless tires for a smooth journey. It offers multiple riding modes and a unique reverse gear feature, perfect for navigating tight parking spots.

The technological suite includes a digital instrument console, LED illumination, USB charging, a side-stand indicator, and a battery overheating alert for optimal performance. A generous 3-year warranty accompanies each Primo, ensuring peace of mind for buyers.

Future Horizons

While currently available in one variant, Jitendra EV’s future looks electrically vibrant with the upcoming Primo S, boasting a range of 90km, and the Primo Plus, anticipated to reach 130 km in the coming year.

In a competitive landscape, the Primo faces off against Kinetic Green’s Zulu bike, priced at Rs 94,990, featuring a 2.1 kW motor and a 2.27 kWh battery pack.

The Electric Scooter Revolution

With the electric scooter segment experiencing a constant influx of fresh entries, the adoption rate of EVs is gradually climbing. The potential for a significant leap exists with the establishment of extensive charging networks nationwide. As the Primo, with its tantalising glass look, graces the horizon, Jitendra EV stands ready to make a bold statement, possibly accelerating the electric vehicle revolution.

An Affordable Alternative

In summary, Jitendra EV’s Primo stands as a testament to innovation and eco-friendly commuting options. It not only captivates automobile enthusiasts but also promises an evolved riding experience. As electric mobility gains widespread acceptance, the Primo could be the catalyst needed for urban dwellers to make the eco-preferable switch, seamlessly blending style with sustainability.

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