Tesla gets a patent for designing an automatic tire inflation system for its e-truck semi

Tesla has patented a new automatic tire inflation system that can adjust tire pressure in the upcoming Tesla semi-electric truck.

Shortly after the automaker unveiled the Tesla semi-electric truck – we reported that Tesla had filed for a patent on the technology in 2018.  Tesla does not specify whether it was designed for cars or trucks in a patent application, but inventor John Furtado, listed in the filing, is working on the Tesla Semi program for Tesla.

He specifically worked on the “brakes, brake controls, pneumatics, wheel ends, wheels and tires” for the Tesla Semi.  An engineer quit Tesla after he filed this patent for his former employer, Daimler Trucks, but he recently returned to Tesla.

Many military vehicles and heavy workhorse trucks use Automatic Tire Inflation Systems (ATIS) to manage tire pressure and optimize driving on different surfaces.

However, Tesla describes the “losses” of existing systems in the original patent application:

These previous solutions had several drawbacks.  With some early art techniques, the air was supplied with hollow drive axles to the fittings on its ends.  The fittings were then attached to the air intakes of the tires.  Stacked air attached to hollow drive axles to turn air into the hollow drive axles.  These fittings were subject to leakage of contaminants.  These pollutants disrupted ATIS’s operation and ultimately caused ATIS to fail.

To overcome those shortcomings, Tesla describes a more intelligent system with valves, bearings and a rotary air seal instead.

The automaker wrote in a patent application:

The automated tire inflation system (ATIS) controller for use with the vehicle in accordance with the first described embodiment, consists of controller-controlled valves, air supply inlet valves and a multitude of air outlets.  In addition, ATIS includes a channel for at least one drive axle with inner bearings and outer bearings, the channel formed in the spindle, the first hose connecting the control valve valve to the channel formed in the spindle.  Attach the channel formed in the rotary air seal and spindle between the hub, internal bearings and the outer bearings to the channel formed in the hub and the channel formed in the second hose hub to at least one wheel.

Thus, the first type of ATIS significantly reduces pollution in the ATIS air stream compared to previous ATIS systems.  Reduction in pollution extends the life span of ATIS, extends the spindle life span, extends hub lifetime and extends service cycle / tire life and extends maintenance intervals.

Here are some sketches from the full patent application:

Today, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has officially patented Tesla to its version of the ATIS system.

It is important to note that not all technologies that companies seek to secure with patents end up in commercial products.


What is the Tesla Semi called?

Tesla Truck, Tesla Semi is an all-electric battery-powered Class 8 semi-truck developed by Tesla, Inc.

How much is the Tesla Semi?

The company asks for a $ 20,000 original reservation.  From there, the Tesla website lists the following prices: 300-mile version: $ 150,000.  500-Mile Edition: $ 180,000.

What is a patent and an example?

The definition of a patent is the ability to produce and sell something for a certain number of years without being copied by the federal government.  An example of a patent is protection against copying the production method used to create M & Ms

What are the 4 types of patents?

There are four different types of patents: Utility Patent. Temporary Patent. Design Patent. Plant patent.

Why is a patent important?

A patent is important because it helps protect your invention.  It meets any specifications of any product, design or process according to its originality, practicality, suitability and usefulness.  In most cases, the patent protects the invention for up to 20 years.

What are Patent Laws?

Patent law is the branch of intellectual property law that deals with innovations.  Traditional patents Cover palpable scientific inventions similar as circuit boards, auto machines, hotting coils or zippers.

What’s Patent Code A1? 

A1 Patent operation with hunt report. A2 Patent operation without hunt report. A3 Separate hunt report with first runner of patent operation. A8: Fixed the first page of a document.  A9: Corrected record

What is the B1 publication?

US B1 documents are granted patents without any pre-grant publication.  … In these cases, it seems that the application was never published even after the patent was issued

Who invented the patents?

The first documented patent for industrial invention was issued in Florence in 1421 to architect and engineer Filippo Brunelleschi.

What’s going on with the Tesla Semi?

It is reported that the Tesla Semi program has now been moved to the “limited production” stage.  This limited production is taking place in a new purpose-built building in Gigafactory Nevada, home to Tesla’s cell manufacturing.

Does the Tesla semi need a driver?

The Tesla semi-prototype has been identified as driving on a California highway, and some are speculating that there was no driver on the wheel.  While Tesla is focusing on self-driving for consumer vehicles, automakers have not focused on self-driving when it comes to its Tesla semi-electric truck project.

How much horsepower does the Tesla Semi have?

The Tesla semi, Musk says, moves in the sunlight.  The six-wheel array is powered by four independent electric motors that are powered by a battery bank at the base of the vehicle.  These are the same motors that power the Tesla Model 3, so we’re looking at a 1000 hp powertrain.

Will semi-truck prices go down in 2022?

The shortage has made used semi trucks more valuable.  In August, J. D. Power reported that Class 8 truck sales were up 86% compared to the first seven months of the previous year.  And according to Chris Visser, senior analyst at JD Power, prices are expected to increase in 2022

How far can the Tesla Semi go?

The recently announced Tesla Semi concept design features a large advertising range of 500 miles with the goal of charging 80% in 30 minutes.  The battery pack is estimated to be at least 800 kWh (full load and most likely to meet all conditions) and should have an estimated charge rate

Where will the Tesla Semi be built?

Tesla Semi-volume production is expected to begin in 2023 at the new Tesla factory in Austin, Austin,  The nearest battery factory produces 4680 cells for semi-powered battery packs.  Tesla Semi Electric Class 8 Truck Lacking Market,

Are semi-trucks equipped with autopilot?

Self-driving technology took control of the vehicle for more than 80% of the drive by operating the middle section from Tuscan, Arizona to Dallas, Texas, about 960 miles away.  TuSimple’s self-driving system is optimized for highway driving, most of which involves driving on interstate routes

Are semi-trucks electric?

Semi-truck manufacturer Freightliner has a test fleet of 40 rigs, available in 2022.  Electric semi-trucks are coming to your nearest roads โ€” finally

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