Piaggio manufacturers are planning to launch the Vespa E-Scooter to the Indian market

Piaggio manufacturers are planning to launch the Vespa E-Scooter to the Indian market

The automobile market India has seen a significant number of new electric vehicles (EVs) from various EV manufacturing startups and established auto brands.  Two-wheeler EVs are gaining popularity much faster than four-wheelers.

So, considering its future potential, many companies have begun to introduce electric versions of their two-wheelers.  Now, a new report has indicated that Piaggio is planning to enter the EV market in India with its subsidiary brands, Vespa.  According to a recent report, Italian automakers are looking to develop an electric scooter specifically for the Indian market.

Vespa first entered the Indian market in the Bajaj Auto Partnership in the 1960s and then with LML Motors in the 1980s – but the partnership ended after controversy.

  After Piaggio terminated its partnership with LML Motors in India in 1999, Vespa scooters went off the Indian roads.

  Vespa re-entered the Indian market in 2012, and in March 2012, the Piaggio Vespa scooter was launched at a price of Rs 66,661, ranking the premium end of the Indian scooter market.

Piaggio’s affiliate brands

Piaggio currently manufactures three-wheelers in the country but produces two-wheelers through its subsidiary brands Vespa and Aprilia.  The upcoming India Electric Scooter is expected to be launched under both the Vespa and Aprilia brands.

The Vespa Electric Scooter is manufactured in India by Piaggio

Diego Grafi, Managing Director of Piaggio India, hinted that the company is looking to set up an EV ecosystem in India that will remain even without subsidies, ET Auto reported.  Let us tell you that the central government provides FAME II subsidies and various state governments across the country also subsidise the cost of EVs by 40 per cent.

However, two-wheeler manufacturers seem to have no plans to roll out the EV at any time, and it may take some time before Piaggio’s first electric two-wheeler arrives in India.  According to Grafi, the supplier ecosystem in India is not ready to support the massive transition to electric mobility.

Expected launch time

Piaggio is expected to take approximately 18-24 months to develop and test the India-specific model.  Therefore, EVs will be announced in the Indian market after development and testing.  The upcoming electric scooter from Piaggio is unlikely to make its debut in India before the end of 2023.

Rashlane reports that Piaggio is solely focused on developing electric scooters for the Indian market and not motorcycles.  So it is possible to sell an electric scooter under the Vespa brand.

  Piaggio’s e-scooter features the latest connectivity features found in modern EVs and the price of the EV is in the same range as the existing EVs in the Indian market.

  The company is already offering electric scooters in the developed markets of Europe.  Last year, the company unveiled its first electric scooter named ‘One’ under its own brand.  It also showcased its electric scooter in India at Auto Expo 2020.

Currently, the two-wheeler EV space in India has several EVs such as the Ather 450, Ola S1 Series, Bajaj Chetak and TVS iQube.

Vespa Electric Specifications and Features,

Mileage- Range 100km / charge,

Motor Power 3600 W,

Motor Model DC Motor,

Charging time is 3.5 hours,

Maximum torque 200 Nm,

Front brake disc,

Rear brake drum,

Body type electric bikes,

The charging point is yes

Mobile Connection Bluetooth.

Digital: Speedometer, odometer,

Tripmeter, fuel gauge and console.  Pass Switch, Riding, Modes, Display TFT.

Fuel Barometer Yes,


Engine and transmission

Maximum torque 200 Nm,

Drive type belt drive.

Motor Model DC Motor,

Motor Power 3600 W,

Range 100 km / charge,

Starting self start only

Automatic transmission,

The charging point is yes,

Mobile Connection Bluetooth

Chassis and suspension charging

Electric bikes of the body type,

Electricals Headlight LED, Tile Light LED, Rotate the Signal Lamp LED,

Battery type lithium-ion

Tires and Brakes,Tire Size Front: -110 / 70-12 Rear: -120 / 70-11

According to the tire Tubeless Wheel Size, Front: -304.8mm, Rear: -279.4mm,Wheels Type Alloy, Front brake disc. Rear brake drum. Front brake diameter 200 mm, Rear brake diameter 140 mm, Radial tires yes,

 No No No Noโ€ฆ

Charging at home – no,

Charging station- no

Excellent bike

In terms of overall appearance, the scooter model is beautiful and the functions, safety and mileage are excellent.

About Piaggio

Piaggio & c.  Spa is an Italian automobile manufacturer that produces a range of two-wheelers and compact commercial vehicles under seven brands: Piaggio, Vespa, Gilera, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Derby and Scarabio.  Its corporate headquarters are located in Pontedera / Italy.


Is Piaggio Moped?

The scooter is also a two-wheeler, but the moped and scooters are still different.  The main difference between them is related to the motor.  The Moped’s motor is relatively smaller than a scooter.

Piaggio Vespaway?

Vespa (Italian pronunciation: [ษ›vษ›spa]) is an Italian luxury brand made by Piaggio

Where are Vespas made now?

Vespas are manufactured at the Piaggio plant in Pontedera, near Pisa, Tuscany, Italy.

How much does Piaggio cost?

Piaggio 1 ยฃ 2,500 (ยฃ 2,011 with UK EV grant) from Piaggio, Scooter and Motoden

How much is the Vespa Electric range?

62 miles

When did Vespa come to India?

Vespa first entered the Indian market in the Bajaj Auto Partnership in the 1960s and then with LML Motors in the 1980s 

How many piaggio dealers are available in India?

280 Piaggio Dealers Available In India.  Find a nearby Piaggio dealer in your city

What are the new launches from Piaggio?

Piaggio’s latest commercial vehicles are Ape Xtra HT, Ape Xtra LDX HT, Ape Auto HT DX and more.

Who owns Piaggio in India?

The Pathmakers, Ltd.  (PVPL) is the leading the league today.

Who is the CEO of Piaggio?

Roberto Colannino is President and Chief Executive Officer of Piaggio and CSPA, IMMSI SPA (the company that controls the Piaggio Group) and the Advisory Board of Piaggio Fast Forward, headquartered in Cambridge, USA, Massachusetts.

Who founded Vespa?

Enrico Piaggio

Is Vespa made in India?

Yes, Vespa and Aprilia SR150 scooters are manufactured in India at the company’s Maharashtra Baramati plant,

When did Piaggio buy Aprilia?

Aprilia was obtained by Piaggio & C. SpA in 2004 with the fourth largest motorcycle group in the world with 1.5 billion euro sales, an annual production capacity of 600,000 vehicles and an presence in 50 countries.

Why is Vespa so popular?

Vespa is a symbol of the Italian style and the effortless elegance and popularity evokes influence.

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