Analysis with Clarifications On Csc Ft1000md Electric Bike.

Wonderful CSC FT1000MD High-Powered Electric Bike  Banging 34 MPH on a 1,000W Fat Tire E-Bike

One of the many good things about riding electric bicycles in the world is the freedom to choose from an incredibly wide range of e-bikes, including some high-powered options.  I hope for my bike fan friends who stick with their 250W motors. 

That massive motor, officially known as the Bafang M620 or more notably the Bafang Ultra, is one of the most powerful and most torque e-bike mid-drive motors on the market.

While e-bike engineering fabrics around the world are trying to make it to the top, motor crops remain the cream of the high-powered e-bikes.

And is specially used in the CSC FT1,000MD, a fat tire e-bike developed by the motorcycle company to blur the line between high-powered electric mountain bikes and light electric dirt bikes or trail bikes.

Donโ€™t get me wrong, this is definitely an electric bicycle (even though the purists there argue differently.) Torque-sensing pedal help if you decide to pedal for a fun, high-response ride.  Or the throttle opens up a true motorbike feeling, if you want to go full bore, get some real balls โ€” to the wall.

  As you can see in my video review below I definitely got some serious fun riding!  But keep reading after the video for the rest of my detailed review.

CSC FT1000MD Technical Specification 

Motor: 1,000W continuous Bafang M620 mid-drive

Maximum speed: 45 km / h (28 mph) with pedal assist or 32 km / h (20 mph) with throttle, measured at 54 km / h (34 mph) when unlocked

Battery 48V sixteen Ah (768) with Samsung 35E cells. 

Frame 6061 Aluminium

Suspense Front suspense chopstick with preload and damping adaptation, plus walkout

Brakes: Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors

Weight: 34 kg (75 lbs)

Maximum load: 120 kg (264 lb)

Extras: removable battery semi-integrated with frame, colored LCD display with speedometer, battery gauge, PAS level indicator, odometer, tripmeter, light status indicator, front and rear LED lights, five speed settings, thumb throttle, USB charging port, kickstand

The Miracle Of Csc Ft1000md Electric Bike.

Lots of energy, only when you need it,”

The beautiful thing about the FT1000MD is that it is such a high-powered electric bike, but the power is manageable.  You can dial it back up or back to suit your riding style.

While I enjoy a local field or park, there is plenty of moderate energy.  This is especially true when I’m using a pedal assist and going out for a fun, fitness-ish leisure ride.  I enjoy the power and torque, but most of the time I don’t go with it.  Occasionally, when I really want to have a little fun, I unleash the Kraken to feel 1,000W of continuous power that the bike can supply.

On a flat road, that energy role can push the CSC FT1000MD as much as 34 mph (fifty four km/ h). I understand due to the fact I did it.

But often, I use energy for off-roading and prevent my fat tires from getting into the sand and loose soil.

The answer is not always “more power.”  But sometimes it is.

Latest Developments In Csc Ft1000md Electric Bike.

The FT1000MD is not just a powerful e-bike.  It’s properly made and designed to be durable.  CSC Ebikes may know the way around electric bikes, but it comes from CSC motorcycles and has decades of experience in two-wheelers.  That knowledge also applies to its e-bikes, as a result of which the standard parts, such as the suspension fork, are not as flashy as we see in a group of semi-road e-bikes, but actually soak off-road.  Swell well.

Quality hardware and e-bike equipment designed to match the power of such a motor are also an important part of the equation.  Bike parts such as hydraulic disc brakes are also designed for the extra power that a large motor can create – stopping at 30 mph is more daunting than stopping at 20 mph.  There is more energy that needs to be scrubbed.  This is the case with the entire speed class;  Physics is not kind to high speeds.  Fortunately, the FT1000MD has the brakes to do this.

That being said, the bicycle side of the units has an area that you still want to watch.  Whether on the CSC FT1000MD or any other mid-drive e-bike, the pedal drivetrain is always a weak link when it comes to such high-powered motors.  While the CSC has chosen the Shimano 8-speed Altus derailleur as we see on many budget-level electric bikes, this is definitely not the highest end of the Shimano spectrum.  Unless you eventually want to remove your teeth from your gear or break the chain, switching under high power is a no-no.  You should also avoid putting the bike in 100% high gear.  Many riders leave the mid-drive e-bike in Top Gear because it is “fast gear”, without realizing how much wear is put on the drivetrain by excess torque.

Unlike a car or motorcycle, which cannot normally be started in top gear and therefore needs to be shifted through the gear range as a normal person, electric motors have full torque at the start and can therefore power to full speed at their maximum.  Gear.  But I’ve seen plenty of people wear that gear by using this motor on other bikes, so let it serve as a warning to you.  Make sure you are moving properly with this type of heavy duty motor.

Csc Ft1000md Electric Bike Ideas That You Can Share With Your Friends

Another thing I really enjoy about the FT1000MD is that it features a lot of good components you won’t find on other e-bikes.  The adjustable trunk allows you to increase and lower the handlebars to find the right fitment and ride orientation, and the bright Buchel headlight is more than a glorified keychain light to alert drivers of your presence.  The color display looks great and is easy to read at a glance even in bright light.

The battery also comes in at 48V and 16Ah, which is bigger than we usually see.  Depending on how you ride the CSC FT1000MD and how much power you have on tap, the range from one charge to “pretty much nothing” can vary from “pretty darn for”.  Such is life with a high powered e-bike.  But as long as you’re not inconsistent with your demands, 25 miles (32 km) on the throttle should be a good minimum, and 50 miles (80 km) is possible with the help of a conservative pedal.

Anyone intending to lift a bike in a car rack or truck should note that it is not lightweight, tipping the scales at 75 lb (34 kg).  You can remove 9 lb (4 kg) by removing the battery.  With a huge motor and a large battery, you wouldn’t expect it to be a feather weight, wasn’t it?

Equipping the motormotorcycle with huge 4 โ€ณ fats tires failed to do the burden any favors, aleven though it without a doubt enables the FT1000MD cowl any terrain.  With so much air volume, the damn thing almost floats.

Preparations You Should Make Before Using Csc Ft1000md Electric Bike.

The CSC FT1000MD is certainly not a cheap bike.  And the $ 3,295 price tag confirms that. 

While this certainly sounds more to outsiders, the $ 3,295 price is par for the course when it comes to Bafang M620-powered e-bikes.  Many e-bikes with this drivetrain are even more expensive.  It is a specialized motor that requires powerful batteries and plenty of high quality parts to keep the bike safe at this performance level.

I have driven a lot of M620 e-bikes which cost more.  So I’m sure that looking at the $ 3k price tag will shock newcomers to the e-bike industry, which is something that is at the highest end of the power scale.

And don’t start packing more power into the $ 6,000 Fat Tire e-bike that comes out later this yearโ€ฆ

Obviously this isn’t always on-moto motorcycle for everyone. CSC has a few super 750W fats tiree-motorcycles with the intention to take you to a cushty 28 mph (forty five km/ h) and use in addition provident mecca motors, bringing them to$ lower.

But if you want a crazy powerful mid-drive motor with a built-in torque sensor, larger batteries, better parts and the most extreme performance you can get, this is CSC’s line of offerings.

Not only does it require deep riding, but it also requires a responsible rider.  This excess energy can be dangerous to the rider or others around them if not used responsibly.

Will Csc Ft1000md Electric Bike The Most Trending Thing?


How fast is the CSC FT1000MD eBike?

45 km / h (28 mph) with pedal assist or 32 km / h (20 mph) with throttle, measured at 54 km / h (34 mph) when unlocked

How far does a 1000W eBike go?

These batteries typically allow anywhere from 22 to 60 miles on a single charge.

Are NCM Ebikes Better?

The NCM Prague is an ideal entry-level electric bike.

Where are NCM bikes manufactured?

E-bikes are designed in Germany and manufactured in China

What is the best torque for the eBike?

Approximately 50 to 60-Newton meters

What does a CSC motorcycle mean?

CSC, which is a California scooter company

Who makes the CSC motorcycle?

Zhongshen, Some background: CSC Motorcycles is an Azusa, California-based company that imports RX3 Cyclone from Chongqing, China

source CSC

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