Stellantis Jeep’s first electric SUV is coming in 2023

Jeep reveals the first electric vehicle in 2023 as Stellantis plans a massive EV push

Jeep, an American brand owned by Stellantis, has revealed the first images of its upcoming electric SUV.  The company is not sharing any other details or the name of the vehicle, but has confirmed that the new EV will be launched in 2023.

Jeep’s first electric SUV will probably arrive in 2023

Jeep is slow to reach electrification compared to its competitors.  Automaker has released the plug-in hybrid versions of its Wrangler and Grand Cherokee SUVs and plans the off-roading version of the Grand Cherokee, Trailhawk, which comes with a hybrid motor.

 But Jeep is Jeep’s first fully battery-electric vehicle to be launched next year.  Automaker recently announced that it will release “zero-emission” versions of all its vehicles with plug-in hybrid variants by 2025.

The new Electric Jeep resembles the Renegade in size, and according to CarAdvisor, the new model is based on Stellantis‘ CMP architecture, which also supports Peugeot 2008.  This platform supports combustion engines and fully electric vehicles.

Stellantis has 75 battery electric models on the market during Tuesday’s strategic update and announced that it will sell five million EVs per year by 2030

When Fiat Chrysler merged with the French PSA Group last year, the new Jeep EV underwent a comprehensive project last year by Stelantis, a multinational conglomerate formed to electrify lineups for most of its brands.  It features EV versions of the Ram 1500 pickup truck and an electric Dodge Muscle Car.

Stellantis also teased a Ram 1500 EV truck

On Tuesday, Stellantis teased the upcoming Ram 1500 truck with pictures showing the vehicle’s lighting setup.  The image looks like a design sketch, opening up the possibility that the Ram is still in the final shape of its upcoming electric truck.  Ram is also making an electric promaster delivery van that will be integrated into the Amazon Fleet from 2023.

Both the Jeep EV and the Ram 1500 EV are likely to use Stellantis’s STLA platform, which is one of the four platforms used by automakers for the upcoming EV range.

During a presentation to analysts and reporters in Amsterdam, Chief Executive Carlos Tavares said, “We are proud to be a legacy automaker.”  “Being a legacy automaker demonstrates our ability to design and produce safe products.”

As RoadShow’s Daniel Golson points out, Stellantis has actually left some design outlines for the vehicle in the teaser image, which shows the truckmaker rather than the automaker’s marketing team.

Born last year from the merger of Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot manufacturer PSA, Stellantis said it would adopt the “asset-light” model for its undeveloped Chinese business – keeping only one wholly-owned plant and opening other manufacturing capabilities to third parties.  Less fixed costs

Jeep has not released any further information about its upcoming EV, but the brand has promised to release more information in the coming months.

By staff correspondent ^ March 2, 2022 Stelantis

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