Arc One is an electric boat with a battery pack three times the size of Tesla’s

Arc One is an electric powered boat with a battery percent 3 instances the scale of Tesla’s, the arc set for buyer delivery later this year.

Electric Boat Startup Arc has unveiled new images and video of the pre-production version of Arc One, a 24-foot ship with a massive battery pack and sleek design.  The company raised $ 30 million from a group of major investors, including Will Smith, Kevin Durant and Sean “Diddy” Combs.

Fewer shifting components manner much less attempt maintaining, extra time at the water.

The company has already tested the startup model and the unveiling of the pre-production version indicates that the company is getting closer to planned customer deliveries this summer.

7;  The specifications have changed slightly since the company first came out of hiding last year.  The boat will still have a speed of about 40mph and can be operated for about four hours before recharging – a startup says one day on the water is enough.

All the joys of a high-overall performance recreation boat, without any of the air, water, or noise pollution.

But instead of a 200kWh battery, it can power an electric motor with at least 475hp.  This would make the Arc One’s battery three times larger than the Tesla Model Y, said Arc CEO Mitch Lee.

“It’s a lot,” Lee stated in an interview.  “It’s honestly cut up into  packs.”

Unlike cars, Lee argues that heavy batteries are not inconvenient for an electric boat.  “Generally, the extra the boat weighs, the extra solid it is,” he said.  “Especially for the watersports market, heavy boats are the ones you could wake someone to wakeboard.”

Say good-bye to noisy combustion engines — a whisper-quiet electric powered motor won’t drown out your conversations.

The Arc One is a limited edition luxury cruise that retails for $ 300,000, Lee said.  The company hopes to follow in the footsteps of Tesla by selling a high-priced, low-cost boat with the money used for the production of a low-cost model.

“It most effective appeals to a pinnacle price and a subset of people,” he said.  “We need to enter the Model S’s rate range, wherein it is the first-class withinside the market.”

That could include other water sports such as jet skis or commercial vessels such as boats, Lee said.  “That’s definitely what we’ve got in mind.”

Arc One Boat Video

source Arcboats.com


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