Aventon Cinch Analysis: A Fat Tire Portable & Compact E-Bike is Different From All Others

There is something about Fat Tire electric bikes that makes it so much fun to ride.  But it’s not every day that you find a fat tire e-bike that’s as elegantly crafted as the Aventon Cinch.

 This e-bike offers the unbridled pleasure of traveling on ridiculously sized tires without sacrificing any build quality.  This is a high value e-bike for anyone looking for plenty of bang for your buck.

 Aventon Cinch E-Bike Technical Specifications

 Motor: 750 W Peak-Rated Gear Hub Motor

 Supreme speed 32 km/ h (20 mph) 

 Throttle pasturage 48 km (30 mi) 

 Pedal Assist Range: 60-115 km (38-71 mi)

 Battery: 48V 14Ah (672 Wh)

 Charge time: 4-5 hours

 Maximum load: 113 kg (250 lb)

 Frame: 6061 Double-clipped aluminum

 Suspension: RST Spring Suspension Fork with 45mm Travel

 Brakes: Tektro MD-M810 mechanical disc brakes, 180mm rotors

 Extras: speedometer, wattmeter, battery gauge, PAS level indicator, odometer, tripmeter, 5-speed settings, thumb throttle, mounting LCD display for front or rear racks and fenders

 Aventon Cinch e-bike, what is it?

 The Aventon Cinch is a folding fat tire electric bike.  This means you can ride anywhere, including sand, mud, snow, etc.  But due to its folding nature it is a smaller form-factor bike.

 The electric motor and pedal Aventon are just like any other traditional bike.

 With 20 โ€ณ periphery bus and folding armature/ bars, the bike fluently fits in any auto box, allowing you to ride on passages or farther from home.

 It has your standard American Class 2 e-bike specifications, meaning it can reach speeds of up to 20 mph (32 km / h) and peak power of 750 watts.  (There is also the option to remove the speed limit on private property to hit about 24 mph).  The Aventon Cinch also features a large 672 Wh battery, which is conveniently hidden inside the frame to maintain the bike’s good looks.

 What separates Aventon Cinch?

 This is where things differ from other fat tire e-bikes and other e-bike companies as a whole.

 First, the Aventon is straightforward and honest about the range of its battery.  They not only tell you the range of the throttle vs. pedal assist, but also the range for each pedal assist level.  Check out their graphic below that I snatched from their website.

 No other e-bike companies do this.  Most companies will tell you the “ideal range”.  If Aventon does that, they’ll tell you that Cinch’s range is 115 kilometres.  But they don’t.  They tell you directly that the average range is 65 kilometres, and the actual range can vary from 50 kilometres on the throttle โ€” only 115 kilometres on the lowest pedal assist stage 1.  Instead of putting their best (avoiding) foot forward, they are honest outside the gate.


 Next, very few fat tire folding e-bikes have internal batteries.  Fat tires mean you need more power to get them rolling, which means you need a bigger battery.  Larger batteries do not like to squeeze into smaller frames.  And somehow Aventon managed it.  The Cinch’s battery is locked inside the architecture and visually, fabricating the bike’s outline appear better than any different folding excess tire electric bike I have looked.  Sure, some other e-bikes like the Lectric XP have managed to achieve this.  But in that case, the Lectric XP has a smaller battery and a more industrial (i.e. less sexy) design.  So props to Aventon for getting the styling right.

 Lastly, and I don’t know why I saved this one last, because it’s a very important and defining Aventon signature, the bike’s frame is so beautifully welded that it almost doesn’t look like welded.  It looks like a carbon fiber e-bike with almost zero combination lines or other production marks.

 The welding is so beautifully finished that the frame of the bike looks just like a solid formed piece.  This is not true, because it is made of welded double-cloth 6061 aluminum tubes, but it looks perfect on every joint you never knew.  You need to appreciate that craft.

 The Aventon Cinch Good and bad

 Like any e-bike, it has a combination of advantages and disadvantages.  I have already talked about what a straight company Aventon is and how well they built their bikes.

 I really like how well the bike rides, how fun it is to ride on both road and trails / sand and the range I get out of it.

 But if thereโ€™s one thing that constantly bothers me about the Aventon Cinch, itโ€™s the lack of restful throttle operation.  I mean when you want to get rolling, you need to get a half pedal revolution before activating the throttle.  If you push the throttle while the bike is not moving, nothing will happen.

 The reason this annoys me is because laziness and there are real situations where I like to use a throttle in a startup.  They are usually when I roll over sand or other loose terrain or when I start at the bottom of a hill.

 The Aventon Cinch a Year Warranty, Secure Checkout and 14-Day Returns

 Now, how big a deal was this no-throttle-from-the-rest thing?  Admittedly, not so great a thing.  In the sand, I made sure I was in pretty low gear and stood on the pedal to get rolling.  With hills, it’s basically the same thing I remember being in low gear for rolling.  Plus I didn’t have big hills to conquer anyway.

 But one of the advantages of e-bikes is that they are more forgiving of being in the wrong gear as you can compensate with the throttle.

 Another solution I have found is that you can use the Aventon Cinch’s “walk” feature for rolling at rest, then switching to the throttle.  The walk feature is activated when you hold down the down button and the bike moves a few miles per hour.  So if you have leg condition and really need help with rolling, this is a great throttle solution.

 And while I’m a nit-picky, it would be nice if it came with included fenders and a rear rack, although Aventon has accessories that can add those options.

 The Aventon Cinch Final impression

 Finally, the Aventon Cinch is a fantastic e-bike that I can highly recommend.

 On the performance side, it offers better speed, better range, better power and a comfortable ride.

 On the quality side, the bike is amazingly well built and comes from a reputable, honest company that is happy to work with.

 On the value side, its price is $ 1,499, which is well placed on the market.  There are other fat tire folding e-bikes for the same price, but it does not provide the level of fit and finish that the Aventon cinches.

ย Finally, there are plenty of options out there.ย  But you can’t go completely wrong with Aventon Cinch.ย  This is a beautiful e-bike that performs well and should have stood the test of time

How to assemble the Aventon Sinch

sources Aventon / Micah

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