The INSECTA Super Flying Car is powered with the aid of using air and complex technology.

The INSECTA Super Flying Car is powered with the aid of using air and complex technology Car Information

Insecta is a concept design that we want to see become reality.  It may not be in exact form, but we want to drive a flying car.  One day, this will happen as technology progresses so fast.

The insect gives the public a glimpse of transportation and mobility in the future.  It comes with no limits that anyone can travel through land, sea and air.  We have seen several flying car designs, such as the single passenger flying saucer and the pelican shaped EVTOL car.  There is also the Loki-inspired Hover Car and the Tesla Model + Blade Runner Mashup Car.  This INSECTA design may be another alternative when and when flying car technology goes public.

  Designer: Marco Petrovic

  Insects flying car design

INSECTA is certainly inspired by nature, but it uses sophisticated technology according to designers.  The look of a super flying car is a little offensive, especially with the red paint.  The car looks like a super-sized and fancier drone.  If there is a luxury drone, this could be it. We also can consider different shades and finishes.

The flying automobile is propelled with the aid of using a drone and an electric powered engine drive.  Elises can be charged by simply expanding them.  However, you need to turn them 90 degrees to start charging as they transform into a wind turbine.  The energy generated by the turbine is then stored in energy.

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  Insects Flying Car carries

INSECTS Flying Car is an idea that carries four adults.  There is no mention of the weight limit, but we assume this is not a problem.  The idea of โ€‹โ€‹insects should be based on the science of flying insects. 

You see, insects like bees are unable to fly because of the size of their bodies and wings.  It must be impossible, however bees can fly. If they can, Insects and other flying cars can one day.  And yes, planes and drones are around, so we strongly believe that this idea will become reality.

Incepta Flying Car Concept Design

Drone technology is already almost perfect and we are waiting for the time when big drones can carry humans.  Autonomous drone technology and the Lazarini FD-One 6-propeller racing drone using the Polestar Duo, we have at least seen technological progress.  The latter actually resembles the Insecta when it comes to colour and aesthetics.

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