Yadea KS5 Pro Electric Scooter Analysis: China’s Largest Electric Scooter Manufacturer Nails It

Yadea KS5 Pro Electric Scooter

The Yadea KS5 Pro Electric Scooter is not a low-performance, toss-it-type electric scooter a month later.  China’s largest electric scooter company has made sure to pack in full with performance, features and value.  I spent several weeks testing the KS5 Pro electric scooter, as well as trying out Yadea’s little KS3 scooter, and I would definitely recommend both of them.

Here is the reason.

Yadea KS5 Pro Electric Scooter Technical Specifications

Motor: 700W-Peak Rear Hub Motor

Maximum speed: 35 km / h (22 mph)

Range: 60 km (37 mi)

Battery: 36V 15.6Ah (561 Wh)

Weight: 20.2 kg (44.5 lb)

Maximum load: 100 kg (220 lb)

Frame: Aluminium

Suspension: Front suspension fork

Brakes: front drum brake and rear disc brake, as well as rear electronic brake

Wheels: 10-inch with solid tires

Extras: LCD show with speedometer, LED headlight and tail light, cellphone app, three pace modes, IP54 Water Resistant rating

Yadea KS5 Pro Electric Scooter Analysis: It’s Worth It!

How far can I go?

The KS5 Pro is Yadea’s big boy, but the company also has a smaller KS5 with slightly lower range and lower speeds, plus an even smaller KS3 that again sees a spec drop.  More about those at the end.  Currently, the KS5 Pro is all you need if you’re following good performance.

Flying at 22 mph on a scooter is fast enough to make most people comfortable.  Or at least most Normys who don’t drive highway-speed electric scooters for kicks.

I was impressed to see the Yadea 550Wh battery packed into the scooter.  This is bigger than most entry-level electric scooters and means you’re getting a good range from the KS5 Pro.  He claims 37 miles, but I think 25 miles is a real person when you ride at top speed.

Of course, when you’re in the city, you often get caught up in slowing down, depending on the speed of the traffic or the traffic on the bike lane.  In that case, it is possible to get close to 37 miles.

Yadea KS5 Pro  Analysis

I like the light on the scooter.  A bright headlight is mounted on the front so that cars can see it and the rear taillight is nice and visible.  It’s shaped like the Yadea logo, which is a nice touch.

10 ″ cubic tires are larger than the 6-8 ″ tires that we usually see on electric scooters, which help to reduce everything from sidewalk cracks to small pits with minimal jarring of your ankles and wrists.  It still won’t save you from the bullet, but everyday scooter riders are keenly aware of how important it is to notice them anyway.  The big problem is all the little things you don’t see.  A 1-2 “hole or crack may sneak up on you, but it’s far a lousy lot smaller on a 10” tire than a 6 “tire.

The front suspension fork works fine, however it is now no longer specially high-end. This is obviously better than nothing, and really makes a difference when you find yourself on a brick path or other high vibration surface.  The spring fork will make the ride less shaky in those cases.

Braking is also quick and responsive, and you take advantage of the rear mechanical disc brake integrated with the front drum brake, as well as the motor braking from the rear wheel motor.  Motor braking is stronger than I expected, and I pull the brake lever to engage the motor braking before the pads, saving my brake pads and cables to further extend the maintenance interval.

Motor braking is strong for the same reason the motor is strong.  With a 500W continuous and 700W peak-rated motor, you will be able to climb normal hills at speeds as high as 200-350W scooters.

The real downside is that the scooter is a bit heavy.  It folds well, but once folded it is a massive 45 lbs.  But hey, that’s life.  If you can’t hear a powerful motor and a large battery, then complain that the scooter weighs too much. You do not get that stuff for free; The rate is measured in pounds.

It is likewise measured in dollars.  The KS5 Pro is currently priced at $ 799 on Amazon, though there is a $ 100 coupon temporarily that can be clicked on the sale page for $ 699.  At that price, it is definitely a good choice for a high performance commuter scooter.  It can’t touch a full-hanging electric scooter, but then again it comes with a low price.

And with app performance, you’re getting some great features on a fairly low-cost electric scooter.  To get even lower, you need to downgrade to get $ 639 KS5 or $ 569 KS3.

Having tested both KS3 and KS5, I can say that my experience has been quite positive.  The scooters are lively, well-made and designed to be used as a light electric vehicle every day, relying not just on lazy Sunday scooting but on real commuters.


Are Yadea Scooters Better?

Riding the Yadea KS5 electric scooter is an absolute joy.  It accelerates well enough, gives a smooth ride and brakes smoothly.  It runs at a healthy clip, is fast enough for my taste, and has enough range for me to work and return it without having to recharge it after every use.

What is the exact height of the handlebars from the deck?

Please see the height of the handlebars from the deck. YADEA Electric Scooter KS5: 100cm.

Does this unit come with a BMS system in the battery pack?

Yes, the Yadia scooter comes with a BMS system in the battery pack.  However, customers cannot disassemble it.

Where can I get a replacement battery cover for the bottom of yadea ks5 pro?

Please contact Yadia Support and they will be happy to do things right for you.

Is Yadia a good brand?

Overall if you want a high quality scooter with long battery life, I highly recommend the Yadea Electric Scooter.  The 5.0 Yadea Electric Scooter out of 5 stars is a high quality scooter with long battery life.  Before buying, I researched some electric scooters with different brands like Segway, Razor, Yadea

sources Yadea.

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