The Saietta Electric powertrain swap scheme for buses accelerates

This UK company plans to convert diesel buses into zero emissions electric powertrains.

If there was one place I didn’t want to find, it was walking under a bus sitting on a 6-foot jack stand in the air.  But many employees of the Saietta Group spend their days removing odours, smelly diesel engines from transport buses and replacing them with smooth, quiet and powerful full-powered electric powertrains.

The UK-based Saietta Group is an engineering business, specialising in the design, development and supply of complete powertrains for electric vehicles, including scooters, buses and boats.  Specialising in axial flux and radial flux technology, the company designs controllers and other components required to make a complete modular electric powertrain using high or low voltage motors.

  RetroMotion for buses

The company says its RetroMotion division provides bus and coach operators with efficient and optimal propulsion solutions that transform any fleet into an environmentally friendly and sustainable mobility service.  It uses sophisticated propulsion systems and software to provide fleet operators with an economical and efficient way to electrify existing buses with a real-world coverage of 350 kilometres.  This strategy is part of Zayetta’s mission to help densely populated cities.  More sustainable.

โ€œThe Saietta Group is proud to be at the leading edge of e-mobility propulsion with the intention of democratising smooth and sustainable transportation throughout the globe and in each sector, from two-wheeled scooters to compact passenger cars and buses, coaches and heavy goods.  Vehicles, โ€says CEO Witcher Kist.

“But we apprehend that this sort of predominant and dramatic change – successfully changing previous inner combustion engines with new battery electric powered powertrains – can’t be efficiently executed overnight. That is why we are increasing the efforts of our retromotion engineering department.  We want to give you the opportunity to transform into a mobility service.

“RetroMotion’s services mean that fleet operators don’t have to make sudden and big costs on all new electric vehicles. These major investments can be enhanced by the possibility of upgrading and extending the lifespan of existing buses and coaches, while also enforcing stricter laws in the process.

Distribution of the company’s first generation e-axles began in 2009. Since then, RetroMotion has evolved a second-era e-axle and e-powertrain solution. Both first- and second-generation systems have completed 3.2 million kilometres of revenue service on European roads.

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Saietta Group ready for the end of the ICE Age Saietta

Seamless operation

The retrofit process is similar to a project that allows pickup truck manufacturers to turn their vehicles into battery-powered power.  The powertrain conversion replaces the ageing diesel engine and all its related components, including the gearbox, with an advanced e-propulsion system, which adds in-wheel electric motors to the rear wheels.  Motor units such as stator and rotor with critical systems and permanent magnets such as high power inverters are all part of the transformation.  The completed package has maximum torque of up to 20,000 Nm and 94% real-world efficiency. The lithium-iron phosphate battery % is to be used in more than a few energy outputs from 181 kWh to 422 kWh.

Completing the conversion from diesel power to electricity includes Synetta’s automotive power management and body control module systems, the Cheetah high voltage power distribution unit, battery management system and battery thermal management system, as well as auxiliaries such as air compressors and electrical.  Powered Power Steering System.  The RetroMotion team also instals the charging communication ECU, the charging system and the CCS charging port.

The new Vision Driver Display Module is designed to make the transition to electric operation easier by providing the driver with clear and coherent data related to the drivetrain, including real-time battery status. The driving force unit is to be had as a 5-, 7-, or 10-inch display. Once the conversion is complete, the original chassis is returned to service, but with lower fuel and handling costs that fleet managers crave.  An added bonus is that travellers enjoy a quiet, pollution-free ride.

Why throw a bus chassis that is perfectly fine, having a propulsion system of the last century?  RetroMotion can turn that old vehicle into a modern, efficient transport tool that will delight both transportation companies and their customers

Saietta Wins Grant to Fast-Track Electric Motor Technology

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