Dubai International Boat Show: A rare world view of yachts

Dubai International Boat Show: Fewer than 50 superyachts will be featured this year at the annual event

After a gap of two years, the annual Dubai International Boat Show is back this year – and there’s no better place to go for the Supertrack Spotting.  The range of watercraft on display is truly amazing.

Dubai: The term yacht conjures up images of luxury and leisure and fun lifestyle.  For complete bragging rights, only the private jet owns the yacht.  The world of yachts – especially superyachts – is a rarity.  These magnificent floating mansions provide a glimpse into the lives of the top 1 percent of the world’s population.  On Wednesday, I decided to look at the peeps.

After a gap of two years, the annual Dubai International Boat Show is back this year – and there’s no better place to go for the Supertrack Spotting.  The range of watercraft on display is truly amazing.

For the tight leisure maritime community, the Boat Show (March 9 to 13) is a highly anticipated occasion.  This year, the event’s new permanent venue, Dubai Harbour, will feature less than 50 superyachts.  In addition, hundreds of boats, yachts, catamarans and other water vessels, along with fishing and water-sports equipment, will be on display at the stunning new harbour this year.  The 28th episode of the event is hosted by the Dubai World Trade Centre.

The origins of the word ‘yacht’

The word yacht comes from the Dutch ‘Zach’, meaning ‘hunting’.  In the old days ‘jachts’ were used to hunt pirates in the sea.  The English use of the word seems to have begun in the 17th century, when King Charles II returned from his exile, part of which he spent in the Netherlands.  While there, he fell in love with the yacht.

  What is a yacht?

Yet what makes a yacht a yacht?  Turns out, there is no specific definition.  But most boating-types agree that it is a boat used only for cruise purposes and usually includes a bedroom, a bathroom and a large engine (unless it is a sailing yacht, mainly driven by air and sailing).  Yachts are categorised into different categories based on their size, engine power, and boarding facilities.

These include cabin cruisers for travel and recreation;  Luxury yachts, which combine plush and modern performance technology;  Sports yachts, which are mainly used for fishing and catamarans are often used in shallow water and usually have two hulls (pontoons) made of fibreglass.

  Big boats at the big show

This year’s edition saw some international debuts, including Sunreef’s Catamaran 80 Eco and Princess Y85, as well as a regional first for SanLorenzo’s SX88.  The 54-metre alloy sailing Tiara and Benetti’s 40-metre free day are on display.  We also had the opportunity to step into Van der Walckโ€™s new alley.

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  UAE Shipbuilder

The UAE Shipyard Gulf Craft is one of the leading performers at the Dubai International Boat Show, added to its Majesty line with SuperyAcht Majesty 111.  The company has grown into one of the world’s top seven docks.  Mohammed Alshali, president of Gulf Craft, said: “In 40 years, we have seen the challenges but have continued – we have put the UAE on the world map of boat building.”

Gulf Craft has offered more than 11,000 boats and six hundred yachts. โ€œWherever you are in the world, you see the Gulf Craft Yachts.  Alshali told a press conference on Wednesday that the boatbuilding industry is booming in Dubai and the Gulf.  Speaking on SuperyAcht Majesty 111, he said: “It took us four and a half years to build it.”

Dubai International Boat Show

The Dubai International Boat Show, which runs from March 9 to 13, is hosting exhibitors from over 54 countries.

Dubai: UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Dubai Ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum visited the Dubai International Boat Show on Friday, one of the world’s three most influential yacht shows.

His Highness toured the new venue of the five-day event at Dubai Harbour with Sheikh Mansour bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, President of Dubai Sports Council.

Sheikh Mohammed said: โ€œThe wealthy maritime history and historic abilities of the country, collectively with the imaginative and prescient of our Founding Fathers, have stimulated the improvement of world-magnificence maritime infrastructure.

This infrastructure has driven many world-class projects and has led the country to become a major player in various global sectors including business, tourism, leisure and hospitality.  The organisation of the world’s most influential yacht shows is yet another example of our resolve to make Dubai a global maritime destination and a centre of excellence in various fields.  Dubai is today the global yacht capital and a preferred destination for yacht owners, charters and cruise travellers around the world.

Sheikh Mohammed was accompanied by Sheila Mohammed, Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism and Helal Saeed Al Murray, General Director of Dubai World Trade Centre Authority and Saeed Mohammed Hareb, General Secretary of Dubai Sports Council.

Dubai International Boat Show 2022

  Nautical Shops

The 28th edition of the Middle East Nautical Shops, comprising more than 800 brands, has been praised for its positive impact on the global maritime sector and the reunification of the industry after a sustained period.  It is showcasing Dubai Harbour’s capabilities as a dedicated superyacht marina and strengthening Dubai’s global reputation as a world-class maritime destination.

His Highness and his fellow dignitaries visited Gulf Craft, marking the opening day of the event by launching two new yachts.

The Dubai International Boat Show, which runs from March 9 to 13, is hosting exhibitors from over 54 countries.

sources Gulf News

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