Yamaha B-01 Wild E-Bike Looks Like Folded Paper – And You Can Ride It Next Year

The Concept B-01 is coming to production soon

  Yamaha B-01 concept on stage

  (Image courtesy: Yamaha)

  Yamaha’s latest concept e-bike is not just a futuristic fantasy – the company is actually planning to put it into production and it may be available to buy and ride in early 2023.

  It’s only March, but it’s already proven to be an exciting year for e-bikes.  Ducati unveils Feather-Light Road e-bike, Cannondale unveils new 100-mile range, Biktrix releases bike specially designed to prevent tearing down  This is the best we have ever seen.

  Earlier this month, Yamaha City joined the crowd with a pair of new e-bikes built for riding and trails, but it soon became even more special.  The Yamaha B-01 is somewhere between the e-bike and the moped, with a powerful rear hub motor and massive tires for serious off-roading, but its most notable feature is the folded-out frame with an open scaffold-style design.  Than conventional tubing.

  This is certainly a distraction, but as Electrek reports, the B-01 is not just for show.  “The future of this is going to come true soon,” said Eric de Senes, president of Yamaha Motors Europe.  “We will begin production of this vehicle within a year starting in 2023.”

  Sounds cousins?

  This is a very short period of time, and that means Yamaha should start setting up production immediately, but as RideAppert points out, the company already has a start when it comes to building this particular e-bike.

  It is a partnership between Yamaha and the Italian motorcycle and e-bike company Fantic.  The two have worked closely together in recent years, sharing experience and expertise – and perhaps even blueprints.  Fans of eagle-eyed e-bikes have noted that the B-01 has more than a passing resemblance to the Fantic Izimo Fun released in 2021.

  Analysis: Specifications to be Expected

  Yamaha has been tight-lipped about the specifications of the B-01.  However, it claims to “intelligently combine e-bike S-pedalec function with moped performance and all-urban terrain capability.”

  The ‘S’ here means ‘speed’, and this means the B-01 motor is able to hit speeds of 28mph.  Speed-pedalexes usually have motors that can power more than 500W.  This means they are legally classified as mopeds in many areas, including the EU and the UK, so you must have a license if you plan to ride them on public roads (riding on private land is best if you have landlord permission).

  A woman riding juicy bikes through Rip Current S step

  The B-01 production looks like the Speed-Pedelec like the new Juiced Bikes Replicant S,

  The production version of the ‘All Urban Terrain’ B-01 suggests it should be suitable for city riding and off-roading, a trend we have only recently begun to see with fat-tire e-bikes.  The Juiced Bikes Ripcurrent S is a similar style step-through speed-pedalec that can handle serious off-roading, but can also be fitted with a rear pannier rack for bikepacking and shopping.

  Whatever else it offers, we hope the B-01 will include Yamaha’s new PWSeries ST Drive Unit, which will automatically tweak the bike’s settings, so you’ll get a steady ride whether you’re starting from a standing stand, accelerating, or traveling flat.  , Or charging on a hill.  It’s certainly not a lightweight e-bike, and the powerful motor on board, the drive system with settings on the fly make for a more pleasant ride experience.

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