Fizik Terra Atlas footwearFizik says the Terra Atlas is its maximum flexible shoe.

The Fizik Terra Atlas is a strong and clean-to-stay-with off-avenue shoe, however take note of the in shape

The Fizik Terra Atlas

The Fizik Terra Atlas is an off-avenue biking shoe defined with the aid of using the emblem as its maximum flexible shoe, appropriate for the entirety from gravel driving to downcountry.

The shoe is primarily based totally at the Fizik Terra X5 mountain bike shoe, however it has some variations that make it appropriate for a much broader variety of biking disciplines, as properly as โ€œtrekking with a fully-loaded bikeโ€.

Fizik says the Terra Atlas has a roomier in shape and grippier sole in comparison to the Terra X5. It trades a Boa and Velcro last setup for a Boa dial, and has a nylon foot plate and rubber-lined outsole in preference to a full-carbon sole.

The Terra Atlas has a few similarities to the Terra X5 shoe. There is a reachable loop at the heel of the shoe and studs may be suited for the only.

The shoe I even have is black, however there are extra captivating colorings available, such as a crimson and pink option, and an inexperienced and black version.

Has been made to walk and run.

The Fizik Terra Atlas footwear are available in 4 colourways.

The Terra Atlas is stated to be appropriate for taking walks, bringing bikepacking adventures inside its scope.

It has an extensive outsole with a large heel platform and deep-set lugs to offer a stable and cooperative grip.

There is a rubber coating throughout the complete of the only, that means you may be a piece extra carefree approximately in which you locate your foot on unfastened or slippy terrain.

The rear of the shoe has a loop to assist with setting it on.

To make taking walks in those footwear less complicated, Fizik has used a nylon foot plate, in place of the carbon sole used withinside the Terra X5 footwear.

On Fizikโ€™s stiffness index, the Terra Atlas has a score of 5/10. While it’s tough to get a degree on what meaning exactly, the shoe actually has an excellent stage of flex for taking walks without ever feeling too bendy whilst pushing at the pedals.

This is an extraordinary distinction from the Terra X5, which we stated changed into too stiff for taking walks whilst in comparison to a number of the excellent gravel bike footwear.

If the shoe suits

As well as supplying lots of grip, the extensive outsole method the Terra Atlas has an extra beneficent in shape than the Terra X5 and different race-prepared mountain bike footwear.

I even have the Fizik Terra Atlas in a length 43, that’s the identical length as my Fizik R1 avenue shoe.

My toes are instead narrow and I donโ€™t think squeezing them into slender avenue biking footwear as a result. But the broader in shape, and roomier toe field of the Terra Atlas supposed they had been cushty from the primary time I positioned them on. The drawback of this was that the closure machine had extra paintings to do. I needed to tighten the Boa dial a fantastic deal to get a cushty in shape round my toes.


I determined the shape of the shoe ends in a few heel slips whilst taking walks, irrespective of the grippers at the inner of the heel.

I notion taking place a length may rectify this trouble due to the fact that is something Jack Evans needed to do whilst checking out the Fizik Tempo Decos Carbon. However, in keeping with Fizikโ€™s shoe-sizing guide, I must be going up 1/2 of a length to 43.5.

Iโ€™m sceptical of this due to the fact my Fizik R1 avenue shoe suits me properly. Of course, the R1 isnโ€™t designed for trekking with a bike, however I havenโ€™t suffered any heel slip whilst pedalling or (doing my excellent impact of) sprinting whilst sporting them. The  Boa dials at the R1 suggest I can get a higher in shape than whilst sporting the Terra Atlas.

Although the Boa lace extends further down the Terra Atlas than the Terra X5, this reveal has left me to marvel whether or not the Terra Atlas might benefit from a 2nd dial or Velcro strap over the toe field โ€“ as a minimum for cyclists with slimmer toes, like myself.

Fizik Terra Atlas performance

The shoe has perforations throughout the top.

I wore the Fizik Terra shoe on gravel rides that had an honest blend of unfastened gravel tracks, bridleways, wooded area trails and tarmac.

While the only is extra bendy than many racier footwear, the Terra Atlas flippantly distributes strain throughout my foot even if driving on tarmac roads and pushing tough at the pedals.

The flexibility may compromise energy transfer, however it does suggest the shoe is simple to stay with on and stale the bike, specifically whilst taking walks. Given the reality itโ€™s designed for all ways of driving, such as adventures, this appears key.

The lugs across the front of the shoe and the heel paintings properly on unfastened and moist terrain, and make it less complicated to stroll than in a few different biking footwear. However, the heel slip changed into bothersome once I changed into pushing my bike up trails and paths.

The Terra Atlas has a rubber outsole and there may be a nylon plate inner for stiffness.

Despite the big lugs on the front of the shoe, it changed into clean to clip inside and out of pedals. The centre rubberised segment of the shoe proved beneficial whilst taking walks and I changed into thankful for it once I neglected clipping in on trickier terrain.

It must be mentioned that the lugs are a part of the shoeโ€™s outsole, so that you canโ€™t update them.

The Fizik Terra Atlas holds up properly to bumps and scrapes, way to its strong top and the TPU overlay at the toe cap.

At 389g in step with shoe (length 43), the Fizik Terra Atlas isnโ€™t the lightest. But this comes as little marvel thinking about the shoeโ€™s build, which prioritises robustness over performance.

Product Specifications

Product Price    GBP ยฃ159.00

Weight    389g (43)

What we tested    Fizik Terra Atlas shoe

Year    2022

Brand    Fi’zi:k


Cleat fitting    2 bolt

Shoe closure    Dial

Sole    Nylon

Triathlon/TT-specific    no

Winter-specific    noMore details

Pros & Cons

Pros: Robust; cushty; grippy sole; suitable looking

Cons: Focus at the in shape to keep away from heel slip; should do with a 2nd Boa dial or Velcro strap

Fizik Terra Atlas Conclusion 

The Terra Atlas has a beneficent in shape in comparison to Fizikโ€™s racier footwear.

The Fizik Terra Atlas is a handsome and strong off-avenue shoe.

The shoe won’t be the lightest or stiffest, however its extensive and grippy outsole mixed with its beneficent in shape make it clean to stay with, immediately from the field.

Despite the presence of heel grips designed to preserve your foot in location, you would possibly locate your foot lifts up whilst taking walks.

Itโ€™s likely really well worth attempting earlier than you purchase to get the proper in shape, specifically if youโ€™re seeking out a shoe to serve you to your subsequent hike-a-bike adventure.

Our score is 7 out of 10 stars.

sources Fizik

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