The new Audi E-Tron GT and RS E-Tron GT have been revealed.

The new EV weapon is on our way with feature drawing inspiration from wild performance, head turning and golf balls.

Audi has got a new electric car that turns heads.

The German brand has revealed its new E-Tron GT Electric Car, which features muscular looks, high-tech features and impressive performance.

Available in two tiers – the E-Tron GT and the RS E-Tron GT – it is expected to arrive in showrooms by September.

The new Audi RS e-Tron GT will arrive in Australia from September.

Audi Australia says there is little interest and the company has already taken several deposits in the new e-tron GT.

Supply is expected to be limited initially but availability is expected to increase at the beginning of the new year.


Prices start at $ 181,700 for E-Tron GT (before on-road costs) and $ 249,700 for RS E-Tron GT.

The e-Tron GT is built on the same electric car platform as the Porsche Tacon, which costs about $ 150,000.

It features two powerful electric motors and a large battery.

Each axle is powered by a pair of electric motors to provide all-wheel drive and brutal performance.

The motors make a combined 350kW and 630Nm on the standard GT, up to 390kW in the brief periods of overboost.  The outputs of the RS are 440kW and 830Nm and are available up to 475kW during overboost.

The standard GT sprints in 4.1 seconds, claimed by 0-100km / h, while the RS completes the journey in 3.3 seconds.

The interior is full of valuables and premium features.

Both versions use a massive 93kWh battery that delivers a driving range of up to 488km on the E-Tron GT.  Audi has not revealed the range of the RS, but it may be less than the standard version.

According to Audi it can charge up to 100 km in just five minutes.  Thanks to its 800-volt architecture, it allows ultra fast charging of up to 270kW per hour.

Audi says e-tron can go from five to 80 per cent in 22 minutes.  Electric cars automatically slow down charging speeds during the final 20 percent to stop the battery overheating.

It can charge up to 100 km in just five minutes.

Both models come with an 11kW AC at-home charger, which Audi claims can fully charge both at night.  Buyers can choose an optional 22kW charger to speed up the process.

Audi has sustainability in e-tron, generating net zero carbon emissions during production and using recycled materials such as carpet made of old fishing nets.  However, the leather outfit still has features in the E-Tron GT.

The RS model can dash from 0-100km / h in three.three seconds.

The e-tron is a nicely styled car with a wide muscular stance and large 20-inch wheels on the e-tron GT and 21-inch wheels on the RS.

There are many aerodynamic features, including dimples, as seen in a golf ball – the car’s flat underbody moves from front to back, reducing drag and thereby improving driving range.

Both models are equipped with a long list of standard equipment.

It comes with six years of free service.

Both have a 10.1-inch important display and a 12.three-inch virtual tool display.  Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come standard as a 16-speaker bang and Olufsen stereo and head-up display.

The full range of Active Driver Aids and Safety Technology covers all bases.


Audi has increased ownership credentials by adding a six-year subscription to the ChargeFox service and free roadside assistance and service for the same period.

All Audi now comes with a five year / unlimited km warranty and includes a battery for a period of eight years / 160,000 km

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