Mitsubishi-Inspired Shinkansen Car Envisions High Speed Travel For The Future

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  Mitsubishi-inspired Shinkansen car envisions high speed travel for the future

  Speaking of futuristic cars, self-driving vehicles make their drivers free to sit, relax, and connect with other people inside.  These visions often include highways that are so clean and wide that it can comfortably and safely cruise the roads without bumping into another self-driving car.  Given todayโ€™s traffic congestion, this is a very idealistic vision.  One concept is a bit closer to reality when it opens the door to the possibility of cars moving faster using the same technologies that power Japan’s famous bullet trains.

  Designer: Taimur Doutov.

  People want to travel fast, but few people know how to do it safely, especially when it comes to staying in the right lane.  Travelling at high speeds on a much less direct route has already been crafted by Japan’s Shinkansen trains for decades.  Unsurprisingly, it serves as the seed for the concept of the Shinkansen car, which can travel on normal city roads and high-speed maglev tracks.

  Inspired by both the N700 Train and Mitsubishi’s design language, launched in 2007, “Mitsubishi Shinkansen” showcases a sleek, aerodynamic design that almost resembles a real bullet.  The concept does not exactly show passenger doors so the design looks unbroken and complete, reducing the potential air friction from the seams.

 Wind Tunnel Concept Car.

The idea behind this car is to give it dual capabilities with the retractable “wings” on its side as the car slips along the Maglev highway.  The magnets in these wings help keep the car moving at high speeds as bullet trains work today.  Additionally, the Maglev Track, like today’s wireless charging technologies, can charge the car on the road, thanks to electric coils on the belly and the floor.

  Mitsubishi Shinkansen offers an interesting and slightly different look at future travel, using tracks that allow cars to travel safely at high speeds.  At the same time, it also demonstrates a futuristic car design that incorporates Mitsubishi’s design language, like its “Dynamic Shield” fascia, which is redesigned to look out of this world while standing next to the current list of car manufacturers.  Like a bullet, its form recognizes it for speed but still maintains an approachable design, which designers call “the car for the whole family.”

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