Portuguese Electric Vehicle Rules and Regulation and Law

EVs presently constitute a small percentage of the overall wide variety of cars certified in Portugal, however that is changing.  EV income have accelerated drastically in 2017, in large part because of economic incentives, enlargement of charging factors and environmental issues main to international funding withinside the sector.  However, Portugal despite the fact that has an extended way to go.

What EVs were deployed on your jurisdiction so far?

The chart underneath indicates the small quantity of EVs in general cars in Portugal.  The figures are taken from facts supplied via way of means of Portuguese government 1 (posted in 2016 and primarily based totally on 2015 data).

Despite the small quantity of EVs, income are at the rise.  Sales of EVs in 2016 are predicted to have reached over 1,000 – extra than double the 2015 figure.

Is there any precise regulation for EVs / Regulation on your jurisdiction?

In line with EU policy, the Portuguese authorities has taken numerous legislative measures due to the fact that 2009 to create, put into effect, expand and put into effect a software of electrical mobility.

There are  essential steps to manipulate the sector:

Cabinet Decision no.  20/2009 February 20 – Program for Electric Mobility Created

Cabinet Decision no.  81/2009 of September 7 – Established the standards of this system and permitted the version and improvement stages.

Under this felony framework, judgment-regulation no.  Approved April 26, 39/2010 (Amended via way of means of Dec. 30 Law No. 64-B / 2011, Aug. 1 Decree-Law No. 170/2012 and June eleven Decree-Law No. 90/2014) of the Electric Mobility Program  The rules – mainly its organization, get admission to and exercising of electrical mobility activities – and the requirements of the electric mobility network.

Among different provisions, the decree-regulation establishes:

The essential standards that follow to the exercising of electrical mobility activities, mainly the precept of standard and identical get admission to to services.

Standards relevant to electric powered charging factors and the premise of licensing of the Directorate General of Energy and Geology (DGEG – Directo-General Dr Energia e Geologia) (legitimate for ten years).

Provisions relevant to the deliver of strength for electric powered mobility, which could simplest be held via way of means of operators of electrical charging factors, are well certified and registered to function withinside the whole countrywide territory.

Responsibilities of the coping with unit of the Electric Mobility Network.

Structure of an entity – Electric Mobility Office in Portugal (Mobilized Electric M Cabinet for Portugal) – chargeable for the education and implementation of the Electric Mobility Program.

Regulation no. 879/2015, approved with the resource of the use of the Regulatory Authority (ERSE – Entidade Reguladora dos Serviรงos Energรฉticos) is also important. It establishes a prison framework relevant to the relationships among the rights and pastimes of the Electric Mobility Sector, the Electric Sector and EVs.  It consists of prices, best of carrier and statistics.  The law additionally units out the techniques of making use of price lists from the Electricity Mobility Network’s control unit.

In addition to the primary legislative frameworks, the diverse ministry orders encompass supplemental regulatory elements.  These encompass: necessities for implementation of infrastructure and equipment (Ministry Order No. 221/2016);  Technical guidelines for charging EVs installations in homes and different city centers with parking areas (Ministry Order No. 220/2016);  Regulations regulating licenses for non-public use of the general public area for the set up of electrical charging factors for EVs in public places (Ministry Order No. 222/2016);  Technical necessities for licensing to manipulate EV charging factors (Ministry Order No. 241/2015);  And prices relevant to strength deliver licenses for electric powered mobility (Ministry Order No. 240/2015).

Several new political alternatives for the arena have these days been described withinside the Great Plan Options (Grandes opus do Plano), prison no.  29 December 113/2017.  These new alternatives encompass commencing up the deliver marketplace for electric powered mobility.

What are the stairs to sell EVs on your jurisdiction?

The legislative framework has been met in current years through the Portuguese authorities approving extra measures.

The predominant monetary incentive – totaling EUR 2,659,000 for the purchase of electrical motors in 2018 – has been authorised through the Ministry of the Environment withinside the context of the Environment Fund created through the Government in 2016.  (In accordance with Ministry Order No. 468/2010 of Order No. 1607 / July 7, 2018.)

Tax incentives for EVs encompass a deduction from the tax paid for the purchase of a car and a discount withinside the movement tax payment.  Companies with EVs are exempt from self sustaining taxation and advantage from a discount in fee introduced tax.

No. Under the Decree-Law.  140/2010 of 29 December, the Portuguese authorities promoted its responsibility on public and authorities entities to accumulate electric powered motors.

The number one entities / their roles

Who are the number one entities (eg builders, authorities, system operator) and what are their roles withinside the deployment of EVs for your jurisdiction?

The essential Portuguese stakeholders in EVs are:

ERSE – accountable for law withinside the power and herbal fueloline sector.  It video display units and guarantees compliance with relevant law, mainly the Regulation no.  879/2015.

EGME– Managing Unit of Electric Mobility (Entidade Gestora da Mobilidade Electrica) – Decree-Law no.  With the amendments dated April 26 of 39/2010, this unit keeps and oversees the Electric Mobility Network in phrases of the power, statistics and economic waft required for its operation.  EGME is accountable for growing and presenting good enough statistics, communique and carrier structures and making sure the success of the duties and rights of charging factors operators and registrants for electric mobility.  MOBI.E.  These sports are carried out on behalf of a public company, EGME.

DGEG – The Public Administration Unit, whose assignment is to make contributions to the design, advertising and assessment of power and geological assets regulations in phrases of sustainable improvement and deliver security.  DGEG is accountable for issuing running licenses for EV charging factors and registration of strength income for electric powered mobility.

  UVE – Users of Electric Vehicles (Utilizadores de Veรญculos Elรฉtricos), a non-earnings organisation aimed toward selling electric powered mobility. It modified into created to represent the community of owners, clients and supporters of EVs and plug-in hybrids in Portugal. UVE targets to growth electric powered mobility via the advertising of electrical car income in Portugal.

Primary demand +

What are the primary demanding situations for the in addition deployment of EVs on your jurisdiction?  How have EV builders attempted to conquer those demanding situations so far?

Portuguese customers face numerous demanding situations that require the intervention of presidency and stakeholders, including:

Lack of fast charging stations (there are simplest 51 fast charging stations in Portugal)

Expansion to different electric powered avenue motors (eg electric powered bicycles and heavy items motors)

Better integration of renewable power

High EV Acquisition Prices (Incentives along with the ones stated above are required to lessen the purchase price)

Great get admission to to non-public get admission to charging community in houses and workplace areas

Increased monetary incentives and now no longer simply tax incentives (eg loose parking for EVs in restrained areas, to be had in Lisbon)

More non-monetary incentives (eg using EVs on committed automobile parks and public transportation for EVs).

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Are electric cars available in Portugal?

Portugal has the highest EV market share in Europe, with plug-in hybrids accounting for 13,6% of the country’s auto sales by 2020.

How do I charge my electric car in Portugal?

In Portugal you can charge a car using Mobi.  E Network, Tesla Destination Charger Network and Supercharger Network.

1. What EVs have been deployed in your jurisdiction so far?

Passenger cars 4,722,963,

Heavy Vehicles – 14,717,

Light Freight Vehicles 1,224,821,

88,398 Heavy Freight Vehicles.

Do electric cars pay a toll in Portugal?

There is no toll discount for electric vehicles

How many electric car charging stations are there in Portugal?

If you are in Portugal and need to charge your electric or hybrid vehicle on the road, you have about 5.100 chargers available.ย  These are distributed in 2,240 different locations

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