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From Batt: RE Team in Mumbai for 5-6 days.  Bat: The RE team has exceeded our expectations in terms of customer choices.

From a variety of colours to battery packs to connection options.  Many established brands do not offer such options. 

Batt: RE Establishment

Batt: RE is a young startup based in Jaipur and has been in operation for more than a year.  And  congratulate it is one of the most progressive electric scooter startups in the country. 

What do we mean by progressive?  EV startups are progressive if they invest in RND or offer connectivity options, offer customers options, or work on their own designs or take proactive steps to localise EV components in India.  We know many great big EV players, they are somehow progressive. 

We are impressed by the team at Batt: RE, who are offering customers more in a very short period of time, than many established players.  They have dealers in 13 states and are expanding Pan India. Their production facility is primarily based totally out of Jaipur. He informed us that 80% of automobile units are planned to be localised by the end of the year.

As for the selection, you can choose from multiple colours.  If you want to go ahead with each charge, you get 3 battery / range options.  If you need a connection, you can select a smart version of Batt: RE gps: ie, Batt: RE LO: EV.  If you want advanced smart features like IoT features, mobile app, vehicle control, analytics and visualisation, the Batt: RE team has signed up with Bangalore-based startup – REVOS, who has integrated their smart mobility platform with Batt: RE’s Batt: RE.  The IoT model.

You see, so many options.  And giving options is always in the customer’s favour.

Batt: RE LO: EV Spec, Features and Price least.

Battery Type – Detachable Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP)

Battery Capacity – 48V 24Ah

Charger Output – 54.6 V 10 Amp

Charging time – 2.5 hours

Motor type – BLDC hub motor

Front brake – 220mm disc

Rear brake – 220mm disc

Front suspension – Fork type hydraulic

Rear suspension – Adjustable hydraulic coilover

Ground Clearance – 160mm

 LED headlamp

 Remote key

 Reverse mode

 Anti-theft Warning

 USB charger

 Opening Price – Rs. 65,900 (Ex-showroom)

  Appearance and composition

For this test report, we received the Batt: RE LO: EV model, which is an entry-level budget electric scooter.

Batt: RE LO: EV has good looking LED lights on the front and handlebar.  The blue LED accents on the front are really cool.  LO: EV comes in 8 colour variants.  Full points to give bright colours.  Overall, the LO: EV design is modern.  We see many people looking at scooters in traffic signals.  So it gets attention.  The indicator lights are good and bright. We love the decal at the side – “off the bat: with LO: EV”

Handle bar and LCD display

The buttons on the handle bar are not very good, but they are not bad at the same time.

The buttons on the handle bar are of decent quality.  You have the mode selector and the green reverse button on the right.  In addition to the horn on both sides, there are LED light controls.

The LCD display is very basic with speed indicator, trip and ODOmeter, selected mode and battery indicator.  There are also some warning signs that can be exacerbated in the event of errors.

The LCD panel definitely needs to be improved.  In our honest opinion the entire design, fonts and layout needs to be reworked.  The largest unhappiness is the 4 ‘bar’ battery indicator. The battery used here is lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry and we expected a low voltage drop after a long ride.  We continue to see the full 4 “voltage induced power bars”, which is a bummer even when we do 70+ km.

We do not understand why many EV startups do not invest in BMS that displays a percentage of the Trusted State of Charge (SOC) on the LCD.

That really helps owners better understand and plan their trips.  Currently it’s a big guessing game and it’s not good enough.

The Batt: RE team, however, has a “solution” to this speculative game.  Kind of.

The battery pack contains an LCD with a percentage of SOC that seems accurate in our tests.  More about that later.

 LO: Buttons on EV and basic LCD display


Batt: RE LO: EV is a low speed economy scooter.  You do not need a licence or registration to ride it.  We can get up to 35km per hour.  When we took doubles at City Flyover there was a reduction in speed.  But we did not need speed in general city riding.  Think highways are limited to 35 km per hour.  But you don’t get it to ride on the highways.

When you brake, there is clearly regenerative braking.  Unfortunately there is no regen when you go ashore and leave the accelerator.  It would have been cool.

Battery and range

You have 3 battery options depending on the range you need.  You can choose any one of the following battery options.

1.15 kWh (48V * 24 Ah) with a range of 65 km.

1.4 kWh (48V * 30 Ah) for a 90 km range.

2.016 kWh (48V * 42 Ah) with 120km range

The LFP battery we received for our test was a 1.4 kWh pack.  Okaya batteries are great.  It has a small LCD panel, which displays the SOC percentage along with the voltage and current in amps.  If the bars in the LCD panel of the handle bar are borderline useless, this SOC% indicator shown on the LCD in the battery pack is very reliable.  You can check and estimate how many km you can go before you plug in.  On our test drives, we walked 84 km with the SOC showing 8.3% of the battery LED.  The voltage proven at that low SOC become 44.4V.

The orange charger icon is flashing on the LCD display.  So you get an alert on the LCD on the handle bar when the battery charge state is low.

We are in Mode 3 most of the time in our testing, so the claimed range is a real world range and the battery really delivers.

You can dispose of the battery and rate it at domestic or at work.  The removable battery is easy to move in and out.  The connectors are smooth and easy to use.

The company offers a 3-year warranty on the battery, and we expect the average user’s battery life to exceed 5 years.  Bat: Looks like RE has picked up the renowned OEM on Okaya and it has worked really well.

We noticed the gap from the bottom as described in the photo below.  In the event of heavy flooding, the water comes inside.  How does this affect the battery?

Batt: RE Battery Pack is IP65 rated and says there are no issues with the pack.

Amazing Okaya battery with LCD panel

You can see the battery.  Does the water go inside?

Riding and suspension

We liked the suspension, which was very comfortable.  On some scooters we hear some noise when we go on normal roads, but in this case there is no such problem.  When we are in doubles, the handle gets a little stiff during turns.  The seat position is correct and slightly elevated.  Ground clearance is fine, but it can also lead to awkward setting positions for tall people

Localization and connectivity

Batt: RE says about 60% of the units are manufactured in India and are hoping to use additional local units to increase localization.

Batt: RE LO: EV is a “dumb” scooter with no connectivity features.  However, our observation is that most Indian consumers do not care about the “smart” features of electric scooters.  They want to go from A to B financially and LO: EV to them.  Batt: RE gps: If your company wants some connected features then that is ideal for you.

Final words

We liked the performance of the Okaya battery.  We also liked the comfortable feel during the ride.  The SOC indicator on the LCD in the battery pack is very useful.

We also want the LCD in the handle bar to show the SOC percentage indicator.  Also the handle is tight during turns.  Overall we were very impressed with Batt: RE to LO: EV Electric Scooter.

Sources Batt: RE LO

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