Mahindra is planing to electrify body-on-frame SUVs

After doing the first mistake in the EV race,

Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) is now at the forefront and is developing a wide range of all-electric SUVs.  The company is expected to launch the electric version of the XUV300 by early 2023, and two months ago, it teased what it calls the ‘Born Electric Vision’, which will be unveiled in July 2022 to showcase three essentially all-electric concept SUVs.

Three of the teased concepts are based on the new, bespoke Born Electric EV platform, which, according to company sources, is the cornerstone of its electrical strategy.  However, it is clear that Mahindra is not just banking on skateboard architectures or monocoque-based EVs.  Speaking at the Pune Alternative Energy Conclave 2022, Anish Shah, Managing Director and CEO of Mahindra Group, said, โ€œThere are concerns about emissions from SUVs that are well placed in electric SUVs and they already exist.  Today.  In fact, all of our [electric] launches are going to be SUVs, and we’ll look at the next step, the body-on-frame with the electric in the SUV.

Mahindra Body-On-Frame Electric SUV.

It is not known what this body-on-frame vehicle is, but the electrified Bolero and Scorpio can be implemented.  Mahindra is on the verge of releasing a new-generation Scorpio (codenamed: Z101) and the new platform can be easily adapted or ready for electrification.  Electric Bolero may present Mahindra with the possibility of providing an electrical solution to small towns and rural markets.

Beyond what the product might be, this statement by M&M heads comes to prominence because most passenger automakers are concerned about electrification of ladder frame vehicles because of weight and packaging constraints that are long chassis members.

Tata Motors, the leader of the domestic EV market, has only electrified its Monocoque vehicles and, in fact, has completely shifted away from ladder frame passenger vehicles with the stopping of Hexa in 2020.

Global giant Toyota recently showcased the concept of the Innova Electric Edition at the Indonesia International Motor Show held in Jakarta;  However, weight, cost and range are all challenges with the current version of the ladder-frame-based Innova.  Most sources say the vehicle is likely to remain a one-off showpiece designed to gauge consumer interest.

It will be interesting to see if Mahindra can really pull off a unique route.  But if anyone can, it could be this home-grown Indian SUV-maker with over 75 years of body-on-frame experience

Next-gen Scorpio and Bolero may be prime candidates for electrification.

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