BMW Launches Full Production Of Its 75 mph CE 04 Futuristic E-Motorbike -Review.

BMW has entered into the manufacturing of its whole variety of CE 04 electric powered motorbikes, a futuristic version that offers a flavour of what a German producer could appear like.

BMW’s new, boldly styled CE 04 looks straight from the science fiction film, but it is aimed at today’s emission-conscious urban commuters.

BMW CE 04 Specifications

 MSRP: $ 11,795

 Motor: permanent magnet liquid-cooled synchronous

 Rated capacity: 20 hp

 Maximum power: 42 hp @ 4,900 rpm

 Maximum torque: 45.7 lb.-ft.  @ 1,500 rpm

 Maximum speed: 75 mph

 Battery: traction, 8.9 / 6.2kWh, 11kW w / optional power outage

 Voltage: 148V (nominal)

 Charging: 2.3kW w / integrated charger;  6.9kW w / optional quick charger

 Charge time: standard 4 hr.  20% to 100%;  3 hours and 30 minutes to 80% (1 hour. 40 min. 100%; 1 hr. 5 min. 80% w / optional quick charger)

Transmission: 1-speed, integrated into motor housing

Secondary drive: tooth belt and gearbox w / static transmission

Frame: Steel Double Loop

Front suspension: Telescopic fork;  3.9 inch travel

Rear suspension: suspension strut;  3.6 inch travel

Front brake: 4-piston fixed calliper, dual 265mm discs w / abs

Rear brake: 1-piston floating calliper, 265mm disc

Wheels, front / rear: cast aluminium;  15 x 3.50 in.  / 15 x 4.50 in.

Tires, front / rear: 120 / 70R-15/160 / 60R-15

Steering Head Angle / Trail: 63.5 ยฐ / 4.7 In.

Wheelbase: 66.0 inches.

Ground Clearance: 5.5 inch.

Seat height: 30.7 inches

Curb Weight: 509 lb.

2022 BMW CE 04 Review

At the launch of the new CE 04 electric scooter, BMW stated that no new gasoline-powered bikes will come to you and me on city bikes and scooters, known as the “Urban Mobility Division”.  BMW Motorrad’s Head Dr.  Marcus Schramm said that in the coming years, we would expect a new electric motorcycle from the German manufacturer every 18 to 24 months.  And then came the little bombshell: by 2025, the brand will begin to move other segments to electric power.  There it is, big scary news.

But before we get too head over that debate, let’s look at the task at hand – BMW’s rad-looking new CE 04.  There will be CE 02 and possibly CE 06 in the pipeline.

The length of the CE 04 allows the air-cooled battery to be efficiently placed under the floorboards.

It is clear that the CE 04 is trying to be more different than gasoline-powered maxi-scooters, which will fight for the stoplight space.  Styling boys with fancy shoes and crayons were given a prominent place in this, taking advantage of the opportunities allowed by the electric powertrain.

The main battery is derived from the modules used in BMW’s iX electric car and sits on the bottom of the chassis, below the footboards.  The system delivers good airflow over the battery so it can be cooled by air;  The motor, on the other hand, is liquid cooled with a small radiator heat exchanger on the front of the bike.  There is a second, 12V battery on the board that runs the most common systems such as dash and lighting.

Like the battery, the motor is derived from the one used in BMW passenger cars, with the motor housing tailored to the scooter application.  Both the battery module and the motor are manufactured at home in a factory in Berlin – a clear sign that BMW wants to be on top of this technology, instead of buying third-party components and building a chassis around them.  The motor chassis is fitted (unlike the swingarm-mounted engine on a conventional scooter) and drives the rear wheel through a set of single-stage primary gears, followed by a belt final drive.  This setup offers a significant advantage in the performance of the rear suspension versus the typical scooter, as the uncontrolled mass is very low.

BMW CE 04 Engine Details

The liquid-cooled BMW-manufactured motor is chassis-mounted in purpose-built housing, thus reducing unsprung weight.BMW Motorrad.

Now, most of the time, electric bike manufacturers lament the difficulties of packing enough batteries on a motorcycle, so it’s new to hear BMW designers say the opposite.  Perhaps the City bike’s limited range needs help here, but compared to packaging the exhaust on an engine, airbox, fuel tank and gas-powered bike, the CE 04’s compact motor and single battery module takes much more.  A little space.  This has allowed for a shorter, flatter seat and clearly thinner back, yet with enough storage to match the tourist helmet.  When you squeeze your touring lid into a side-accessed case, it’s hard to notice the clear air between the top and the seat of the case – the proof styling team is superior to the practical engineering team.  Now I’m not saying it’s good or bad, but it suggests that BMW might be looking at this bike as part of a statement rather than a purely practical travel machine.

 Screen Display Details

The massive TFT screen displays the usual bike and navigation options.  The windscreen at the front of the dash gives you minimal wind protection, but a higher screen is an available option.

For all the bold styling and new modes (like the side-accessed helmet storage), there is a refreshing feeling of familiarity when you board the CE 04, especially if you have previously driven BMW motorcycles.  Switchgear, handlebar controls and the TFT display feel and operate just like any other BMW, making it easy to turn on and adjust rider modes, control your phone for music and nav, and most importantly for cool cities, adjust grip heaters.  There is also a normal starter switch on the right-hand bar, but instead of the usual cranking and barking, nothing happens when you push it.  No word, no excitement, just a message that reads “ready” in the dash.

And with that, we slide into Barcelona traffic, quietly and smoothly, with a weird sci-fi movie vibe.  It’s a city of scooters, where every intersection is a step-by-drag race, and every sidewalk has everything from 20-year-old beaters to shiny new maxi-scooters.  And wherever we roll, the neck is tightened and the sunglasses are pulled down for a better look at the dumb ass who smoked away from the previous stoplight.

 Which brings me to the bonus feature number 1 of this electric scooter: it’s easy to fast.

There is no waiting for the clutch (automatic or otherwise) to hold the revs or the variator transmissions to change the ratio;  You simply snap and shut off the throttle.  CE4 is capable of responding immediately when parked or shot at moving traffic.  The three standard rider modes (Eco, Rain and Road) allow you to dial that response with a variety of power and throttle-generated dilution on the throttle.  The optional Dynamic Rider Mode delivers full power, maximum regeneration (as opposed to really strong engine-braking), and more aggressive throttle curve to make things smooth and the traction control is focused.

The switchgear and controls are familiar to most BMW owners, but the throttle response and performance from the CE 04’s motor is impressive.

Electric Vehicle Bonus Feature Number 2-Throttle Response.

  In an era when some gasoline bikes are unable to properly transition from closed to part throttle, CE 04 mocks them, with a regenerative slump with an intuitive, smooth feel that takes no time for punch acceleration.  Stay comfortable.  This allows you to ride through the city and rarely disturbs the brakes, making all your speed control on the throttle. 

The rain and road modes have a smoother sloping curve that makes the bike flow a bit more, but the strong “engine-braking” effect is perfect for stop / start city riding.  It also shows brake lights when you slow down hard enough without braking to reduce the risk of an uninvited guest in the passenger seat.  Around town, the performance of the electric motor is great, always having enough punch to squeeze past traffic and keep the lights off.  Although the CE 04 was not pitched as a highway bike, we rode a couple of short periods on the fast highways and were happy to travel at 70 mph (maximum speed limited to 75 mph).

The upper body’s air protection is not as good as the standard bike, but there is more screen option with heated comfort seat (one of six different seating options), heated grips and corner lights.

The 65.9-inch wheelbase is particularly long for the scooter, which makes the CE 04 feel wider and super stable.  That length also means more effort on tight turns.BMW Motorrad

Visually, the one thing that stands out in CE 04 is its length, undoubtedly the level of styling, accentuated by the flat side profile.  At 65.9 inches, the wheelbase is longer, with some knock-on effects.  On the positive side it feels pretty spacious, with plenty of options to move around on the long bench seat.  It is very stable in the corners and when you hit the buttons and fast bumps.

Length shows up in a long curved turn or lapping round and takes a little effort to cut a tight line.  When staggered by static traffic, the length didn’t really matter, as the Skinny CE 04 squeezes the usual maxi-scooter fenders and the low centre of gravity makes the slow control a breeze.

And when you wind yourself into the dead end, press the reverse button on the left-hand switch gear and you can get back out of trouble.  The reverse function is very controllable and allows you to modify the throttle and use the brakes without cutting, unlike some other examples.

The bulk TFT display shows the approximate range of all common bike stuff (multiple tripmeters, air temp, speed, etc.) and how much regenerative braking or power you are using.  BMW claims an estimated 80-mile range for the CE 04.  On our test ride around Barcelona, โ€‹โ€‹I rode the bike in Dynamic Mode two thirds of the ride, with full heated grips, my phone was charged in fan-cooled stowage, and my throttle hand was set to idiot mode.  By the end the estimated total range worked out to just 70 miles, though I’m confident that one or two more burns could sneak below the 70-mile mark.

For normal, non-juvenile riding, the 80-mile claim is fully achievable.  The 8.9kWh battery module can be charged from zero to 80 percent in 1 hour, 5 minutes using the optional Mode 3 fast charging cable.  The standard charger included with the bike can take the battery from zero to 100 percent in 4 hours, 20 minutes, but the actual charging time depends on the available supply;  The supply of a 110V, 15A home takes close to six hours from full zero to 100 percent charge.

BMW claims an 80-mile range for the CE 04 with an estimated six-hour charge time with the standard charger on the home’s 110V outlet.

With an initial MSRP of $ 11,795, the CE 04 is clearly not a budget-conscious commuter bike.  It does not provide access to the masses, nor does it get everyone on electric scooters and does not solve the problems of smoke inside the city.  This is a fantastic city bike, and in this setting, at least, the electric bikes can go toe-to-toe with petrol burners and in many ways roll up the house.  With its long-standing tradition of building X-Factory bikes for officers and emergency services, BMW sees the CE 04 as a really good option, with integrated functionality tailored to the needs of each country.  With or without flashing blue lights and sirens, intercity travel is still a fiddly affair with the hourly charging break required every 80 miles, but silently destroying traffic, it will tear up.

According to the brand, CE 04 can be easily equipped to meet the needs of local emergency services.BMW Motorrad

 The infrastructure of electric vehicles is improving all the time and they are fast becoming a more viable option, especially for urban rides.  There is still much question as to how sustainable the wide use of batteries is, buy BMW Motorrad’s engineers are on the scene.  Although batteries are currently a hot option, they hinted at alternative fuel and energy sources for future bikes, such as the CE4, which is another step forward in emission-free shredding.

Who can use.?

Both the civilian and police variations of the motor motorcycle are actually in manufacturing, even though clients will now no longer have the ability to shop for the previous till subsequent yr.  At that point, CE 04 began to evolve at USD $ 11,795.

Contact: bmwmotorrad.com

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