RYSE Aero Technologies Recon One Passenger eVTOL Multicopter.

Recon Multicopter

   Ryse Aero Technologies was founded in 2021 in Mason, USA, and Mick Kovitz is President and CEO.  The company aims to market electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft for advanced air mobility (AAM) using advanced artificial intelligence and the company’s extensive expertise in eVTOL aircraft, subsystems and flight characteristics.  Ryse Aero Technologies plans to bring secure, reliable and affordable eVTOL aircraft to its potential customers around the world.

Recon eVTOL Multicopter Front View

The company plans to manufacture a modular aircraft, enabling its buyers to have a custom designed aircraft based on customer needs.  The company is focused on making aeroplanes with one purpose, making the best electric aircraft for good work in addition to flight.  Recon is the first eVTOL aircraft manufactured by the company and will debut at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Long Beach, California, USA on May 9-10, 2022.

Recon is a passenger eVTOL multicopter aircraft with a top speed of 63 mph (101 km / h) and a range of 25 miles (40 km).  The aircraft has six propellers, six electric motors, an open cockpit and an open-frame aircraft.  Multicopter is land-based and capable of water takeoff and landing.  This feature is a big plus for customers because no prefabricated runways are required for flights and landing.  Water landing and takeoffs are very practical on our planet with 71% of the surface water.

Piloting features advanced artificial intelligence assistance and simple cockpit controls.  It does not require extensive training to pilot the aircraft.  This type of computer-aided piloting expands the range of people who never thought they would be able to fly, but with Recon they are capable of flying.

The patent-pending removable battery system is designed to replace batteries with minimal training for a person.  Battery packs are designed to work as replaceable batteries that you can find in power tools.  Batteries are easy to remove, rechargeable, and you can have affordable spare sets of batteries on site.

Features / Benefits of Recon

Easy to fly with minimal training

Its rechargeable battery packs are easy to remove and replace

Cost-effective with low maintenance

Lightweight and easy to carry

Has high safety, high reliability and multiple iterations

Fits standard parking space

Can be used in many types of air operations

To take off and land on the ground, the aircraft has six fixed landing legs.  Having consistent landing legs makes aircraft less complex, more reliable, reduces purchase costs and reduces maintenance costs.  For water landing and takeoffs, the aircraft floats on the bottom of the open cockpit and the landing legs provide additional buoyancy, helping the aircraft not sink.

Since the aircraft is modular, the company expects to provide different sizes of aircraft depending on the customer’s needs.  Future aircraft will have the option of adding fixed wings, which will help expand the scope and utility of the aircraft.

The company expects Recon to be used for private, commercial and government use.  These aircraft operations include personal daily transportation, recreational use, agriculture, agriculture, land surveying, tourism, search and rescue, logistics and more.

Recon eVTOL Availability 

The Recon eVTOL aircraft is marketed as an ultralight vehicle (Federal Aviation Administration 14 CFR, Part 103 or FAA 14 CFR, Part 103).  The company expects Recon to be available for sale by January 2023.

Recon eVTOL Multicopter Top View


Type of aircraft: eVTOL reconfigurable passenger multicopter aircraft

Piloting: 1 pilot

Max speed: 101 km / h ( 63 mph)

Range: 25 miles (40 km)

Flight Time: Not known

Cruise Height: Not known

Propellers: 6 propellers

Electric Motors: 6 Electric Motors

Power source: batteries (easy to remove batteries)

Fuselage: Unknown

Cockpit: Open cockpit

Landing Gear: 6 landing legs and takeoff and can land on the ground or in the water

Safety Features: Distributed Electric Propulsion (DEP), which provides safety for its passengers and / or cargo through redundancy.  DEP means the aircraft has multiple propellers (or ducted fans) and motors, so if one or more propellers (ducted fan) or motors fail, other working propellers (or ducted fans) and motors can safely land the aircraft.  There are also redundancies in aircraft subsystems.

Company Insights: Airframer


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Article: RYSE Aero Technologies Ultralight eVTOL Vehicle, Aviation Pros, Announces ‘RYSE RECON’ debuts on May 9, 2021

Article: RYSE Aero Technologies announces the launch of ‘RYSE RECON,’ Ultralight eVTOL Vehicle at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo, Yahoo Finance on May 9, 2022


Rice Aero Technologies, Mason, Ohio, USA, www.ryseaerotech.com

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