Navitas opens the globe first GaN IC composition center devoted to electric vehicles (EVs)

Next-gen gan power IC upgrade enables faster charging, longer range and EV adoption for up to 3 years, saving 20% ​​off-road CO2 emissions

  El Segundo, CA – January 4, 2022 — Navitas Semiconductor (Nasdaq: NVTS) announced the opening of a new Electric Vehicle (EV) design center in Gallium Nitride (GaN) Power Integrated Circuits (ICs).  Expanding to high energy GaN markets.  GaN- grounded on- board chargers (OBCs) are estimated to charge 3x speedily with power savings of over to 70% compared to heritage silicon results.  GaN OBCs, DC-DC converters and traction inverters are estimated to expand the EV range or reduce battery costs by 5% and accelerate the adoption of EVs worldwide for 3 years.  EV-upgrading to GaN is estimated to reduce road-zone CO2 emissions by 20% / year by 2050, which is the goal of the Paris Agreement.

  Gallium nitride (GaN) biases are a crucial element of Power Semiconductor technology, streaming 20x quicker than the traditional silicon chips.  Navitas’ GaNFast Power ICs combine GaN power, GaN drive, protection and control.  High speed and high efficiency translate into new industry benchmarks in energy savings, high energy density, low cost and high reliability.

  The Shanghai-based New Design Center in China hosts a highly-experienced team of world-class power system designers with integrated capabilities across electrical, thermal and mechanical design, software development and complete simulation and prototyping capabilities.  From concept to prototype, EV qualifiers are supported worldwide by the new team through full qualification and mass production.

  The Honorable Industry Specialist, Mr. Shri.  Hao SUN,”Design Center produces schematics, layouts and firmware for full- function, productive EV power systems. In partnership with Navitas OBC, DC-DC and Traction System companies, GaN inspires GaN with high power density and high efficiency to create innovative, world-class solutions.  .

  High-power 650V GaN ICs have been modeled for EV customers in December, in line with EV applications.  The 6.6kW OBC concept was demonstrated at the latest Xiaomi Portfolio Demo Day and shown at CES ’22 this week.

  “The Navitas EV team has a wealth of talent and proven experience in delivering power systems,” said Charles ZHA, VP and GM of Navitas China.  “Immobility is an exciting expansion market for GaN, with an EV of $ 250 potential.

  Making the GaN Power IC has a COX footprint of 10x less than that of a silicon chip.  Considering the use-case effectiveness and the upper hand of material dimensions and heaviness, each GaN Power IC packed can save a roughly calculated 4 kg of CO2. Overall, GaN is anticipated to address a2.6 Gton/ yr depletion in CO2 emigrations by 2050.

  Navitas continues to rank # 1 on mobile GaN fast chargers and is currently under development in most energy markets, including Solar, Data Center and Electric Vehicles (EVs).  Discover the speed of GaNFast chargers, see the future of next-generation GaN-based applications and enter to win the Tesla Model 3 performance worth $ 60,000!

  About Navitas

  Founded in 2014 by Navitas Semiconductor (Nasdaq: NVTS), GaN is at the forefront of the industry in power ICs.  GaN Power ICs combines GaN Power with drive, control and protection, enabling faster charging, higher power density and greater energy savings for the mobile, consumer, industry.   Immobility and New Energy Markets.  More than 130 Navitas patents have been issued or pending, and more than 30 million GaNFast Power ICs have been issued with zero reported GaN field failures.  Navitas hit the Nasdaq opening hour and started trading on Nasdaq on October 20, 2021.

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