Win a Cairn BRAVe flat bar e-bike worth £2359

We’re giving away a Cairn BRAVe worth £2359 to 1 lucky reader!

We have any other first rate opposition from our suitable pals on the Rider Firm; proprietors of Hunt Bike Wheels and Privateer Bikes. This time it’s Cairn Cycles who’s giving freely an outstanding BRAVe Flat bar gravel bike to 1 very fortunate reader simply in time for summertime season gravel adventures and lengthy nights getting misplaced withinside the woods.

Cairn describes the BRAVe as a “Gravel Bike, inflexible mountain bike, monster cross, visiting bike, lower back united states of america or gravduro bike”  We reviewed the BRAVe drop bar model of this bike lower back in September and Matt became very effective approximately the downhill capacity of the bike reckoning it became extra comparable to a mountain bike even as he became similarly inspired with its variety and its capacity to hold masses of package for the ones adventures.

Here’s what Matt stated to summarise the BRAVe

“The Cairn BRAVe is now not realistically inspired with motorsport and helps provide the geometry and capabilities of having a bike. While the downtube battery could generally suggest fewer mounting options, Cairn has delivered extra, and blended with the beneficent battery, It creates a truly successful journey e- bike that currently, at least, is lacking from the market.” High reward indeed. 

Cairn Competition June 2022 – 09.jpg, through Oli Pendrey

Well, thankfully for you, we’re giving freely a BRAVe that is the flat bar model of the bike Matt tested, which ought to supply a fair extra thrilling off-street mountain bike enjoyment even as nonetheless extra than capable of conveying all of your package. As it is equipped with Shimano Steps E7000 motor and that equal 630wh battery because the drop bar model, the BRAVe can take prolonged off-street adventures inside its stride.

Cairn Competition June 2022 – 04a.jpg, through Oli Pendrey

Here’s Cairn to inform us extra approximately the BRAVe’s layout and capabilities:

BRAVe takes the consolation, manage and huge tyre clearance from mountain bikes even as it brings the loading capacity, flexibility and performance from gravel motorcycles. The result? An e-bike which could deal with all your adventures.

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The Cairn BRAVe capabilities a balanced geometry that wouldn’t appear out of place on both a mountain bike or a gravel bike. Comparative to a gravel bike it is slacker and longer, which brings higher balance and manage, even as preserving the steerage viable for the completely loaded days. The shorter seat tubes, taller stack peak and 29 x 2.five tyre clearance growth consolation to ‘couch through the fire’ levels. The large tyre width, matched with an extra controllable 60 nm of torque from the Shimano E7000 device and 180mm disc rotors, all integrate to maintain you upright and on top of things at the trail.

Cairn Competition June 2022 – 07.jpg, through Oli Pendrey

Regardless of the way you journey or in which you journey, the BRAVe has a ton of beneficial normal capabilities that make this viable. The semi-incorporated 630wh outside equipped battery is difficult to ignore, however makes room for body bags, in addition to faff-loose elimination and a big variety. Places to mount bottle cages and tools are glaring all around the body. We have five unique locations, presenting 14 bosses to mount all of these huge journey needs. Boost hub spacing makes the massive tyre clearance viable and a reduced fork bridge continues fender compatibility

Sources The Cairn BRAVe.

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