Actofive fantastically machines mild, hole alloy Signature Crankset for all off-street riding

Actofive Signature Crankset light-weight hole aluminium all-mountain bike cranks

Actofive teased this new modular alloy Signature Crankset lower back in January after they launched their in-residence machined Signature Chainrings. Developed as a mild however difficult aluminium crank for the entirety from gravel to enduro, they adapted from Actofiveโ€™s fantastically machined P-Train high-pivot all-mountain bike. Available to reserve in a restricted version collection, act now to provide your bike a made-in-Germany upgradeโ€ฆ

Actofive Signature hole alloy Crankset

The signature of Actofive Cyclesโ€™ Signature Crankset is its quality CNC-machined appearance, made absolutely in-residence in Dresden, Germany. Using the identical primary idea as their path to enduro P-Train all-mountain bike, every crank arm is CNC-machined in  pieces, then anodized, then bonded collectively to create a mild & robust hole structure.

Actofive Signature Crankset light-weight hole aluminum all-mountain bike cranks, install, c. Actofive Cycles

Founder, owner, and leader engineer of Actofive, Simon Metzner says the 2-piece hole production offers him particular manipulation on each tiny little bit of high-electricity aluminium withinside the cranks. The hole layout permits for extremely skinny shells even as correctly shifting forces in the structure, plus particular nesting of the 2 factors for a robust bond, and reinforcement simply in which itโ€™s needed.

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 Two-Face option

“I have been dreaming about giving my personal crankset a quality CNC aesthetic for a long time, but it is often difficult to grow a product because you are constantly operating it, electricity, weight, layout, and production costs.โ€ But now that the Signature Crankset is out of the mill and onto the bike, Metzner is buying the very last product โ€“ a robust, light-weight crankset with a conventional machined appearance.

Tech details

, CNC-machined in Germany

The Actofive Signature Crankset is absolutely Made in Germany, with approximately 2 hours of machining time consistent with a pair of crank fingers as greater than 4kg of 7075-T6 aluminium receives whittled right all the way down to the skinny shells. Of course, all the aluminium shavings are gathered withinside the method and responsibly recycled to finally come to be a brand new inventory of aluminium again.

, silver or black or both

Each internal & outer 1/2 of every crank arm is anodized silver or black earlier than the very last assembly, so riders can choose both all silver, all black, or a blended Two Face appearance with silver outer shells over black internal shells.

 SRAM direct mount

Chainrings direct-mount to the crankset with SRAMโ€™s popular 3-bolt DM splined interface. And crank fingers connect to SRAMโ€™s 8-lobed backside bracket spindles, with an incorporated crank puller layout.  The crankset additionally consists of a bearing preload ring at the non-drive side, to be had in black or blue ano.

, complete set

Actofive has tested the all-mountain electricity & protection in their new crankset which relies on German take a look at lab EFBE and their Tri-Test of fatigue, most load, and overload tests.

Total crankset weight is said to be simply 475g, without a chainring (probably including round 45-55g more for a MTB setup).

Actofive Signature Crankset โ€“ Pricing, alternatives & availability

, 170mm in silver

Actofive is making the cranks to be had in 165mm or 170mm lengths handiest for now, as they โ€œlove rapid turns, lean angles, and a low middle of gravityโ€. Two exclusive SRAM 29mm DUB backside bracket spindles are offered โ€“ a 168mm Q-thing for 73mm MTB backside brackets or a 163mm Q-thing for 68mm street/gravel backside brackets.

All crankset alternatives formally retail for 690โ‚ฌ which includes VAT, however without chainrings. Actofive Signature Chainrings are to be had now for 119โ‚ฌ in 3o or 32T & Boost or non-raise offset.

, shadeation alternatives

Butโ€ฆ via the give up of August, Actofive is providing a 10% off deal on the primary complete manufacturing run of cranksets, losing the rate right all the way down to 621โ‚ฌ.

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As for availability, the primary restricted collection of fifty cranksets could be to be had in November 2022, then could be produced in batches to satisfy demand.

BTW, the P-Train now could be to be had on this wild crimson ano tooโ€ฆ


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