Lal Bikes Supre Drive reveals a domestic withinside the all-new Nikolai Nucleon sixteen

Lal Bikes Supre Drive has discovered its first domestic withinside the new Nikolai Nucleon sixteen.  Cedric Evelegh’s split-derailleur invention is, to me, the maximum thrilling new idea the mountain bike global has visible in 2021.

Lal Bikes Supre Drive reveals domestic on all-new Nicolai Nucleon sixteen

Cedric unveiled his opportunity remaining November.  Drivetrain in a prototype excessive-pivot body of its very own design.  In fact, the Supre Drive was, and reputedly nonetheless is, most effective well suited with complete suspension mountain bikes strolling a excessive essential pivot design.

Because the chain tensioning feature of the drivetrain is accomplished via way of means of a tensioner arm that pivots concentrically to the lowest bracket, the jockey wheel occupies area this is generally reserved on greater not unusualplace suspension systems together with Horst-Link.  The essential pivot.

What are the benefits?  Well, with the chain tensioner at the chainring taken care of, have a take a observe what is left of the rear derailleur – it is tiny!  With no cage placing under the B-knuckle, the unit that genuinely shifts the chain thru the cassette rises up out of the manner of stray rocks and is therefore much less vulnerable.  We protected Supree Drive in greater element returned in November.  Now, let’s check the first actual manufacturing bike to take gain of it;  Nicolai Nucleon sixteen.

Nicolai Nucleon sixteen with Lal Bikes Supree Drive

Public announcement

The Nucleon sixteen is a excessive-pivot 29er enduro bike with a mullet choice withinside the one hundred sixty to 180mm tour class that makes use of a brand new form of transferring technology: the Supre drivetrain from Cedric Evelegh’s Canadian-primarily based totally improvement organization LAL BIKES. 

Our preceding Nucleon fashions just like the Nucleon DH or Nucleon Evo used opportunity transferring ideas and mixed them with a excessive-pivot suspension design.  These bikes used a changed 14-pace ROHLOFF gearbox with the axle placed at the extent of the swingarm pivot factor above the lowest bracket.  The gearbox desires a number one pressure and a secondary pressure from the gearbox to the rear wheel.  The suspension and transferring overall performance, robustness and sturdiness of the early Nucleon bikes had been outstanding.

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However, such as the housing and design-associated extra additives brought on the gearbox weight disadvantage.  And precise, exceptional ROHLOFF transmissions can in no way healthy the performance of a derailleur machine while transferring beneathneath load.

Anyone who has accompanied our logo over the last 25 years has possibly come to a sure end over time: you could apprehend Nikolai at the beginning look.  Machine aesthetics.  Form follows feature.  Brutal design.  – One can rub one’s eyes at the primary look of the brand new Nucleon sixteen: extruded tube cross-sections, head tube gusset with ports for internally routed cables, incorporated bash shield and fashionable seat tube brace with incorporated clamp.  Design performed a position along engineering withinside the large rear with its extensive steps and practical lines.  Kalle Nikolai offers the subsequent explanation: โ€œLife is change.  Apart from our traditions, with the Nucleon sixteen we’ve got constructed a totally new bike for a much broader audience.

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The Nucleon sixteen is designed as a 29er, however may be ridden as a mullet with a 29er wheel withinside the the front and a 27.5er withinside the rear.  The geometry is primarily based totally on our Geolution Trail idea: a quite lengthy reach, 490 mm length M, mixed with a steep seat perspective of 78.3 ยฐ, gives a sporty, primary driving function and top-quality load distribution among the the front and rear wheel.  Chainstay duration grows with special body sizes and for this reason guarantees higher balance.  The head perspective of 64ยฐ is barely greater slight than the flat race enduros of the NICOLAI G collection. 

This lets in for greater agile dealing with with out notably compromising strolling balance and excessive pace behaviour.  Nucleon wishes fun, pace and agility.  Whips and scrubs are a part of it.  A very low pinnacle tube with a standover top of 668 mm gives adequate clearance and encourages an all-motion driving style.  Enduro, all-rounder or freerider in the long run relies upon at the rider.  With the Nucleon sixteen anyways all gravity and pace enthusiasts can have a very sturdy base.

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With Supre Drive, NICOLAI can now for the primary time make the maximum of the overall performance benefits of excessive-pivot suspension on a lengthy-tour enduro bike with a 1ร—12 setup and 510% overall equipment ratio.  To higher apprehend how innovative this is, it’s miles important to first have a take a observe the 2 essential technology in element and their unique info and features.

The Nucleon is to be had in sixteen special colorations, decals and end alternatives.  And the large “Extra Love” palette of anodized colorations additionally lets in customizing the body’s hooked up milled parts, together with the rocker link, surprise mount or bearing caps, as an instance to be color-matched with the anodized end of the Hope brake.

The Nucleon sixteen is to be had in 5 body sizes from S to XXL, masking a extensive variety in linear, small increments.  Riders among 1.64m and 2.10m will locate the body flawlessly suited.  The great tech sheet tables withinside the appendix offer pretty distinct statistics on this.

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As traditional with NICOLAI, the Nucleon sixteen is to be had as a frameset with surprise and in this situation whole Supre Drive or as a whole bike.  Using the net configurator at the NICOLAI homepage, clients can customise their favored bike or body and pick out from a extensive variety of alternatives and equipment.  For this purpose, NICOLAI gives solely exceptional additives from the manufacturers EXT, FOX, INTEND, HOPE, MAGURA, TUNE, CONTINENTAL, SCHWALBE, SHIMANO and LEVELNINE, examined for a selected model.  On the manner in your private custom bike, our income crew is to be had to all involved riders.  – with an open thoughts and profound advice.

Bikes can now be ordered.  The first collection of fashions will then be introduced from December 2022.  The charge of the body with out the Supree pressure and surprise is โ‚ฌ3099.  Complete bikes are to be had from โ‚ฌ7499.


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