Hydrogen-powered or hubless Wild Eurobike idea, recycles plastic, prototypes of e-bikes

HeFlow four-wheel H2 hydrogen-powered shipment ebike

Eurobike has all of it, however those wild prototype idea bike plans from Muzzi Cycles, HeFlow & Komo Bike stuck in our eye.  A muzzi is a one-piece moulded plastic body that may be recycled or maybe crafted from recycled materials.  HeFlow is an adaptable four-wheeled shipment bike powered with the aid of using a hydrogen engine.  And the Como venture is a mini-wheeled city ebike without hubsโ€ฆ

They are all pretty wild.

The HeFlow H2 is a hydrogen-powered shipment ebike

HeFlow four-Wheel H2 Hydrogen-Powered Cargo eBike, Side

Some distance away from something you could purchase properly now, the HeFlow four H2 is a four-wheeled shipment ebike platform powered with the aid of using a hydrogen gasoline cell.

The Alfa Neo Hydrogen AXH gasoline cell packs a 480W PEM gasoline cell that is used to supply electricity to a 250W electric powered force machine for the rear wheels.  Output torque is rated at a hundred and twenty Nm to propel this beast and the gasoline  pumps a large 1300Wh of electricity to offer it various 150km.

HeFlow four-wheel H2 hydrogen-powered shipment ebike, the front

This quad shipment e-bike appears quite coolโ€ฆ and probable trail-ready.

But the actual trick is that the gasoline cell may be refilled and recharged to its most strain of 300bar (4350psi) in only 2 minutes, ideal for a repetitive provider in which you do not ought to watch for the battery to slowly recharge.

HeFlow four-Wheel H2 Hydrogen-Powered Cargo eBike, Angle

A trendy four-wheel HeFlow shipment e bike weighs 75kg and may tow a 200kg load.

With 27.5/650b wheels it may be constructed with city slick or knobby mountain bike tires.  The trendy software version has it constructed withinside the box, however a pair of various transport trailer accessories are possible, together with one which can tow a sizable pallet, in addition to a own circle of relatives version or MTB version with a toddler seat withinside the back.  With a low profile baggage platform.


Komo Bike is a hubless bike

Komo Bike Hubless eBike, complete

This remaining is some other South Korean e-mobility engineering exercise.  Hubless Komo Bike’s Korea Mobility Improvement Corporation desires to show the viability of the “futuristic layout” idea.

Komo bike hubless ebike, the front wheel

The front wheel spins round rollers on a small sprung fork and forestalls with a traditional V-brake on an aluminium rim, then wrapped with the aid of using strong airless Tannus tires.

Komo bike hubless ebike, rear wheel

The hubless rear wheel is pushed with the aid of using a huge rim-sized cog, which acts as a regenerative rear wheel brake with direct force to the motor, with a 15% improvement in range.

Komo Bike is a hubless bike with a hub force motor inside

Tucked among  wheels, the Komo idea bike in reality makes use of a conventional hub motor, at the least on this running prototype.  For now all of it sits in a large, bolt-collectively aluminium body, which makes use of many 3D-revealed components to complete the futuristic look.

The entire hubless Como bike idea continues to be some distance offโ€ฆ Look at that whole rear wheel to look at the Komo Smart, an extra contemporary ebike that swaps in a traditional derailleur drivetrain, spokes and rear hub motor for useful simplicity.  The Komo Smart nonetheless receives a hubless front wheel and is serving as a proof-of-idea and test-mattress for similar improvement of a fully-hubless version.


Muzzi Cycles is an green recycled plastic bike

Muzzi Cycles Sustainable Modular Recycled Plastic Bike, All-Plastic Headtube

Amazingly enough, the absolutely one-piece plastic Muzzi Cycles body venture has in reality been around for over 20 years, with lively manufacturing as early as 2008.

But due to the fact then, this made-in-Brazil idea bike has advanced the body layout itself and the cloth it is made of.

Muzzi Cycles Sustainable Modular Recycled Plastic Bike, Plastic Frame

Environmental sustainability has been a key consciousness for the reason that beginning.  These modern-day fashions are produced from a mixture of diverse recycled post-patron plastics, and now “photosynthesis-based” frames include biomass fibres into an injection-moulded composite mix.

Muzzi Cycles Sustainable Modular Recycled Plastic Bike, New Disc Brakes

Thanks to the modular layout – and the ensuing thick body sections – Muzzi Cycles has been capable of adapting to diverse new requirements in recent years.


Muzzi Cycles Sustainable Modular Recycled Plastic Bike, Modular Rear End

The modern-day Muzzi venture bikes are outfitted with bolt-on steel dropout plates for disc brakes (however, nonetheless QR axles, so some distance).

Muzzi Cycles Sustainable Modular Recycled Plastic Bike, eBike Edition

Muzzi has now controlled to show a sustainable modular recycled plastic venture bike into an e-bike, with the aid of using tucking the battery beneath neath the plastic downtube and including a the front-force hub motor, permitting it to preserve the ordinary disc brake/derailleur-prepared rear end.  .


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