EUNORAU Spectre-ST Review: Consolation and extra on wheels

The Spectre-ST is one more step ahead for the once tiny e-bike company EUNORAU.  However, they managed to make a very stable step-through electric mountain bike with a high gear weight while keeping the price reasonable.

We had one qualm with the bike (and regular readers may already know), but overall, it’s very impressive to see the steady improvements in the EUNORAU brand continue.  The Spectre-ST is a far cry from the “closely stimulated through any other bike” services we have seen in the past.

At first glance, you’d think by the shape and name, it’s just a step up from the regular Spectre S version.

But the truth is, it’s the next evolution in the sense that it also has a dual-battery setup and full suspension.  Combine that with an awesome 1000W motor and you’ve got a serious contender on your hands.

EUNORAU Spectre-ST specifications

Motor: Bafang M620 1000w

Electric Engagement: Throttle, torque based pedal assist

Battery: 48v 14Ah (17Ah upgrade available)

Voluntary battery upgrade: Supplementary 48v 14Ah or 17Ah

Frame: 6061 aluminium alloy dual air suspension

Gearing: Sram NX 1×11, 11-42T cassette

Tires: 27.5″ x 3″

Brakes: 180mm hydraulic disc

Top speed: 30mph

Weight: 79 lbs

Extras: Integrated front headlight, separate tail light

Dual suspension, sleek look

The frame itself seems to be of pretty decent quality construction, which is due to the high-grade facility Unora makes these with.  The frame is svelte, so you’d be forgiven if you missed the fact that it actually has rear suspension.  .  That’s right, the rear suspension is somewhat hidden under the seat post tube.  When you take that into consideration with the hidden battery chamber, it gives a really comprehensive and sleek impression.

1000w, two batteries and 30 mph

Electrically, the quality battery is set for a sturdy 48v 15ah design.  If you want, there’s a battery upgrade to take it to 17ah, or you can get the dual-battery setup I have here.  I’d estimate that a dual-battery setup should easily get you 60 miles of range on a full charge.  This setup is paired with a powerful 1000w torque sensing mid-drive motor… and boy, can it really move!  This combination made the hills a problem of the past.  It’s so strong and fast, it’s a problem of the distant past for them if you catch my drift.  I was able to hit 30 mph with ease, and it was fun to see how this bike handled anything I threw at it like a piece of cake.

To the E-MTB core

The fun extends to the mechanical side as well – the front and rear suspension are air suspension setups.  It sometimes feels like a pogo stick, but I honestly mean it in a good way.  I had so much fun with the 140mm front suspension fork that I had to slow down to catch my breath from laughing.  The 11-42 tooth cassette in the rear, combined with that 1000w motor, felt like I could climb a telephone pole if I had the balance for it.  The tires here are also good.  These are not your classic fat tires like on the methodical Spectre, but 3″ broad tires. These are my personal favourites for mountain biking and cruising. I think because they offer a better balance of control, grip and tread.

Not a show stopper (my best break pun)

Is every bike perfect?  No, never.  That said, it has a fairly short seat post (probably due to the rear suspension), the saddle is just “meh” and the brakes could be better for the street, but I’d definitely upgrade them if I was going on a trail.

When all is said and done, I love this thing to be honest. None of those little things mattered, and my smile was as wide as the tires, the whole ride.  I think the Spectre ST is a fantastic top of the line internet-order bike.  My professional estimate would see bikes that can be adjusted around the $8,000 mark, while these start at just $3,799.  I mean, even if you went all out and had every upgrade, warranty, and accessory available, that would still put you at $5,289.  For a serious eMTB, that’s not bad.

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