Wall H6 review: The fastest, bulkiest folding electric bike I’ve tested

Normally speaking, folding electric bikes are generally on the compact and lighter end of the spectrum. They prioritise compactness over performance, which makes sense for a folder.  Until Wall H6 comes around and flips the script, “Flip your concentration.  We’re a crazy fast e-bike that folds in half!

The Wall H6 pulls no punches.  It may have smaller-diameter 20″ wheels, but it’s still a 90-pound (41 kg) e-bike coming at you fast.

And this is not hyperbole.  This thing gets up to a claimed 32 mph (51.5 km/h) – though I clocked it at 31 mph (50 km/h) with the GPS.  Any way you slice it, it’s very fast.  And it doesn’t take long to hit that speed.

It’s a great bike with plenty of attitude.  But it also has a lot of interesting parts, from the powerful motor to the long-range batteries.

Wall H6 Technical Specifications

Motor: 750W geared rear hub motor 1,400W max rating

Top speed: 32 mph (51.5 km/h)

Range: 170 miles (274 km), realistic possibility 45-100 miles (72-160 km)

Battery: 48V 35 Ah (1,680 Wh) in two batteries.

Weight: 90 lb.  (41 kg)

Maximum load: 350 lbs.  (158 kg)

Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes on massive rotors

Extras: 8-speed Shimano drivetrain, large colour LCD display, LED headlight and tail light, thumb throttle, removable batteries, rear rack with padded passenger bench, fenders, kickstand

Wall h6 electric bike

I’m no stranger to folding e-bikes off the wall, but this one takes the cake when it comes to extremes.

A powerful motor pairs with a powerful controller that takes full advantage of that large battery capacity to deliver impressive acceleration.

Whether you’re rocking the throttle or pedal assist, more power is available at your fingertips (or toes).

But even a bike as important as a high-powered e-bike that can reach speeds of 30+ mph can stop.  And these hydraulic disc brakes, which look like motorcycle disc rotors, achieve that goal with flying colours.

Add a bright and colourful LED display between the hydraulic disc brake levers, and you’ve got a very well-equipped cockpit.

I will say that the bars were a bit higher for me than I would have liked.  They weren’t ape hangers, but they definitely had a cruiser-esque feel to them with my arms up more than I usually like.  However, I got used to it very quickly.

In fact the whole bike feels bigger than it looks and it puts you in a nice, upright sitting position that gives you an elevated view of the road ahead.

With both the front and rear suspension, you have a lot of moving parts underneath you that can lift that frame and give you some height.  For shorter riders, keep in mind that the suspension seat post limits how low the seat can go.  Valke recommends a minimum rider height of 5’4″ for reference.

The star of the show here (and the part that contributes to the Wall H6’s extra heft) is the pair of batteries.  Adding up to 1,680Wh, this bike has a ton of battery capacity.

They comically rate the bike at 170 miles of range.  That figure isn’t so laughable when you realise that this is a reasonable consumption level for a fit rider using pedal assist that works out to about 10 Wh/mile.

Call me crazy, but I’m guessing most people buying this bike aren’t going to be shoehorned into this “fit rider” classification, at least not the type of rider who pedals the bike for 170 miles.

So if you’re rocking throttle-only riding, expect a range of 50-75 miles, depending on how fast you go.  That’s still super long range for a throttle-controlled e-bike, and thanks to a massive battery spread across two large battery packs.


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Who is the Wall H6 E-Bike for?

Wall H6 is an enigma.  It’s a folding e-bike, but it’s not particularly portable.  It is very heavy and even in its folded form it is a bulky e-bike.

That said, the ride it offers is definitely more of a moped-style ride than a typical folding e-bike ride.  It’s not just a city commuter, it’s an urban assault e-bike.

To me, that means it’s an e-bike that fulfils a Super73-type role, but with an e-bike imaginable in the trunk of a large car.  It may be heavier, but it still folds in three places to take up less bulk than a typical non-folding fat tire e-bike.

Is it worth the price?

At the current selling price of $2,499, you’ll need to shell out a significant amount of dough for the Wall H6.  But is it worth it?

When you look at the specifications, you really get a lot for that price.  It’s a Class 3 overspeed e-bike, comes with an 8-speed transmission and big ol’ hydraulic disc brakes, a colour LED screen, full-suspension (with a third suspension point on the seat post) and a bench seat for signal passengers.  Oh, and two huge batteries.

I would have liked to see some better passenger foot pegs and a torque sensor at this price, but even so, this is a bike with plenty of performance.

That’s probably more bikes than most people need.  But if you’re in the market for a high-performance, fast and powerful e-bike that can fold into a big block, the Wall H6 will get you there.  And it does so quickly.

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So what kind of rider will choose this e-bike?

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