Ukraine Begins ‘Decimating’ Iranian Drones; ‘Highly advanced’ Mohajer-6 shot down – 5 suicide UAVs including Kiev

Ukrainian forces are said to have destroyed several Iranian-made “kamikaze” drones used by Russia to intensify airstrikes on the Ukrainian port city of Odessa.

These Iranian drones can be seen flying over Odessa in videos widely shared on the internet.  The Ukrainian armed forces claimed to have destroyed four Iranian Shahed-136 drones in the Mykolaiv region with medium-range anti-aircraft missiles on September 22.

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Ukraine said the attack by an Iranian-designed Shahed-136 killed one person and destroyed a building.  Also known as “suicide drones,” these UAVs allow users to survey the battlefield from a drone before striking a target.

“The enemy will continue aerial reconnaissance using UAVs and activate airstrikes using Shahed-136 type Iranian kamikaze drones,” Ukraine’s Operational Command South (OCS) said in an exceedingly Facebook post.

“This is how the Ochakov port architecture interchanged into hit again. Our units shot down one amongst the two attack drones, and also the other hit a port tug. Firefighters quickly extinguished the fireplace. there were no casualties,” OCS added.

Ukraine shot down an Iranian Mohazar-6 drone

Meanwhile, on September 23, Kyiv claimed to have shot down the Iranian-made Mohazar-6, which was flown by Russian forces over the Euxine Sea, for the first time.  The country’s military has also released footage of the destroyed drone.

In the video, the wreckage of the Mohajer-6 UAV found in the water is seen being towed ashore by a motorboat.  The drone is designed to conduct reconnaissance, surveillance, strikes and reconnaissance.

The Ukrainian armed forces Air Force said the UAV can carry four guided missiles.  The Mohajer-6 could be a twin-boom drone with a high-wing configuration, meaning its wing is attached to the upper part of the aircraft.

The Mohajer-6 drone encompasses a maximum takeoff weight of 600 kilograms, a length of 5.5 metres and a wingspan of ten metres.  The drone operates at a speed of 200 km per hour.  Additionally, the drone can monitor and track targets while operating in both day and night environments.

File photo: Iran’s drones

Nevertheless, it ranks among the top drones used by the Iranian military, and serial production of this UAV began in 2018.

Given its access to guided missiles, the Mohajir-6 can conduct  a spread  of missions against stationary and moving targets.  The drone can launch “smart diamond missiles” and “vertical guided bombs” and carry up to 40 kilograms of weapons in its wing hangars.

Iranian drones in Ukraine war

The Air Force of the Ukrainian armed forces shot down the first Iranian drone in Ukraine on September 13.  Russia is reportedly using these drones in the Kharkiv region, reducing artillery leverage on advancing Ukrainian forces.

They have already disrupted Ukraine’s artillery in a recent and successful counteroffensive in Kharkiv Oblast, the WSJ reported.  The Ukrainian armed forces noted that shooting down such drones would be challenging.

The Shahed 136 could be a relatively small aerial target that flies primarily at low altitudes, in keeping with Air Force Command spokesman Yuri Ihnat, noting that these drones are hardly detected by radars.

Iran’s Shahed-136 drones are mounted on a launcher previous an Iranian military exercise

The most effective option for destroying such drones is electronic warfare systems or anti-aircraft guns, for example, Germany’s Gepard or Ukraine’s ZSU-23-4 Shilka.

Kyiv has been alarmed by the Russian military’s use of Iranian drones. In keeping with reports, Ukraine has approached Israel to request information on Iranian arms shipments to Russia and to open a line of communication to discuss these issues.

On July 11, the US said Iran was preparing to send “several hundred drones” to Russia and was training its military to use them.  At a press conference on August 30, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that “Shahed-136 and Mohajer-6 drones were delivered to Russia over several days in August.”

Iran’s Mohazar 6 could be a tactical and combat unmanned aerial vehicle

Iran has previously denied supplying Russia with weapons or drones, including the Shahed-136.  However, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard commander later bragged approximately arming Russia with those drones.

CNN reported on July 16 that a Russian delegation made two trips to Iran to test the Shahed-191 and Shahed-129 attack drones.  CNN released a satellite photo taken on the day of the Russian visit.

The UK Ministry of Defence has said that Russia’s supply of weapons to use weapons from countries such as Iran and North Korea is decreasing.

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