These Bikes are Lightweight, Inexpensive and Made for HS Prominence Bike Athletes.

These Bikes are Floaty weight, Cheap and Made for HS Mountain bike athletes.

Photos courtesy of Jib Cycleworks

Jason Halverson had worked in the bike industry for years before his daughter began competing in extreme mountain biking.  Considering NICA’s regulations on directional design and many kids riding bikes, which may not be the most ideal for directional conditions, Halverson identified an open area for a logo, and he entertained it for a long time.

“It seems like a lot of kids don’t know what bike they want or don’t have the resources to get a competitive bike,” Halverson said.  Students regularly run off on a parent’s hand-me-down bike, with clunky gearing or their one massive full-suspension bike they use for everything.

A lot of manufacturers tell customers they’ve created bikes that owners want to travel on, but for Halverson, Jib Cycleworks started as an icon for apprentice athletes in a pricey game with lightning-fast growth.  Today, they have a body, a lightweight carbon hardtail, offered in 4 exclusive construction options.

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The ultra-cheap Opposition build features a 1ร—12 Shimano Deore groupset and RockShox Judy 120mm fork and weighs less than 27 pounds.  It costs $1,999.  The highest-give-up build gets a Shimano XTR groupset, 120mm faux fork and faux dropper post, carbon handlebars and custom carbon wheels.  It weighs under 23lbs and costs $5,300.  The Jibe XCHT carbon fibre body costs $900.

Jib was formally launched in 2022, although Halverson has been growing the brand since 2019, sourcing frames from Asia.  The first bikes arrived in 2020 and are being offered by neighbourhoods in Salt Lake City, where Halverson was dating.  The frames use an open mould design, although as with various firms using open moulds, aspects of the layout can be modified such as jib carbon layout or routing of cables.

Their imaginative and prescient aggressiveness for the bike has come with the various carbon hardtails available in the market with current XC racing geometry, boost axle spacing and fantastic additions.  The flatter seat stays give the body greater compliance and ride quality, and the wider rear bracket and head tube provide heightened stiffness against twisting from pedalling.  The medium body weighs 2.5lbs and comes with a seven-12 month warranty.

The geometry is a combination of traditional XC measurements, with a short wheelbase, low stack height and a steep head tube angle, with hardly any long reach.  Bikes fit everyone from 4’10” to 6’6″.

As a former product supervisor for GT Bikes and Cannondale, Halverson knew what kind of additions he wanted on bikes.  Bikes typically include components from RockShox, Fox, Shimano and Maxxis.  Although athletes are not sure about the arena of mountain cycling, they are able to choose from several manufacturers of jibs.

“We want to provide them with a whole bundle of things that, if they’ve done some research, they can be assured that it’s something that’s pretty widely recognized.”

During Halverson’s tenure at Bike Enterprise, he owned Stats BMX bikes for 8 years, worked for GT and Cannondale for 4 years, and worked for Shimano for 4 years.  When GT and Cannondale merged, as BMX product supervisor, Halverson was tasked with designing BMX frames, running the mountain bike line, and dealing with specifications on 30-forty bikes corresponding to 12 months.  In 2014, he went to paintings for Shimano as an OEM revenue supervisor, handling bills for Yeti, Pivot, Santa Cruz and Ibis, knowing the bits and bobs for sourcing additions.  One of his biggest takeaways as a product steward is now not only choosing the elements he likes, but staying with market demand.

“You clearly should be disciplined to not observe what I like, however what the market likes.”

Jib’s branding had similarly become critical, defining Halverson, and the choice once again fell short of him.  Finally, Jib’s photograph may not have been one he would have chosen himself, although it does resonate in a way for mountain bikers of extreme faculty.  The colours, lettering and badging are cool and spread out and kids dig it, he says.  The bikes are available in mild grey with small fluorescent yellow accents or dark grey with subtle grey lettering.  Neutral colours should not have problems entering with faculty colours and should not conflict with the group kit.

Now that the hardtail is dialled in, Jib is promoting a few bikes by the week, which is a good pace for the brand new company.  Next, he plans to start a speed bike for icy conditioning.  Halverson said there are plenty of groomed trails around Salt Lake City and Park City.  They are additionally running a full-suspension model, which could be for XC racing or an all-round path bike, and Jib plans to launch a gravel bike.

He sees Jibe evolving with his riders.  Maybe they start with a hardtail and after a while decide they need a full suspension bike or gravel bike for commuting.  When a person buys a jib, they agree to send in pictures or results.  Halverson says he constantly hears kids upgrading from an old bike to a jib and notices their position increases upon quitting the race.

“I am talking to such fathers every day. Mums are calling me asking how their children are doing. They are all excited,” he said.

These memories and anecdotes remind Jibe that it is more of a process than a process.

“It makes me smile to see the development and the exhilarating growth of those riders after you ride the jib,” he said.  “I’m not just doing trade now, I’m evidently a part of a network and supporting those youngsters to get out of mountain biking gives me an experience. Take it for granted, or the real middle objective we’re in is to laugh and increase your results.

  Sources By Matt Miller

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