Wallke X2 Pro review: A full-suspension electric 26 Inch Fat Tire Mountain Bike that folds in half!

The Wallke X2 Pro is a unique electric fat tire e-bike in many ways.  It offers giant tires, a powerful motor and a big ol’ storage rack in the back.  All great for winter weather or off the beaten path.

Oh, yes, and it features full suspension.  Oh and it literally folds in half.

Okay, so maybe it’s not so typical.

Wallke X2 Pro E-Bike Tech Specs

Motor: 750 W Geared Rear Hub Motor

Top Speed: 22-ish mph (35 km/h)

Range: 15-30 miles (25-51 km)

Battery: 48V 11.6 Ah (510 Wh)

Weight: 69 lb (31.3 kg)

Maximum Load: 30 lbs (136 kg)

Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes

Extras: Mag wheels, 8-speed Shimano drivetrain, large LCD display, LED headlight, removable integrated battery, cruise control, thumb throttle, massive rear rack, fenders, USB charger with  phone holder.

An adequate bike for a reasonable price

I will not bury the price;  The bike is available on Amazon for $1,599 with free shipping.  And depending on where you are, Amazon might even show you a $180 coupon (they do for me!), bringing the price down to a very reasonable $1,419.

For that price, you’re getting a full-size fat tire e-bike with front and rear suspension, internal battery, 750 W motor around 22-23 mph (35 km/h), hydraulic disc brakes, and mag wheels.  That’s a lot of bikes for this price.

So I was impressed, though the situation was not rosy.  Some corners were cut to make that price possible.

While the front suspension on the Wallke X2 Pro was really good, the rear was not enough.  It’s not a high-end rear shock, and the difference is noticeable.  But for casual riders, any rear suspension is generally a plus.

There is also a cruise control function which may be useful to some but I find annoying.  It gives you auto speed, which seems like a questionable decision.  I imagine if you dig deep enough in the settings you’ll find an option to disable it if you prefer – although most people enjoy cruise control more on e-bikes for some reason.

I can’t complain about the brakes.  They are crisp hydraulic stoppers – not as good as some top models but still better than the average mechanical brakes.  Plus you don’t have to deal with cable extension issues.

And the mag wheels look pretty sweet.  There is a minimal maintenance benefit here, as riders don’t have to worry about spoke tension.  But mostly I think they look fun, and I don’t factor them into the ride or handling equation much.

If you do a lot of winter riding, mag wheels mean less room for water and salt to hang out, as they do over all the spokes and rim holes.

The Wallke X2 Pro’s battery is admittedly small at just 510 Wh, but that’s a trade-off for keeping it internal to the frame (and not pushing the price too high).  And yes, it’s still removable with a keyed lock.

And I wish the bike had a built-in tail light, but at least included a USB-rechargeable tail light in the box.

So with some of my gripes aside, let me start by telling you that for the price of $1,599, you’re getting a great deal.  It is a fully capable fat tire e-bike that can handle city riding or off-road trail rides.

How does it ride?

The bike is quite comfortable, thanks mostly to those fat tires and full-suspension setup (even if the rear suspension isn’t as plush as the front).

The touch points are very nice, both the handlebar grips and the saddle are better than I would expect from a typical Amazon e-bike.

What I’m really excited about is the ride.  The motor in the Wallke X2 Pro is quite powerful for this type of bike.  It’s not blowing me away like dual-motor fat tire bikes or high-powered electric mountain bikes, but it’s comparable in power to other fat tire e-bikes in the $1,500 range.

I was strong enough to conquer all my rutted trails and grassy fields.  If you can’t live in Florida and have real winters, I can see several inches of snow being plenty, although I don’t know how well it would handle the deep, thick and wet stuff.

It’s hard to describe the joy of riding over rutted sections of trails without fear of your wheel catching and throwing you over the bars.

If you haven’t tried a fat tire e-bike yet, you really need to borrow, steal, or find one to test out.

Fat tire e-bikes are a fun class of their own.  And the Wallke X2 Pro gives me everything I’d expect from a full-size fat tire e-bike, adding some niceties I’ve never seen at these prices, like rear suspension and hydraulic disc brakes.

It also folds up!

The ride is good.  Parts are very good for the price.  But the important game changer here is the folding system.

The fact that we’re not looking at a typical diamond frame means this isn’t a typical fat tire e-bike โ€“ it’s a folding fat tire e-bike.

The frame has a folding hinge in the middle next to the battery.  Actually, if you want to remove the battery, here’s how you do it.  It is accessible for unlocking and removal when the frame is opened and folded.

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The bike is not that small when folded.  The handlebars don’t fold, which still keeps the bike fairly wide.  But the big advantage here is that it is not too long.  And that means it fits in the back of most cars, including many hatchbacks, small SUVs, large crossovers, and more.

If you want to transport full-size fat tire bikes in anything other than a truck bed, you’re probably looking at a large SUV or minivan, and then you’ll need to fold down one or two rows of seats.  So if you don’t want to convert your family mover into a two-seater, the Wallke X2 Pro means you can probably leave all the seats in the back or maybe just fold down the back row.

Is really the Wallke X2 Pro e-bike deserving it?

This is the million dollar question.  Or maybe the $1,599 question.

We can’t help but collate the Wallke X2 Pro to the prime fat tire e-bike in the US, the RadRover.

On the one hand, the Wallke X2 Pro looks like a good deal when you factor in the hydraulic disc brakes, improved suspension and folding design.

On the other hand, Wallke is not really a well-known brand and who knows how good they will be in a few months or years when it comes time for service and support.

So you always take some risk when you go with a smaller company.  But if you don’t mind going for a little less chartered water, I think the Walke X2 Pro definitely has a lot to love at a reasonable price.

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