Inspired through Farmers in His Family, Engineer Created India’s 1st Self-Driving Electric Tractor

Inspired through Farmers in His Family, Engineer Created India’s 1st Self-Driving Electric Tractor

Engineer motivated through his own circle of relatives farmer builds India’s 1st self-riding electric powered tractor

India’s first electric powered self-propelled tractor

Kaustubh Dhonde recollects touring his grandparents frequently in rural Maharashtra as a younger child.  His grandparents, who were farmers, lived in a village under the famous Mahabaleshwar hill station in Vai taluka of Satara district in Maharashtra.

“During his adolescence days he noticed farming very carefully while ploughs have been connected to loosen or flip the soil earlier than sowing or planting seeds.  Growing up, He noticed his grandparents and different loved ones the use of bullocks as tractors for ploughing and fielding,” remembers Kaustubh in a verbal exchange with The Better India.

When he was given admission in Mumbai University’s engineering college, a number of his loved ones offered their tractors that have been best a yr or vintage.  It isn’t always that those tractors are of negative excellence or broken.  Tractor proprietors have burned a hollow of their pockets.

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“We must spend loads on diesel and upkeep to get those tractors at the farm.  Moreover, locating an appropriate driving force for this tractor becomes every other factor of contention.  After this verbal exchange, they researched the problem in addition and commenced discussing those worries with farmers from extraordinary components of India.  This became carried out to recognize whether or not different farmers in the usa shared the worries his loved ones did of their village,” says Kaustubh.

They observed that running prices have been too excessive.  Another component is that riding a tractor in India is like riding a vehicle without surprise absorbers on a totally awful road.

“Anyone who drives a tractor continuously for several hours can maintain this interest for a maximum of 5 years before spinal accidents form. Also, as a driving force, you need to cross again frequently and take a look at if the gadget goes down well or if something is stuck. As a result, humans of our technology do not force a tractor.  have been no longer inquisitive about riding full-time or operating in the discipline because of the provision of much less physically-taxing jobs, making it very hard to locate professional labour to force those conventional tractors,” he remembers.

To deal with the excessive value of riding and preserving those conventional diesel tractors (excessive operational value) and cast off the dependence on hiring drivers, they got here with the concept of ​​growing a self sufficient electric powered tractor and constructing a startup round it.  After all, sharing a deep ardour for robotics led them to win numerous national-degree robotics competitions.

In 2016, Kaustubh based Mumbai-primarily based totally electric powered mobility startup AutoNXT Automation.  Almost six years later the 27-yr-vintage is at the cusp of producing India’s first electric powered self sufficient tractor.

He says this tractor is ready to “make a distinction in programs as numerous as ploughing, ploughing, disking and pesticide spraying”.  After constructing the primary prototype of this tractor in the direction of the stop of 2017, what we’ve nowadays is a product with a completely electric powered drivetrain supported through an in-residence advanced cell app that does stay tracking, battery and device repute reports.

“It is a tractor that doesn’t want petrol or diesel.  No oil required besides for brakes and transmission.  Our tractors provide excessive performance and occasional upkeep and strolling prices, which definitely affect techniques like ploughing, ploughing and spraying, and heavy hundreds at 1/4 the value in comparison to their diesel counterparts.  These are the number one motives why I selected to expand an electric powered self sufficient tractor as opposed to a traditional electric powered -wheeler, 3-wheeler or four-wheeler,” he says.

India’s first self sufficient self-propelled electric powered tractor

Kaustubh Dhonde sits on an electric powered tractor advanced through AutoNXT Automation

Self-propelled tractors

But what does a self -sufficient (self-riding) tractor entail?

“No individual is needed to take a seat down at the tractor or control/function it remotely in the farm place.  The driverless characteristic is absolutely installation in a confined place.  It may be a farm, a massive commercial complex or a plant.  You must mark the boundary of the place by means of riding the tractor alongside it once, then the car will geo-fence it.  Once the geo-fencing is carried out, you need to go back the tractor to the beginning factor,” explains Kaustubh.

Through their in-residence advanced software program application, farmers/proprietors can inform the tractor what crop they’re ploughing on a specific day and begin operations accordingly.  After the task is carried out, the tractor notifies the farmer or proprietor through the app.  The farmer or plant proprietor can then accumulate the tractor and park it anywhere he wants.

“No one wants to be on a tractor or display it carefully. Through the app, the tractor will let you know that it can not face any demanding situations like a huge rock, a fallen tree or a electricity pole.  Like a child, the tractor is continually gaining knowledge of the use of synthetic intelligence (AI).  The proprietor can inform the tractor what to avoid.  Whenever there may be an impediment which includes a massive rock, the proprietor has to suggest that the tractor is just too small to disregard or by skipping over.  He explains that that is the primary time the sort of tractor has been constructed in India.

The communique approach among the proprietor and the tractor is through your regular Wi-Fi network.  The app updates the farmer with all records associated with the tractor, consisting of the battery percent left and what sort of she or he stored via way of means of switching to electric powered.  They can lease a tractor using the identical app.

“We worked on GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) to find the tractor together with GPS, which best offers you a metre radius across the tractor and isn’t always very correct for the proprietor to put the tractor. But first of all, the farmer/proprietor trains the tractor to understand approximately the land he’s ploughing.  have to be given,” he adds.

Electric transformations

AutoNxt utilises their customised PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, AC Synchronous Motor) automobiles which might be absolutely synthetic in India.  They have advanced their in-residence BMS (Battery Management System) and may be submitting co-patents for each battery and motor in India.

“Of course, we must import the battery cell, however it’s miles incorporated with the BMS and the clever system we’ve advanced in-residence,” says Kaustubh.

Meanwhile, they’ve 3 self sufficient versions of the self sufficient electric powered tractor:

Primarily, For the 25 HP (horse electricity) version, they use a fifteen KW motor and a fifteen KWHr battery with a runtime of five hours at the farm (7 hours at the road) on a single rate.  It can deliver a load of 750 kg.  It is appropriate for garden, backyard, horticulture and small transportation activities.

Next, The 35 HP tractor version makes use of a 25 KW motor, 25 KWHr battery, has a run time of 6 hours on farm (10 hours on road) on a single rate and may deliver a load of as much as 1,four hundred kg.  It is appropriate for heavy agricultural jobs and medium-sized delivery activities.

Finally, the forty five HP version powered through a 32 KW motor and a 35 KWHr battery has a run time of eight hours at the farm (10 hours at the road).  It can deliver a load of 1,800 kg at a time.

“These 3 HP versions cowl 90% of the Indian call for tractors.  We examined it for numerous conditions, soil types, gadget and climate conditions.  Any observations we collected, we made the ones adjustments.  During the epidemic, we constructed the era for tractors geared up for very last manufacturing.  We have some orders for our electric powered tractors and could begin production as quickly as we near the pre-Series A spherical of investment,” he says.

During the checking out process, AutoNxt brought a number of their self sufficient electric powered tractors to farmers in the state.  seventy five-yr-vintage Thet Ji from Pimplgaon Basavant, a small city 30 km north of Nashik, is one such farmer.  He recalls, “In seventy-five years, I have never seen a tractor work so smoothly and get out of a muddy spot at the same time during operation. The AutoNxt tractor is nearly unfastened to function as energy is to be had at subsidised charges at the farm.  A tractor additionally removes the maximum painful factor of farming that is locating labour to force the tractor or power the tractor ourselves.  We are excited to be the primary in our city to own this tractor.

AutoNxt’s electric powered tractor desires a few steering from the proprietor earlier than being left to its very own devices

This electric powered self sufficient tractor desires a few steering from its proprietor in the preliminary stages

Approach to commercial enterprise

AutoNxt’s preliminary method is to promote their electric powered tractors to B2B customers and now no longer but without delay to farmers.  “We have given our tractors to farmers for trial functions and that they have been in use for multiple years now.  However, we can start with the goal of B2B customers who use the tractors for inner programs which include biomass gas manufacturing agencies in states like Haryana and Punjab that accumulate farm waste and deliver it to a close-by plant,” says Kaustubh.  After a year of operations in the B2B space, he says, he’ll transition to B2C, focused on character farmers.

It is India’s first electric powered self sustaining tractor

AutoNxt’s electric powered autonomous tractor

When we make this transition, we don’t expect farmers to pay for batteries. Instead, we undertake a replaceable battery model.  Farmers lease those batteries and we install a centre in every village in which they could trade them.  For farmers who’re withinside the commercial enterprise of renting out tractors, we can with any luck see that they now no longer best apply it to their farm however additionally work on different farms,” he claims.

So far, AutoNxt has already raised Rs 6.four crore from a few key traders like Chetan Maini, co-founding father of SUN Mobility among “different excellent traders”.  In their pre-Series-A spherical of investment, they anticipate to raise around $3.five million (Rs 27 crore).  They anticipate to formally near this spherical investment through the stop of November 2022 after which they cross into pilot manufacturing.

(Visit the AutoNxt Automation website to analyse more.)

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