Passenger Hauler or Shipment Carrier? Arrival ANT May Be Both, and More

We’ve seen and discussed our fair share of concept vehicles here in the evolution of the auto, but not all aimed at businesses that need a versatile utility vehicle to transport passengers, equipment or supplies from one location to another, especially where a truck or van is inefficient or impossible to use.

Two London-based independent designers have come up with an ingenious concept vehicle to fill that gap in the automotive industry.  They have designed an ultra-customizable electric vehicle that can go from a passenger transporter to a delivery car top cargo carrier depending on the user’s needs.

Mingwei Liu and Benjamin Miller are the masterminds behind the project, dubbed Arrival ANT, designed to revolutionise mobility and transportation in large and growing metropolitan areas around the world that face heavy traffic every day.

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Similar customizable vehicles can convert from passenger hauler to cargo carrier, but the possibilities end there.  Advent ANT takes things further by offering “scalable and flexible solutions at a more granular level”.  This means that the Arrival ANT can change its structure based on the user’s needs with the help of attachable modules that can be attached to the vehicle on demand.

This modern electric vehicle concept starts small and thanks to these attachable modules.  Magnificently large, we might say.  It may be a passenger transporter today and tomorrow it may turn into a heavy carrier ready to prove its agility and functionality.

Arrival ANT

โ€œWe are centered at the application facet of motors and the wishes of shopkeepers, restaurants, transport offerings, transporters, contractors, entrepreneurs, carriers for our opportunities.  These services are the lifeblood of the city and give each neighbourhood its flavour and function,โ€ says the designer.  “These human beings have organization wishes tied to their art work items (or deliverables), and the type of variety can be vast.”

Those in need of a utility vehicle are often conflicted between buying a truck or a van, but with the ANT, they don’t have to worry about that, as an EV can morph its shape to perform various functions and that can add to its utility.  Three times or more.

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This is possible with a few simple base panels and a few building blocks that can be assembled in various combinations.  According to the designers, the possibilities are endless, and attachable modules can be easily and seamlessly rearranged into mini-factories on demand.  Additional corners, panels and interior modules can be stored at these locations and rented for specific jobs.

Corner devices are the focus of this contraption. These units are placed on wheels that deliver torque depending on the load.  Users will be able to connect internal cargo modules based on their needs and thus create the underlying structure of the vehicle.

Arrival ANT

โ€œOne day we must take any other passenger, upload any other seat. Just need a small cargo solution, add a small box.  Ant is required to make autonomous deliveries, remove the cabin and free it.  If you need an ant to move your entire kiosk, it can do that too.  Liu and Miller describe the versatility of the concept thus.

London being the designer’s place of residence, he devised the EV concept to alleviate congestion and congestion in the British capital city’s congested urban scene.  Due to its versatility, the Arrival ANT can be taken on narrow back streets in the heart of the city, where it performs quiet delivery tasks, and where the owner desires to carry heavy loads on high roads.

It also serves as a smart mobility solution for large families and colleagues to get from point A to point B.  For now, it’s just a concept but it helps us imagine what the future of mobility might look like.

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