Turbo Como 4.0 e-bike review: Specialized Concept.

Specialized Turbo Como 4.0 e-bike review

Can the upright step-thru e-bike deal with each town streets and town lanes?

What is it?The Specialized Turbo Como is an upright step-thru electric powered bike designed effortlessly of use in mind, whether or not that be in the town or alongside u . s . a . lanes nipping to the shops. I examined the Como 4.zero, that is the mid-variety choice, slotting in among the less expensive 3.zero and the extra costly five.zero. 

Each version comes with the selection of an inner belt pushed transmission or an outside chain pushed transmission. Mine got here with the latter, a SRAM NX 11-velocity 1X groupset, which I located to offer extra than sufficient variety, even though itโ€™s a touch clunky at instances.

What is it like?  Rather than having the bike introduced to my residence and having a massive field to deal with for some weeks, the sort body of workers on the Harrogate Specialized Concept Store agreed to set the bike up so I may want to select out it up and trip it home, thank you. The path among Harrogate and Bradford is packed with rural lanes, steep hills and the occasional very busy area โ€“ the proper take a look at of all this bikeโ€™s capabilities.

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Itโ€™s marketed as an city bike, and itโ€™s smooth to peer why. Itโ€™s large with out being cumbersome, however offers you a type of self assurance at the roads due to the sheer mass of the bike. I did, anecdotally, locate that drivers have been giving me sufficient room and handiest felt the want to impeach someoneโ€™s using capacity as soon as the complete trip. 

As a commuter or city bike itโ€™s exquisite. It comes ready with all of the add-ons you would possibly want to climate the chillier seasons (assume, mudguards and integrated lights). The rear rack (MIK HD rack device) can preserve as much as 27 kg of luggage, getting rid of the want for a backpack, and the sit up straight and beg function is clearly pretty comfortable โ€“ luxurious, even. 

The motor (Specialized 2.zero) gives as much as 70 Nm of torque, and is one of the maximum natural-feeling electric powered bike cars Iโ€™ve had the delight of testing. Itโ€™s like a mild push, however now no longer vulnerable through any stretch of the imagination, in truth I climbed West Chevin in Otley effortlessly, and a few 16% inclines close by while not having to place an excessive amount of electricity down. 

If youโ€™re cautious together along with your motor and tools choice you could stand up maximum things. This doesnโ€™t imply you have to abuse it though โ€“ despite the fact that itโ€™s tempting to thrash a effective bike like this up mountains, thatโ€™s now no longer what itโ€™s designed for and doing so again and again can shorten the lifespan of the motor. 

The variety is likewise quite good. 23 miles and 2,300ft of hiking left me with simply below 70 percentage battery, and I endured to trip it for some days afterwards with out feeling the want to panic approximately the battery level. 

Comfort wise, the trip first-rate is great. The huge tyres (650b x 2.3in) have been properly appropriate to the now autumnal street situations as the โ€˜dust on streetโ€™ symptoms and symptoms made themselves known, and I located the suspension forks to be installation properly and soaking up maximum of the bumps, despite the fact that I located the rear a part of the body to be a touch harsh at instances if you have a few weight at the rear rack. 

The handlebars are very Moustache inspired, and I assume the form and width offers you a piece of self assurance at the street, you experience like youโ€™re taking on extra area than a ordinary sized street bike so that you can blend with visitors a piece better.

In the cockpit youโ€™ll locate the MasterMind display, that is exquisite. It gives lots of trip metrics and pairs seamlessly with the Mission Control app, from which you could replace your bike over the air, and lock the motor. 

Overall, the Como is an exquisite bike with handiest the charge being a moderate drawback โ€“ however I do assume the strong creation and wonderful motor device incredibly justifies it. 

Where can I purchase it?From one of the Specialized Concept Stores, a dispensing retailer, or online.

How does it arrive?I became fortunate sufficient to gather mine equipped constructed and charged from the Specialized Concept Store in Harrogate, however if series isnโ€™t a possibility, then the bike arrives on the whole assembled in a field. Adjustment of the handlebars and saddle peak may be required. 

VerdictAn exquisite bike for all forms of rider โ€“ commuting, city, countryside, itโ€™s were given the whole thing you want to get going and is a sensible choice for folks that prioritise consolation however donโ€™t need to sacrifice on performance. 

Specialized Turbo Como 4.zero

Cost: ยฃ4300 ( $4,950 )

Frame length examined: Medium p

Weight: 28kg

Groupset: SRAM NX 11-velocity 1X groupsets, SRAM Level hydraulic disc brakes, 180mm rotors

Wheels/tyres: 650b wheels, 650bx2.3โ€ tyres, Pathfinder Sport Reflect,

Motor: Specialised 2.0 (70 Nm of torque)

Battery: Specialized U2-710, 710Wh

Mileage variety: More of than sixty two miles

Assistance levels: Eco, Sport, Turbo

Charge time: 3-5 hours

Included extras: Mudguards, Headlight (Lezyne Ebike Hecto E65, 210 Lumen, 12V), Built-in tail mild on rear rack (Spanninga Commuter Glow XE, 12V), Rear rack (MIK HD), Bell, Kickstand

Our rating: 8 out of ten stars

Sources Turbo Como / by Autocar

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