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Munro Mk1 EV: Defender rival arrives subsequent month

Scotland’s 2nd vehicle emblem is ready to expose the very last model of its hardcore electric powered 4×4

The Mk1 is alleged to be the world’s maximum successful all-electric powered 4×4

munro mk1 4×4 prototype 2022 the front downhill

It has a variety of 168 miles and might last as long as sixteen hours on one charge

With massive use of present components, the Mk1 ambitions to be reasonably-priced to maintain

munro mk1 4×4 prototype 2021 rear

munro mk1 prototype 2022 interior

Scottish EV start-up Munro Vehicles will unveil its first vehicle, the Mk1, on five December – a vehicle that, it claims, is the worldโ€™s maximum successful all-electric powered 4×4. 

To be released in Edinburgh, the 4×4 is conceived as an electric powered opportunity to the Land Rover Defender. It is designed to be used in sectors along with construction, mining, forestry, mountain rescue and agriculture in numerous global locations, which includes Canadian forestry and Texan oil fields. 

The Mk1 may be the very last manufacturing model of the walking prototype that Munro first confirmed in 2021 and commenced testing later that year.


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Said to be able to work for as much as sixteen hours on an single charge, the Mk1 has a variety of 168 miles, with a 1000kg payload and 3500kg towing ability making it aggressive with the Defender and Toyota Land Cruiser Commercial. 

The Mk1 has been designed to be as dependable and sustainable as possible, with a focal point on ease of restore and the capacity to offer proprietors with โ€œdecades’ ‘ of use with low upkeep costs – something that has been done via massive use of present components.

Munro MK1 prototype the front 3 quarter

Munro CEO Russell Peterson said: โ€œThis early comic strip of the Munro Mk1 through our award-triumphing in-residence clothier Ross Compton underlines our layout dedication to construct an all-terrain electric powered 4×4 engineered from the wheels as much as offer unheard of workhorse functionality for business clients trying to decarbonise their fleets.โ€ 

Currently to be had for pre-order in the UK, the ยฃ75,000 Mk1 may be presented in US markets from 2023 as a part of Munroโ€™s partnership with EV sales, leasing and distribution expert Wyre. 

Peterson said: โ€œNorth America is a key market for Munro and weโ€™re thrilled that you can accomplish with Wyre to comprehend our aims beforehand of our unique timeline.

He added: โ€œWeโ€™re dedicating 1/2 of our 2023 manufacturing to left-hand-force motors advanced mainly for the United States market, which Wyre will supply to clients at some stage in the year.โ€

The Scottish marque plans to provide 50 vehicles in 2023, 1/2 of as a way to be left-hand force, with in addition plans to provide 500 in 2024 and 2500 yearly through 2027.

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