KKBike K26S full-suspension fats tire e-bike review: A 30 mph rocket of an electric powered bike

kkbike k26S electric powered bike

Fat tire electric powered bikes are all around the area those days. Full-suspension fat tire e-bikes are a piece rarer. But full-suspension fatties which could hit 30 mph (forty eight km/h) on throttle-simplest using – that’s a unicorn proper there. But that’s precisely what the KKBike K26S offers.

Despite the unlucky call that places too many K’s manners too near together, the bike itself is genuinely pretty awesome.

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It’s something of a no-call brand, in that KKBike is one in every of many inexperienced persons to the e-bike scene. I wasn’t expecting an excessive amount from the bike.

But notwithstanding the bar being low, the K26S hurdled to this point up and over so that I can pretty much appear the opposite manner at the call.

To see what I imply about this fantastically high-overall performance electric powered bike, take a look at our review.

KKBike K26S review

KKBike K26S tech specs

Motor: 750W geared rear hub motor with peak-score of 1,200W

Top velocity: 30 mph (forty eight km/h)

Range: Claimed 40-70 miles (64-112 km)

Battery: 48V 17.five Ah (840 Wh)

Weight: seventy three lb. (33 kg)

Max load: 330 lb. (one hundred fifty kg)

Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes on 180mm rotors

Extras: 8-velocity Shimano drivetrain, huge shade LCD display, LED headlight with rock guard, thumb throttle, detachable battery, plastic fenders, kickstand

High overall performance, medium quality

The KKBike K26S isn’t such a weak-sauce fast tire e-bikes that seems like it is constructed for off-street, however is in reality intended to paste to the bike lane. This is an e-bike which could simply deal with the trails.

Of path it’s now no longer going to paintings excellent on wonderful winding, technical trails with tight turns and switchbacks. It’s simply now no longer a nimble sufficient bike for that because of the huge 4″ huge fat tires.

But the huge quantity tires that assist you to run decrease air stress make it excellent for cruising on dust trails, hearthplace roads, nature paths, packed sand or grassy fields. In the ones settings, this aspect can in reality rip.

The aggregate of an effective motor and full-suspension deliver precisely what you want to simply deal with difficult terrain.

If it turned into simply effective however now no longer comfortable, it’d shake you to pieces. I’ve ridden absolutely inflexible electric powered fast tire bikes before. On difficult hearthplace roads they are able to get a piece dicey.

And if it had exceptional suspension, however no power, it in reality wouldn’t be a great deal amusing because you couldn’t blast through the difficult stuff.

But happily the KKBike K26S has each consolation AND power, that is what makes it any such hoot at the trails.

Granted, the suspension isn’t pinnacle shelf stuff. This is a $1,999 e-bike that’s on sale for $1,799. You’re simply now no longer going to get a wonderful suspension at this charge.

But you continue to get a few quite respectable stuff that’s excellent for this sort of leisure use.

The hydraulic disc brakes are masses grabby with what look like overbuilt callipers. Plus they’re sweet apple red, which in reality provides an awesome few greater kilos of braking pressure.

And to make that braking pressure even more potent they arrive with one hundred eighty mm rotors, which is a pleasing aspect to have on a quick e-bike like this. More on that during a moment.

kkbike k26S electric powered bike

The relaxation of the additives at the KKBike K26S are all “desirable sufficient,” too.

The 8-velocity Shimano shifter is simple but acceptable (even though bike snobs will in reality pan it for being instead entry-level). The tires are easy Kenda fats tires, however they paint simply excellent, although they don’t have the same puncture safety as something higher-stop. The headlight is flawlessly good enough or even comes with a rock guard. And the contact factors are decently comfortable.

Again, no longer wonderful stuff, however it’s all excellent for the sort of leisure and enjoyment we have been checking out with.

The plastic fenders aren’t my favoured and have a tendency to flop around a lot, however we will stay with it. If you don’t trip on moist stuff very regularly, you would possibly even need to go away. We regularly go away plastic fenders once they look like a greater problem than they’re worth.

The shade display screen turned into a pleasing addition, and it turned into simply pretty seen in daylight — something that isn’t authentic of many shade screens.

Can it in reality hit 30 mph?

Yes, the KKBike K26S hits 30 mph (forty eight km/h) pinnacle speeds. And to reply to the following question, sure it is able to accomplish that on throttle alone.

That’s now no longer strictly criminal for street use in lots of states in the US that rely upon the three-magnificence e-bike system. Class three e-bikes can simplest attain 28 mph (forty five km/h), and they are able to simplest do it on pedal assist.

But if you’re basically getting this bike for off-street use, then it doesn’t in reality matter. It’s an unfastened use of a and you may trip but you want on personal land.

In practice, I hardly ever discovered myself simply wanting to rise up to those speeds. Even with the suspension, doing 30 mph on dust or gravel trails is a recipe for disaster. I don’t actually need to wrap myself or the KKBike K26S round a tree, and so I turned normally in the teenagers or twenties after I turned into retaining the bike at the dust.

I’m now no longer racing here, I’m simply having fun.

 k26S electric powered bike

Is it a deal?

The $1,999 charge feels affordable to me. The bike is solid, has a decently huge battery and desirable power, and it even has full-suspension.

At the current $1,799 sale charge (with a $a hundred coupon this is clickable at the Amazon page), that looks as if a severely desirable deal. We’ve visible masses of e-bikes that price greater and supply a long way less.

There’s not anything wonderful high-stop approximately the KKBike K26S, however it does a first-rate process at giving a flavour of full-suspension off-street use. We wouldn’t take it to Whistler, or in reality to any bike park with real jumps, however it’s greater than sufficient for little bunny hops to your neighbourhood trail.

And for everybody hoping to absorb some potholes on their manner to paintings, it’ll deal with that simply excellent too.

What do you think of the KKBike K26S? Let’s pay attention in the feedback phase below!

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