Electric Vehicle Checkpoint: Ford fooled Tesla, accelerating its movement in EVs

Ford (F) – Get the Ford Motor Company report, accelerating its move to electric vehicles, has announced that it will separate its electric vehicle (BEV) production activities from the production of internal combustion cars (ICE) or gasoline cars.  Units.

Jim Farley, president and chief executive officer of Parent Ford Motor, additionally serves as chairman of the electric-vehicle division.  Doug Field – named head of advanced technology and embedded systems in September, reports Farley – will lead the electric division’s product portfolio as chief EV and digital systems officer.

The reorganisation was clear and anticipated.  Both divisions are headed by Ford’s parent company.  “Nothing interesting so far. But wait. Things are going to turn interesting,” writes TheStreet’s Look Olinga.  The electric vehicle segment will be called the Ford Model E.

“Does it beat the bell? Let’s put it this way: does it not remind you of a competitor? A very noisy and powerful competitor ?,” adds Olinga.

Yes, it’s Tesla (TSLA) – get the Tesla Inc report we’re talking about.  Apart from its first model, the Roadster, the vehicles sold by Elon Musk had alphabetical names until Ford appeared.  Model S for Luxury Sedan and Model X for Luxury SUV / Crossover.  After the Model X, Tesla wanted to introduce an entry-level vehicle to the market.

“We have S and X and then a friend asked me at a party saying ‘Hey what do you call a third generation car?’  Musk told CNNMoney in 2014.  “Well, we have S and X so we can make it into E.”

But the car was eventually called the Model 3, thus breaking with the letters.  So what’s wrong? When Tesla desired to sign up the trademark, the corporation encountered sudden opposition: Ford.  Dearborn, Mich.  The automaker has blocked the initiative.

Ford gave us a call and they said they would sue us for using the Model E. And we were like, ‘Ford is killing sex. I mean, it’s terrible!'” Musk told CNNMoney.

To prevent the use of the Tesla E letter, Jim Farley cited a 2010 agreement between the two companies, which states that the Tesla E letter cannot be used as a vehicle name.

Can Ford’s division electrify the stock price?

Ford’s shares have not escaped the volatility swirl that has wreaked havoc on the stock market this year.  Shares are down more than a third from their peak on January 13.

On Wednesday, however, the shares went up.  Shares of the auto giant closed up 8.38% after news of it separating its electric vehicle and gasoline car business.

For the oxen, this is a frustrating series of events.  On February 18, Ford Stock rallied on reports that it was considering a spinoff for its EV business.  About a week later, the stock disappeared from the company’s news that it was not.  Ford said, “We haven’t any plans to diversify our battery electric-car commercial enterprise or our conventional ICE commercial enterprise.”

Well, we are simply 9 days later and the automaker is “going to break up its operations into  separate however complementary divisions.”

TheStreet Quant ratings make Ford a buy with a B rating.

Here are the most electric vehicle stocks to watch this week:


In a raging EV battle, all automakers are looking for an edge over competitors.  And in a race where financial markets and consumers intervene, whatever break they catch is important, especially when it is likely to change the narrative of the industry.  Rivian Automotive (RIVEN) – Rivian Automotive, Inc.  The Class A report, which is working to convince investors and consumers that it has been able to handle the increase in production rates, is very well known.

The Irvine, California., Automaker faces a big test on March 10 when it reports its financial results.  It goes without saying that analysts will focus on its production after Rivian indicated in December that he was experiencing bottleneck issues and was struggling with a lack of chips.  But some two weeks before this big test, the pressure has subsided.  The major obstacle that lay ahead of its development ambitions has now been removed.  Rivian has only one factory at this time, the usual, il.  Rivian has been gifted by US state Georgia officials seeking to establish its second production site.

TheStreet Quant Ratings Rivian has no rating.


Jeep, the iconic all-terrain SUV brand, will enter the 100% electric vehicle market or BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle). Its owner, Stellantis (STLA) – Get Stellantis N.V. The report, the group born out of a merger between Italian-American carmaker Fiat Chrysler and French Peugeot, has now published its roadmap.  The roadmap, which was unveiled during the fourth quarter earnings presentation, provides for the launch of a passenger electric vehicle under the Jeep brand after 2023.

On this record, Stellantis handles the mystery around this vehicle.  Except for the date shown in the launches section 2022 and 2023, there is no other than the ‘TBA’ (declared) in the model section.  The company, led by the Portuguese Carlos Tavares, will undoubtedly lift the veil on March 1, when presenting its long-term strategic plan to investors, or at the 2022 Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah, between April 9 and 17.

TheStreet Quant Ratings Stellanis has no rating.


Tesla CEO Critics like to say that Elon Musk has promised a lot and not always delivered.  If they recognize him for helping to transform the automotive sector into electrification, they are often reminded of his many broken promises.  Therefore, in the face of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it is not surprising that Ukrainians are sceptical of hopes of helping them gain access to fast, secure internet.

“@elonmusk, as you essay to colonise Mars-Russia attempts to conquer Ukraine! 

When your rockets correctly land from space – Russian rockets assault Ukrainian civilians!

Transformation Minister Mikhailo Fedorov wrote on his Twitter account on Saturday.

Traditionally, the U.S.  The opposition political party elects a representative to refuse the president’s annual State of the Union speech.  This week, Republicans elected Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds as the voice of opposition to President Joe Biden’s vision for the country.  Biden, however, may face a more formidable opponent in real time on Twitter.  In his speech on Tuesday night, Biden made the announcement to the US auto industry, naming Ford and General Motors to turn their combustion-engine offerings into electric to build new factories in the US.

The president’s social-media team, working during the speech, tweeted out the facts about the two heritage automakers who have raised Biden’s praise for their efforts.  Musk decided to use social media for Biden’s fact-checking in real-time and eventually emailed CNBC, saying, “No one is watching the State of the Union.”

TheStreet Quant ratings rate Tesla as Hold + with a C + rating.

General Motors, Lordstown Motors

Things do not seem to be looking up for the lucrative Electric Vehicle Startup Lordstown Motors (Ride) – get the Lordstown Motors Corporation Class A report.  They seem to be getting worse: General Motors (GM) – Get a report from General Motors, whose presence as a shareholder alleviates investor concerns, now withdrawn.  Spokesman Jim Kane has confirmed to TheStreet that the owner of the Chevrolet and Cadillac brands has sold the remaining stake in Lordstown Motors.  “We sold our 7.5 million-plus stake in the fourth quarter,” Kane said in an email statement confirming the Detroit Free Press’s report.

This participation was less than 5% of Lordstown.  The initial equity value was $ 75 million.  “You remember, we made a small investment to facilitate the sale of our former assembly plant and to help the plant resume production,” Kane added. Supply agreements among Lordstown and GM continue to be intact. According to the company’s filing, in 2020 GM agreed to provide airbags, steering columns and steering wheels to Lordstown.

TheStreet Quant Ratings gives General Motors a buy rating with a B rating.


Tesla has succeeded in establishing itself as a hub for conversations in and around the automobile industry.  Every automobile manufacturer compares itself to a co-founded and Elon Musk-led company, but get Lucid Group (LCID) – Lucid Group, Inc.  The report wants to change this established mode.  The makers of luxury electric sedans have announced their international expansion deal just five months after car production began.

Lucid has signed an settlement with Saudi Arabia to construct its first global factory.  Overall it is going to be the second one plant.  The institution presently has handiest one production facility in Casa Grande, Ariz.  The MoU has been inked with Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Investment (“MISA”), the Saudi Industrial Development Fund (“SIDF”) and the Economic City in King’s. Abdullah Economic City (“KAEC”). 

But, the luxury electric automaker has yet to find a way to solve its manufacturing problems.  And not sure if things will get better soon.  Electric carmakers have significantly reduced their main production target.  The company now expects to produce 12,000 and 14,000 cars by 2022, 30% to 40% lower than its initial forecast of 20,000 units, according to a news release.  The Lucid Group said the new numbers reflect supply chain issues and disruptions

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