Book your Okaya Electric Scooter for ₹ 1,999 / – now

Okaya Electric Vehicle High-Speed-Scooter Fast Launched at ₹ 89,999 / –


 The new scooter delivers a maximum speed of 60-70 kmph.

 Offers 150-200km per charge, depending on road, traffic and drivers,

 Customers can book Okaya Electric Fast online or at dealerships for ₹ 1999.

 Okaya Electric Vehicles, an Indian battery manufacturer and distributor originally based in Gurugram.

 Okaya Electric Vehicle today announced the launch of the electric-powered high-speed scooter fast at a competitive price of ₹ 89,999 / – (before subsidies) at EV Expo 21 in Greater Noida.  The company said it would allow bookings with the original payment of ₹ 1,999 / – through the Okaya EV website or any Okaya company dealership.

 The IoT-enabled scooter offers a maximum speed of 60-70 kmph and a range of 150-200 km per charge depending on operation.  The company has announced that it will be equipped with features and specifications such as a4.4 kW Lithium Phosphate Battery, All Digital Instrument Cluster, LED Lights, Day Running Lights and Combi Retard System.

 “With the launch of our Okaya Fast, we have demonstrated our renewed commitment to accelerating the production of innovative, low-cost but high-performance electric powered scooters.”  Anil Gupta, managing director of Okaya Power Group, said.

 He added that Okaya has previously emerged as a key player among these members, creating an essential presto-charging structure for e-scooters.

 Okaya Fast, with its performance specifications and features, managed to hit the sweet spot on request, directly challenging its petrol scooter counterparts, the company said.

 “Okay is leading the nation’s longest and widest e-scooter member, making electric vehicles with specifications made in India, rather than simply assembling Indian products.

 “With our special Okaya fast-scooters, we are targeting the huge demand for high-performance EVs with the changing preferences of customers,” said Anshul Gupta, Director, Okaya Power Pvt.

 The company is also working on introducing high-speed, eco-friendly two-wheeler bikes, and is on the path to acquiring the fastest growing domestic EV brand, developing 225 dealers across India within six months of its launch.

 “As the country’s development path rapidly shifts to electric mode, there is a growing demand for EVs, and then the demand for fast charging and affordable scooters.

 “We look forward to reducing the significant share of the increasing demand on request by fulfilling our commitment to delivering sophisticated Okaya fast-scooters to our valued customers,” said Puran Singh Negi, AVP, Okaia.  EV

While unveiling Fast, Okaya also revealed more about its upcoming sophisticated e-motorcycle Ferrato, which could be released in the alternate quarter of FY22.  Packed with a 2-kilowatt motor and a 3-kilowatt battery, the Ferrato delivers a safe 80-90 km / h and a range of 100 km per charge, according to the company’s announcement.

 Company Profile

 OKAYA POWER LIMITED is an Indian based company consisting of 9 product units spread across 16,990 square meters.

Performs all types of batteries, cell, power packs, storehouse batteries and battery holders, battery covers, battery eliminators, chargeable batteries.

Okaia is the most talked about brand because of its product features and product sophistication.  Due to the long-lasting nature of batteries, Okaya products are known to be excellent, which will satisfy guests with service.


 As President of OKAYA, Mr.  Anil Gupta is a key supporter of OKAYA Power Group, which is proud of its proud family heritage.  Armed with an engineering degree from BITS Pilani, she began her career as a computer and electronics school teacher;  And it has gone a long way toward getting a successful entrepreneur.

 Sources: Times of India

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