The OBEN EV is an electric bike with 100km /h and 200 km range for made in India.

India’s OVEN EV, the first electric bike in India, was designed and developed by Bangalore couple Dinakar and Madhumita Agarwal. In December, the startup built a working bike that is ready to test drive. Launched-up, the electric bike has previously received 16 patent inventions and has begun testing on select roads.


  The-Bike is a proud Indian act of the couple because the equipment used is locally sourced.  The couple are the defining drivers of the developing OBEN EV and its ideal is to explore the development of a fully Indian electric bike.  The OBEN EV will be operational in 2020 and the motorbike will go fast before final approval to suit Indian roads.

  The new-bike can go from 0 to 40km / h in 3 seconds and can reach speeds of 100km / h with its 200 km range.  The concept of the new-bike is to provide an affordable, innovative, fully localised corridor and an overall comfortable and reliable electric bike.  The invention extends to a chargeable battery within two hours, while Presto charging support cuts the charging time to about an hour.


  ARX โ€‹โ€‹Design Framework helps the focus of Thi-bike merchandise to a single focal point, thus enhancing its craftsmanship and balance.  Enhanced Stoner experience complete with support for smartphone commerce with The-Bike through the mobile app.  The app provides functionality and information to Stoner for a truly motivational ride experience.

  The OBEN EV new-bike is predict to be launched in the first quarter of 2022, and the first transport will take place in the month of April 2022.  The company accepts pre-booking but it is not clear what pricing rule is available for the two-bikes.  In any case, the OBEN EV is expected to have a great event on request with a raft of great features and patented inventions following the path of the electric bike.

Speaking to The Better India, Dinkar said, โ€œWe wanted to produce a fully domestic vehicle and the Pulsar offers a comfortable and riding experience with 180 cc and 200 cc bikes.  But the EV ecosystem in India has not made the expected progress in terms of structure, and we are involved in the design and manufacture of very few aspects of the vehicle.  But with battery cells, we have successfully built a real Indian electric bike.

  Describing the special specifications, Dinakar says the personal bowl enables the vehicle to be charged within two hours.  โ€œThe vehicle can be charged in an hour using an external DC bowl,โ€ he says.

   OBEN EV Bike Features

  They say the vehicle has an ARX design framework that focuses on the vehicle’s cargo to a single focal point and is lightweight and fast for riders to manipulate.

  “Another unique design element is the design of the battery, which appears to float and helps the rider in the ride experience. The frame is engraved with an aluminum coating, the first of which is the Aciduity.  The biggest problem, “he explains,” is that the electric bike is 25 percent lighter compared to its competitors. It’s the same member. “

  Aside from design aspects, Theo-Bike offers Stoner commerce through smartphone connectivity.  The smaller application shares subtleties on the range, battery life, prophetic shielding, side of the road backing and further. Service support is the first of its members,” claims Dinakar.

  He adds that similar innovations and unique features have helped the company achieve 16 patents under product enhancement, material reduction bill, data analysis and customer experience mandates.

  Madhumita, her lady and co-founder, says it is the first electric bike to be tested by the model and implicit guests operating in the country.  “Creating a distributing product has led our investors to show confidence in us. Building a fully-fledged electric bike puts the air ahead of other challengers. Stoner can test, as other companies have no functional product,” he adds.

  His hubby adds, “To improve and engage the client experience, we’ve added gamification on the vehicle that allows all OBEN bike drivers to interact and maintain the bike’s performance, battery life and performance.  Others. “

  Incipiency plans to launch and allow guests to view vehicle lifts in the first quarter of 2022.  โ€œThe incipiency intends to deliver off and permit the visitors to book the vehicle  in the key quarter.”

  Along with the design and construction of the domestic bike, he says the backstop was challenging.  The EV request can be tricky as several players promise multiple features.  Still, the creation of a functional bike was necessary to build trust and confidence among investors and this helped us attract the latest support of USD1.5 million, โ€he says.

sources : OBEN

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