AMO aims for the top three in India: three electric scooters in six months, one bike launch

Electric vehicles are the talk of the town these days, and electric scooters are a hot commodity in this new space.  With the prices of electric scooters now becoming more affordable and the range increasing, the adoption of these vehicles is on an upward curve.

AMO aims for the top three in India: three electric scooters in six months, one bike launch.

 As with any thriving space, the electric two-wheeler segment is regularly attracting new players.  Also, it makes sense for these players to enter as soon as possible because this is the only way they can compete and compete with established players who are now planning to enter the EV space.

 One such company is AMO Electric Bikes, which has been around for a while with low-speed electric bikes but will soon enter the high-speed space of the market.  When we spoke with Sushant Kumar, CEO and MD of AMO Electric Bikes, to get an insight into the company’s growth and product plans,

 Driven by growth of 500 to 600% over the past few years, and about the market potential, Sushant told us that AMO will enter the high-speed electric two-wheeler segment.

 With the first release in the first week of February, the company will be launching four new vehicles in the segment over the next six months.  Continuing, AMO is confident that about 80% of its total sales come from high-speed vehicles.

 In the ongoing fiscal year, AMO expects to sell approximately 35,000 vehicles and will target 1,25,000 in the next FY.

 The new vehicle is said to be an electric scooter and offers a good balance between high speed and range.  While Sushant did not provide any further technical details, he informed us that the BMS was developed in-house and is one of the main reasons for the improved performance of the vehicle.

 Considering the recent events of some electric two-wheelers (reportedly Chinese) flames, Sushant said their products were designed and developed entirely in-house and that their R&D facility ensured the units met international safety standards.

 Battery packs are sourced from local vendors, who receive them from international markets before putting them together as a battery pack.

 Sushant did not give us details of the upcoming three vehicles but told us that one of them will be a motorcycle.

 He said electric bikes are increasingly dependent on scooters for growth as they offer better flexibility and utility than motorcycles.  Also, they are more suitable for small city runs and more suitable for family use.

 Speaking about the company’s growth plans, Sushant told us that AMO plans to become one of the top three manufacturers in the electric two-wheeler space in two to three years.

 The company already has an extensive network of 150 dealers nationwide and plans to expand it to 200 by the end of March, 2022.  They are confident that this broader network will rank AMO higher than their competitors.

 Asked about the challenge of volume players such as Ola Electric, Sushant said the segment is already growing fast and is confident that AMO Electric will be able to take the stage in the two-wheeler space and is ready to grow faster.  800% in one year in the coming days.  Also, the market will eventually move to the point where 25% of vehicles are electric.  Therefore, the division has space for many new players to enter and grow.

 One of the reasons he believes in the potential of his new products to deal with competitors is his focus on R&D.  The company currently spends about 30% of its annual revenue on R&D and is trying to focus on the development of globally acceptable safety and performance technologies and processes.  For example, a BMS (battery management system) is designed and developed in-house and is highly suitable for maximising the balance between the performance and safety of the cells.

 Asked about the company’s approach towards battery integration, Sushant said the company uses a mix of removable and fixed batteries in their products.

 Products targeting e-commerce and Last Mile Delivery applications include replaceable batteries to maximise operation time, but personal applications are often supplied with fixed batteries.

About AMO Mobility

  Amo Mobility Solutions is a company dedicated to delivering environmentally friendly electric bikes in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in India.  Electric mobility / e mobility, on the other hand, is not just a passing fashion for us.  It’s all about providing industry-leading technology and solutions that meet the needs of every customer.  All of this is accomplished by keeping your wallet low-cost.  We follow the highest international standards and continue to make new progress in this fast paced industry.  At the same time, we promise to keep our commitments to make things easier for the environment.

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