What It’s Like Dating EUNORAU Specter S Analysis.

EUNORAU, manufacturer of large and large electric bikes, is shining a new path for both its customers and its company.  The Specter S is its new flagship electric bike, built to rock rough terrain and bomb down with equal grace.

 As the company’s first foray into a new segment of the industry, there are improvements to be made, but the entry of these solid newcomers should attract the attention of the varsity team.

  There are a plethora of off-road capable electric bikes on the market today and an even greater proportion of electric bikes checking out the dual suspension box.

  Some of them are obtainable, others are made for looks, and some of them stand out from the crowd.

  The Spectre S stands out to me with a high quality frame, a wildly powerful motor and a dual battery option.

  EUNORAU Spectre S  Specifications

Max speed is 35mph (56 kmph),

Range is (highly variable) 15 to 80 miles (19 to 128 km),

Motor is Bafang M620 1000w mid-drive,

Battery is 48v 14ah internal battery.

Tires is 26 โ€ณ x 4 โ€ณ Fat Tires,

Gearing is Sram 11 Speed โ€‹โ€‹11 to 42 Tooth Cassette,

Brakes is Dual piston 180mm hydraulic,

Fork is Inverted Air Suspension,

Frame is Rear Air Suspension,

Additional Services are Front Head-Light, Suspension Mud-Guards, Kickstand, Dual Battery Option (+ $ 400),

  EUNORAU Specter S

It’s okay, The single biggest obstacle to riding downhill is in the first place.  Most hard-boiled riders drive up the mountain with the power of their own leg, some taking a car shuttle or ski lift to the top.  Surprisingly, this is not considered “fraud” and with that precedent, an ever-growing number of riders are entering the sport with an electric bike to help them on the mountain.

  EUNORAU Specter S

  Spectre riding on the hill was very humorous.  The bike itself weighs 83.61 pounds.  In combination with myself, water and camera gear, we tip the scales at around 300 lbs.  The scorching heat of the summer sun exploded at 100 degrees and a small blanket of small desert trees gave partial respite.  Despite this, and despite the rocky terrain of the ATV Trail, the Spectre S rose like a hungry moose.

  EUNORAU Specter S Dual Battery

Specter’s core of power is the Bafang M620 motor, which itself is the highlight of Bafang’s lineup.  The M620 motor features the Royal Flush of Specs: mid-drive, 1000w, torque sensor, 160 nm of torque, and both throttle and pedal assist.  In general terms, the motor has good balance, power, utility, intuitiveness and is equally used in high-powered cargo bikes, mountain bikes and high-speed bikes.

  The torque-sensing pedal assist from the motor is an exceptional feature for climbing use.  With the feet pressed, the power system fully powers the pedal pressure.  The forecast and immediacy of the torque sensor delivers the perfect amount of power in any situation. 

The combination of intuition and technology makes it an ideal motor for rugged and varied conditions, a cadence-based motor simply cannot do.

  EUNORAU Specter S Gearing Mechanical support.

  Integrated with the powerhouse motor is the Sram NX 11 speed derailleur and 11 to 42 tooth cassette.  The Sram NX enthusiast is at the top of the ladder when it comes to performance;  Any higher, and it is in professional grade.

     The comparable Shimano Dior groupset is a bit more reliable, in my case, I had to reset the pulley arm spring during the ride.  Nevertheless, due to shift detection combined with the motor, the system interfaced completely with the motor.

  Battery with hungry motor

  The motor’s nose was really hungry as it ate the dual battery system alive.  Equipped with dual batteries, the Spectre I Ride carried 2x 48v 14ah batteries for 1.3kwh of power.  After roughly three miles of rough terrain (4.8km), the show reads at 80% capacity.  Constantly climbing under harsh conditions, I could have seen a range of 12 miles (19.3 km).  Using this estimate, the Spectre S consumed approximately five times the average eBike battery used on the road. 

Realistically, we don’t worry about efficiency under these conditions.  However, I think it is my duty to report that the range stated on the EUNORAU website (80 miles / 128 km) is to be the maximum travel road.

80 miles on this seat is not very comfortable

Specter S offered real slopes

The bombing down and down was an absolute blast!   we discussing about the forward angle of the front tire, which enabled more controlled and predictable landing.  The Spectre S offered real slopes that would excite almost anyone with plenty of thrills and chills.  Much of the cold came from inadequate brake pads and brakes.

 It is very common to install bikes from the factory with a set of brake pads which are a “starter” set.  Like the cheap stock tires on a car, these pads are often replaced with a more robust set of brakes.  However, in addition to malfunctioning brakes, it gave the white knuckle experience on the trail.

  The Spectre S uses a dual-piston hydraulic disc brake with a 180mm disc.  While these types of brakes are perfectly suited to a hardtail mountain bike, light-duty cargo bike, or urban commuter, they do not cut the mustard in demanding applications where the Spectre S is not so proficient. 

If EUNORAU decided to use a larger disc to pull off that build-up, opting for cooling fins or a quad piston calliper, I think the bulky weight of this bike would go up even higher.  In my experience, the brakes were tapped by descending to about 1,500 feet over three miles.

  Inadequate downhill brakes

  The last point of interest is the legitimacy of Specter S.  Itโ€™s a 1000w mid-drive motor, 35mph top speed and rocking throttle to boot, which is outside the eBike classifications installed in many states and municipalities.  The bike is not completely illegal.  We took the Specter up and down the ATV trail, where dirt-bikes, side-by-side and even jeeps are legal to drive.

 We don’t have much to say other than to be careful and be legal.  Further eBike restrictions can be put in place and our industry is not big enough to fight it.

 We think so

  Overall, I think the Specter is a great bike for off-road adventures on some incredible hills and some middle hills.  The price of the bike adds it to the established class, a rider who wants to have extraordinary power to go up the hill but to upgrade the brakes to go down a difficult slope.  At a single battery price of $ 3,799, the Specter S is considerably cheaper than many slope-based bikes but substantially more than other entry-level dual-suspension bikes for virtually no downhill.

How do people like the EUNORAU Specter S ?

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