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Electric Sky Jeep from Old Buckenham Company

  NunKats, based at Old Buckenham Airfield, is developing an ‘Electric Sky Jeep’ aimed at revolutionizing life in remote communities around the world.

Nuncats is based in one of Old Buckenham Airfieldโ€™s historic hangars. Photos: Nuncats

  Electric Sky Jeep is based on the Zenith CH750 Kitplane equipped with the electric propulsion and lithium-ion batteries that replace the standard 100hp O-200 engine.

  NunKats was founded by Tim Bridge, who said, “Globally, more than two billion people living in rural communities do not have access to basic health care.

  โ€œEducation or employment opportunities are also limited because their communities lack critical transportation infrastructure.

  โ€œOur electric powered Sky Jeep could be a lifeline for those communities. To deliver this, we have established NunKats as a mission-led community interest company.

  Onancats is based on one of the old Buckenham Airfield’s historic hangers.  Photos: Nuncats

  The Nuncats have recently set up a crowdfunding campaign to support upgrades to the historic 1940s hangar at Old Buckenham and encourage more people to get involved in the project.

  โ€œWe anticipate this [aircraft] to act like aโ€˜ normal โ€™one with a 100hp engine,โ€ Tim continued.

  โ€œThe preliminary check software is a 30 minute run. This is not much in comparison to the endurance of a petrol engine, but with the nodal network of off-grid charging stations, we have identified many places where NGOs are available if they are available, and quite low cost.

  “What we are completing now could be supposed to show off that factor through bouncing across the diverse Norfolk fields.”

  Installing the Onancats Electric Propulsion System on the Zenith CH750 Kitplane

  NunKats plans to offer this system to operators and pilots of other light aircraft that can be converted to electric power.  Sales to this emerging sector will be used to deliver a uniquely sustainable and resilient transportation solution to NGOs and charities at minimal cost.

  Zenith Aircraft is also involved.  Sebastian Heintz, president of Zenith Aircraft, said: โ€œZenith Aircraft is proud to be a partner in this project, which will showcase the real potential of electric powered light aircraft in new markets that were previously inaccessible.

  โ€œWe are excited to develop a novel profit-oriented structure as we move towards a more sustainable future for lightweight sports aviation.

source NunKats

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