Zooz Urban Ultralight 250 review Stylish city ebike with a conventional BMX twist

Pack shot of the Zooz Urban Ultralight 250 ebike

A bike that makes little experience however is loads of a laugh – recommended

Zooz Urban Ultralight 250  Specifications


PriceGBP £2100.00

Weight 22.09 kg (One size)



FeaturesExtras: included rear mild with brake characteristic Gears: One velocity (forty eight x sixteen)

Available sizesOne size

Bottom bracketBSA

BrakesZooz hydraulic disc brakes (160mm rotors)

Chain⅛” pitch BMX chain

Crank 3-piece Zooz BMX chainset with a forty eight-enamel chainring

ForkChromoly metal

Frame4130 Chromoly metal

HandlebarLow  BMX bar (Tall alternative available)

MotorZooz 36v/250w rear hub motor, 576wh battery, LCD manipulate show, throttle

SaddleIntegrated seat

StemZooz alloy BMX stem

TyresKenda Kranium 24 x 2.125-inch

Wheels24” alloy rims on disc the front hub, Zooz motor rear.

Zooz Urban Ultralight 250 ebike

The Zooz Urban Ultralight 250 hails from Chicago, and its vivid chromed-metal body and traditional unicrown fork are the conventional BMXs of the 1980s. Its 24-inch cruiser-magnificence wheels convey usability into the equation too.

An epically lengthy chopper-fashion seat sans backrest, that still doubles up as a cowl for the big detachable battery, rounds out the construct.

With an unmovable saddle, the Zooz isn’t precisely what you’d name realistic, and nor is it a complete-on BMX just like the 29-inch wheeled GT Power Performer I examined again in the summer.

Zooz Urban Ultralight 250 e-bik e All metal and lots of chrome, the Zooz Urban Ultralight surely stands up. Russell Burton

The Zooz Urban is available in 3 models – this 250W model that complies with UK electric powered bike legal guidelines, and plenty of extra effective 750W and 1,100W alternatives.

UK electric powered bike legal guidelines imply the latter could be unlawful to apply at the roads due to the fact they’re now no longer classed as an EAPC.

For US readers, the extra effective alternatives will upload each velocity and variety.

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What we experience approximately with our  Zooz Urban Ultralight 250 ride.!

The Zooz handles like a conventional BMX. Russell Burton 

The more we rode the Zooz, the more we loved the enjoyment.

It’s now no longer designed for lengthy rides to work, just like the quality bikes for commuting, even though the 576Wh battery has given me a first rate variety of forty five miles or extra among charges.

The Zooz has nimble handling, and the steep head attitude and tall bars may be acquainted immediately to everyone with any BMX enjoyment of their past (even remote past, in my case).

The massive, rounded Kenda tyres have lots of grip, so that you can zip the bike thru corners, or maybe carve your nearby skatepark with confidence.

The Zooz is an amazing laugh while sweeping thru traffic, taking shortcuts down steps, launching off curbs and reducing thru parks.

Zooz Urban Ultralight 250 motor

The 250W rear-hub motor packs lots of electricity. Russell Burton 

The rear-hub motor has lots of punch and I was inspired with the aid of how easily it selects up.

Unlike maximum rear-hub electric powered bike motors, which normally comprise sensors into the hub itself, the Zooz makes use of pedal sensors to electric up.

The bike comes with a throttle that’s designed to help you getting far far from the lights, or to offer a mild uphill boost.

Assistance may be switched among 5 ranges through buttons on an LCD manipulate unit.

The manipulated display screen is obvious and clean to apply. Russell Burton 

This unit is an off-the-peg version I’ve seen on similar-priced electric powered bikes from the likes of Mycle. It’s strong and clean to apply.

The show suggests velocity, mileage and battery life, and you could scroll through common and most velocity, and voltage.

The 5 modes experience tremendously different.

The chainguard is one of the most effective nods to practicality at the Zooz. Russell Burton

We discovered using round in mode 3 gave the quality stability of electricity to a variety, however the Zooz isn’t designed for realistic variety-busting use. To experience the bike as intended, We could inspire you to whack it as much as complete electricity and make the maximum of the effective motor to zip thru traffic.

The decrease modes are quality reserved for sit-down consistent cruising at the manner to the espresso save or bar.

The Zooz construct package includes true stable stuff.

The forty eight×sixteen equipment is good for using round metropolises. Russell Burton

We became inspired with the aid of using the Zooz-branded hydraulic disc brakes running on properly waved and machined 160mm metal rotors.

The braking is robust but controlled, and you could lock the rear wheel for a few right sideways BMX-fashion cornering on dirt.

The single equipment is quality for round-city use and mild hills, even though we were satisfied to have the throttle equipped once we attempted more than one steep nearby climb to see how the Zooz fared.

The big seat hides the big, detachable 576Wh battery. Russell Burton

The massive, lengthy bench of a saddle is plush and comfortable. However, due to the fact it’s constant at one peak, it makes pedalling something of an oddity while seated. If you’re now no longer as tall as me, you’ll in all likelihood locate it a miles less difficult proposition.

The wide seat to begin with feels bizarre while status and pedalling due to the fact you could experience it for your inseam.

We quickly got used to it and discovered myself the use of the luxurious seat as something to brace my leg on leaning into turns while my use was spirited.

The Zooz brings an entire international of a laugh to city ebikes. Russell Burton 

Though it’s known as the Ultralight, the Zooz without a doubt isn’t always over 20kg, however we by no means discovered it overly heavy.

Its compact form is simple to transport round, and the massive seat offers you lots to keep onto.

The weight distribution with the battery set in its midriff way it’s clean to raise up and wheelie round too.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Great handling; comfortable; a laugh, a laugh and plenty extra a laugh

Cons: Not realistic in any experience, however that’s now no longer the point; no seat-peak adjustment

Zooz Urban Ultralight 250 Interpretation 

Relive your BMX young people with a piece of introduced assistance. Russell Burton

Overall, the Zooz is a motorbike that surely will no longer work. It’s now no longer that realistic, it’s now no longer that mild, and it most effective is available in one size.

Despite all of that, it’s one of the maximum laugh e bikes We’ve attempted to date.

Cruising round and sitting on the luxurious sofa of a seat that’s lengthy enough to provide a chum boost is certain to place a grin on your face.

Stand up and spin the cranks and you’ve a slice of bicycle motocross, a laugh that’s as at home in the metropolis as it’s far from a music or skatepark.

It’s additionally at domestic carving round your nearby skatepark. Russell Burton 

The realistic aspect of my psyche couldn’t without a doubt muster up a purpose to shop for the Zooz over an in addition priced realistic ebike with lights, racks and mudguards, however we need the Zooz over any of these grown-up alternatives.

So, We absolutely suggest embracing your internal infant and having a laugh in this stylish cruiser. It’ll make you smile whenever you sling a leg over that -foot lengthy saddle.

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Sourcess: Zooz Urban / bikeradar / By Warren Rossiter

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