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This Futuristic Car Is Designed Entirely With Computer Algorithms.

Using the technique of parametric design or manufacturer design, automotive designer Ayoub Ahmad created the HV-001 by defining a set of conditions and allowing 3D algorithms to create an organic-looking automobile to meet those conditions


If the design looks almost like a skeleton, then it is no coincidence because natural evolution works the same way – it designs skeletons based on specific conditions. 

Humans have strong heels and tail bones to stand and sit, birds have lighter skeletons to fly, and goats occasionally have strong skulls to bow.

The chassis of the car itself is its body, with the organic and beautiful exoskeletal framework, it is a shame to hide it under the fascia. 

The unique exterior of the HV-001 seeks to achieve energy and aerodynamics with as little material as possible, resulting in open spaces where the material is not needed and the compressor pillars where gravitational pressure, physical loads or mechanical stress are taken.

As far as surfaces go, the HV-001 opts for a mesh-like surface with its own dimples or negative spots and eliminates unwanted material and reduces the weight of the car, making it more energy efficient.

Designer: Ayub Ahmed

The car’s unique skeleton design is no different from the 2019 Formula 1 perfume bottles Ross Lovegrove (who also used the parametric design).  With such intricately complex forms, relying on 3D printing to build your structures is almost axial. 

The design of the car certainly indicates that its exoskeleton is 3D printed with a number of undercuts, contours and complex surfaces.  The typical organic design is not limited to the car’s chassis – its wheels have organic 3D printed rims, and the car’s cockpit (even its steering wheel) echoes the same organic production design language.  I’m not kidding when I say that the HV-001 is designed entirely with algorithms!

The 3 maximum not unusualplace parameters that outline such designs are A. capacity, B. minimal material / weight, and C. aerodynamics to restrict drag and growth efficiency. Looking at the car’s contours will help you understand what path the car takes through it. 

The vehicle has a defined contour running along the sides and there is an abundance of air inputs and outlets to keep the vehicle cool even at peak speeds.  The rear wings help to cut and channel air and the lack of a conventional exhaust system is enough to make an educated guess that the HV-001 is powered by electric or hydrogen-powered drivetrain.  The car is a concept, but it is a form of exercise by Dubai-based automotive designer, Ayoub Ahmed.


What is a computer algorithm?

Algorithm is a specific method that solves a well-defined computational problem.  The development and analysis of algorithms are fundamental to all aspects of computer science: artificial intelligence, databases, graphics, networking, operating systems, security, etc.

What is Parametric Design?

Parametric design is a design method where features (such as building elements and engineering components) are directly modeled according to algorithmic processes as opposed to design.  In this approach, parameters and rules determine the relationship between design intention and design response.

What is a 3D Algorithm?

The 3D view can be defined if the 3D binary array is stored in the computer’s memory and a procedural segment exists, so that it can compute the binary value corresponding to any 3-tuple integer that references the underlying coordinate system.

What is 3D in computers?

In computers, 3-D (three-dimensional or three-dimensional) describes an image that provides depth perception.  When 3-D images are made interactive and users feel engaged with the scene, the experience is called virtual reality

What is aerodynamics?

Aerodynamics is the way air moves around objects.  The rules of aerodynamics explain how the aircraft is able to fly.  Anything that moves through the air responds to aerodynamics.

Source’s :Ayoub Ahmad

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