Seabables Has Launched A Special UAE Version Of Its Iconic Hydrogen Flying Boat.

Company celebrates UAE’s pearl heritage by unveiling X-Pearl at Dubai International Boat Show

Dubai, UAE: Seabables today unveiled X-Pearl as the hydrogen powered UAE’s first flying boat at the Dubai International Boat Show.  The new boat represents the future of green mobility by combining flying and sailing sensations for zero-wave, zero-noise, zero-emission navigation.

The inspiration for the Seabables comes from the UAE’s Pearl Diving tradition and X-Pearl celebrates this magnificent heritage by introducing a true gem of innovation.  X-Pearl of the Seabables is a special edition that honours the heritage and vision of the UAE.

During the Dubai International Boat Show, which will not be missed on March 9-13 in Riyadh and at the Ritosa Global Family Office Investment Summit, March 15-27, the water mobility pioneer company Seabbles and Al Masoud, are more diverse.  The MoU proudly announced the signature.

โ€œTogether, this event marks the first stages of the new era in terms of hydrogen mobility, paving the way for COP28 with key partners for green hydrogen supply.  Along the waterways, the Seabebels take part in this journey by providing an alternative mobility solution in a true capsule of innovation.  Said Virginie Seirat, vice president of Seabells.

As a pioneer in water mobility solutions, the Al Masoud background is a conglomerate that commenced to serve the marine enterprise with the aid of introducing Abu Dhabi’s first water desalination plant. The work represents a sophisticated invention of foils and hydrogen propulsion that combines to produce a true gem of eco-friendly navigation, emphasising the most beautiful range of nature that X-Pearl has to offer by emitting only water and water.  “We are very proud of it,” said Rasso Bartenslager, general manager of the Al Masoud Power Division.

Seabables show what sophisticated technologies can provide for the future of green.  Its hydrogen fuel cell generates power for internal systems and propulsion pods, and the battery pack supports it during flight to balance power needs.  This hybridization has the advantage of just emitting water and relying on renewable energy sources.  In addition, foils reduce the wet surface area, participate in on-board power consumption optimization, which represents a 35% savings on energy required for the same speed as a regular boat.

The Seabables is designed to deliver eight passengers safely and seamlessly in the unprecedented comfort of a true capsule of technology at the conventional crossroads of luxury car comfort, fast boat comfort and flight stability.  It is suitable for a wide variety of situations requiring water mobility, including the Electric H2 flagship passenger vessel, zero-emission water taxi, VIP shuttle, eco-tourism viewing in protected areas, urban and inter-city transfers.  And a private yacht.

X-Parl leverages the latest innovations and technologies with a clean hydrogen powertrain that allows passengers to experience a new journey, complete with stability and silence, flying in harmony with nature and the environment.  It operates by flying over submerged wings, which lift the craft as the aircraft takes off and leave no pollutant emissions in the air, thanks to its electric-hydrogen power.

Urban mobility is a very important  innovation centre globally. From the cleanliness of the air to the comfort of life, the potential for growth is enormous and shaping the future of our cities. What can we do to make change? We can undertake new methods of searching at our herbal infrastructure. For example, the world’s oldest pearl is over 8,000 years old and was discovered during excavations on Marawah Island, Abu Dhabi.  Said Mrs. Seurat.

Source Gulf news

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