Three upcoming high-performance electric bikes in India

The Indian EV market is still dominated by electric scooters, but a wide range of high-speed electric motorcycles are also on the list.

The high-performance electric motorcycle

The ultraviolet F77 electric motorcycle gets the attention-grabbing design and delivers high performance.

  Demand and sales of electric two wheelers in India have been increasing rapidly over the past few years.  Electric scooters, especially low-speed models are witnessing huge demand across India, with many startups launching their attractive products.  However, there is a demand for high-performance electric motorcycles, which attract more riders than low-speed commuter scooters.

To address this growing demand for high-performance electric bikes, some EV startups across India are working on new products.  Here are some interesting high-performance electric motorcycles coming to India in a few months.

3’rd “Hop Oxo

Hop Electric is expected to release its first local high-speed electric motorcycle, Hop Axo, later this year.  It comes as a more affordable electric motorcycle compared to the Mflux One and Ultraviolet F77.

The motorcycle will be built with the motorcycle’s next generation Lyf 2.0 electric scooter.  Hope Axo Electric Motorcycle is expected to offer a range of 150 km on a single charge.  Also, this motorcycle can reach 0-90 kmph in 10 seconds.  The e-bike gets a maximum speed of 100kmph.

The HOP OXO Electric Bike is a Naked Street Fighter capable of moving at 90 kmph with an electric powertrain, achieving that speed in less than 10 seconds.

The Hop Oxo 100 will be priced at around Rs 1.20 lakh and will be released later this year.  It will rival the forthcoming Oberon Roar Torque Kratos and underneath the highly anticipated Ultraviolet F77.  Another affordable alternative is the Revolt RV400

The 100 is an upcoming electric motorcycle.  It gets the Li-Ion battery pack and the hub motor, though the official specs are yet to be revealed.

2’nd “Emflux One

Emflux is expected to release its high-speed electric sportbike later this year.  This electric superbike comes with an all-electric powertrain that combines a fully fired sporty design and a liquid cooled AC induction motor that produces 50 kW of power.  According to the EV company,

The Emflux One is capable of running 200kmph at a single charge, up to 200kmph.  Also, electric motorcycles can achieve 0-100 km / h in three seconds.

The soft-looking electric sport bike is equipped with LED lighting package, TFT display, GPS navigation, real-time vehicle diagnostic, AI-enabled system, Brembo brakes with dual-channel ABS, and Ohlin suspension.

 I’st “Ultraviolette F77″

Ultraviolette is an EV startup supported by Automotive TVS Motor Company.  EV Startup is developing a high-performance electric sportbike named Ultraviolette F77.  The bike comes with a fully faded look that gives it the right sportbike vibe.  It is capable of running 0-60 km / h at 140 km / h in 2.9 seconds.

Ultraviolette F77 is powered by three modular lithium-ion battery packs, which are said to offer a range of 150 km on a single charge.  The electric motorcycle comes with many features including LED lighting package, TFT instrument cluster display, multiple riding modes, regenerative braking, remote diagnostics, ride diagnostics, bike tracks and more.

Sources Ultraviolette F77″/ Emflux One / Hop Oxo

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